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Dream symbolism of shackles on your body

If you get shackled in a dream, it is a warning to watch out for envious people.

There is a chance that someone you disagree with will try to make you acquire their opinion and attitudes.

Even though you will politely decline everything getting forced upon you, there will be those who will get offended and think or say many nasty things about you.

Dreaming about shackles on someone else

If you see shackles on someone else in a dream, it symbolizes an arrest. There is a chance that you or your associates will have problems with the law, which will result in prison.

That event will have a lot stronger influence on you than all the warnings and advice you got, which is why you will decide to change not to end up in the same situation again.

To dream of putting shackles on yourself

When you dream of putting shackles on yourself, it means that you are indecisive when it comes to getting married.

You probably wonder whether to move in with your partner or get married to someone you are in a long relationship with.

On the one hand, you feel the need to settle down, but on the other, you are afraid that you will lose the freedom that way and replace your comfort with obligations that will restrain you and make you unhappy.

To dream of putting shackles on someone else

If you dream of putting shackles on someone else, it means that you are possessive.

You are used to getting everything you want, and you behave the same way when it comes to relationships and friendships. You believe that you have the right to someone just because you have done them a favor or dated that person.

You often end up alone because of it, but you don’t blame yourself for it but accuse that person of being ungrateful because they don’t appreciate you enough.

Freeing yourself from shackles in a dream

If you dream of freeing yourself from shackles, it symbolizes a divorce or an end of a relationship.

There is a chance that you will get out of a relationship or marriage that made you insecure and changed you for the worse.

You will realize that there is no point staying in it because you have been bodily present for a long time while your thoughts were somewhere else.

A dream of setting others free from shackles

When you dream of freeing other people from shackles, it means that you will give a choice to someone.

The thought that your partner, business associate, or loved one is dissatisfied with the relationship you have terrifies you.

Despite the pain you feel, you will give that person their freedom without thinking about it and will let them go and find their happiness.

Dreaming of someone freeing you from shackles

When you dream of someone freeing you from shackles, it means that you will be free for the first time in your life.

There is a chance that you will move out of your parent’s house and finally start making decisions as an independent person.

Another possibility is that you will end a bad marriage or relationship, after which your life will change for the better.

To dream about your partner in shackles

A dream wherein you see your loved one in shackles means that you are possessive.

You are trying to control every move that person makes. They have to call you regularly and inform you about everything they are doing.

If your partner misses one call, you are capable of making a scene. Your relationship will have an ugly ending without a doubt if you continue to act like that.

Dreaming of freeing your partner from shackles means that you will make an effort to change your behavior toward that person.

You will realize that you have wronged your loved one a lot and will try your best not to repeat the same mistakes.

To dream of a family member in shackles

If you see your father, mother, sister, brother, or another relative in shackles in a dream, it means that you count too much on them and expect them to help you continuously.

Nothing can go without their assistance. You are old enough to take care of yourself and live your life, so it is high time to become independent.

Dreaming of freeing your family members from shackles means that you will lose the protection from a person you depended on. You will feel like someone left you out in the cold, and you will not cope with that situation well.

That might be a unique opportunity to realize that you are a grownup and that you have to behave in accordance with your age.

Dream interpretation of your friend in shackles

If you dream of your friend in shackles, it means that you have idolized that person in real life. You believe everything they say and take all of their suggestions and advice without question.

Because of it, you can’t even see that their influence on you and your life is unnaturally grand. Your loved ones have probably pointed that out to you, but you still haven’t figured it out alone.

Dreaming of freeing your friend from shackles means that the person in question could disappoint you. Their behavior will offend you, and you will finally be able to see their true colors.

Dreaming about shackles on your arms

Shackles on your arms in a dream symbolize a restless conscience because of a past mistake.

There is a chance that you have done something you are not proud of, but you didn’t get punished.

It sometimes seems to you that someone found out about it and wants to make you confess your guilt by provoking you.

To dream of shackles on your legs

When you dream of having shackles on your legs, it means that you will have to postpone a trip you have been looking forward to.

Objective and unpredictable circumstances will stop you from fulfilling your wish and visiting the wanted location.

However, you can’t fall into despair because a new opportunity will show up faster than you believe.

Dreaming about shackles around your neck

Shackles around your neck in a dream mean that you have a problem you are having a hard time dealing with at the moment.

We are probably talking about a situation you see no way out of. It seems to you that you have tried everything that came to your mind. It might not be a bad idea to ask for advice from someone you trust.

Another possibility is to wait and see what will happen over time. Time can be your ally as well as an enemy.

To dream of shackles around your whole body

If you dream of your whole body in shackles, it means that you are fighting against your nature.

There is a chance that you do something that doesn’t fulfill you, or you get surrounded by people you have nothing in common with.

All of that smothers and restrains you, and you long for a change, but you are afraid of the possible negative consequences of your decisions. It is necessary to follow your gut and listen to your reason and heart simultaneously.

To dream of heavy shackles

Heavy shackles symbolize despair in a dream. One situation has probably thrown you off the tracks, and you can’t continue where you left off.

If you changed your perspective on things, you would realize that things are not as black and white as they seem to you now.

To dream of getting chained to someone else

If you dream of getting chained to someone else, try to remember who that person was.

If you get chained to a friend or family member, it means that you feel like you owe them. That person has probably helped you a lot, and you feel obligated to repay them.

If you dream of getting chained to a stranger, it means that you auto-sabotage because you suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

Dreaming of buying shackles

Buying shackles in a dream means that you want to control another person. There is a chance that you want to mold your child as you see fit or do the same experiment on your partner.

Once you manage to shape them the way you want, you will realize that they are not the same person you fell in love with. You have to watch out for what you are doing because it could backfire on you.

Selling shackles in dreams

Selling shackles in a dream means that you will take the wrong side in a conflict.

You will probably be a mediator between two sides at war. It will be incredibly hard to determine who is right, so there is a chance that you will be wrong or hurt someone.

When you finally realize that you have made a mistake, it will be too late to change anything.

To dream of finding shackles

When you dream of finding shackles, it means that you will not conform to jeopardize other people to achieve your wishes or goals.

Even though other people will advise you to take the opportunity you are offered, you will refuse to do so because you know that your restless conscience would not let you sleep at night.

You will choose a longer and more difficult path, but you will not walk over dead bodies to get what you want.

Dreaming about stealing shackles

Stealing shackles in a dream means that you will beat your enemy or rival using their weapon. You will notice that someone is trying to sabotage you or minimize your success.

Because of it, you will decide to go into a counterattack instead of becoming the victim of that person’s evil plan. You will use reverse psychology, which will bring you good results.

To dream of someone stealing your shackles

This dream means that you will have a hard time dealing with opponents.

Your work colleague will probably try to take over your job. You have probably realized what is going on, and you search for a way to take your revenge on them.

However, you will have to be a lot more cunning and wiser because you are dealing with someone who has much life and work experience.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen shackles on TV or in person, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of shackles

Shackles are metal equipment used for windows, tying people, and so on.

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