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Sermon in an opened book

To dream of holding a sermon

When you dream of holding a sermon, it suggests you will receive a valuable gift. Someone will surprise you and give you something you have longed for a long time.

That can be something materialistic, a promotion, or something of great sentimental value to you. Anyhow, you will be thankful to the person who threw you a surprise and will wish to express it with the kindest words.

To dream of someone else holding a sermon

If you dream of attending someone else’s sermon, it implies you will be in an inconvenient situation because of dishonesty. You will realize once more that the truth comes out sooner or later.

You probably had the best intentions when you decided to stay silent about some things, but that backfired on you.

People in your surroundings will not trust you as before and will reject all your reasons and attempts to justify your actions.

To dream of interrupting someone’s sermon

Dreaming of interrupting someone’s sermon means you will stand up to someone. While making an important decision, you will state your opinion, which is the opposite of what other people think. You don’t want to trick anyone, so you will do what you believe is right.

You will probably have to deal with consequences because of it, but the fact that you have stayed true to yourself and your principles will comfort you.

To dream of reading a sermon

If you dream of reading a sermon, it means you will learn a valuable lesson. One event will make you change your behavior toward the people you love. You will realize your reactions offend some of your family members or friends, even though that is not your intention. You will finally make an effort to fix that mistake.

If you dream of reading a sermon in front of a large group of people, it means you are afraid of public speaking. You prefer doing tasks behind the scenes because too much attention confuses and stresses you out. If you do something that requires public speaking, you can get rid of anxiety by imagining that no one in the audience can see you behind the pulpit.

When you dream that everyone attending is amazed by your sermon, it suggests you will manage to overcome many difficulties on your way to success. You will have a strong will and motivation that will make you keep going even when you want to give up. That persistence has helped you before, but you can expect big success in life if you continue to cherish it.

However, if you dream of your sermon getting booed by the audience, it symbolizes a lack of self-confidence. You are probably often afraid of not being capable enough of doing your job, or you believe someone else would do it faster and better. Those insecurities have always been present, and you will need a lot of time to get rid of them. The only way to do it is to ask yourself why someone would pay you if you don’t know how to do your job.

Dreaming about writing a sermon

Writing a sermon in a dream symbolizes your need to express your creativity. Your job doesn’t ask for such skills. Because of it, the creative person in you is looking for a way to take advantage of your talent.

If your hobby is painting, drawing, writing, singing, or something else, you have to find a way to make a profit from it so you can spend more time doing what you like.

If you dream of writing a sermon or speech for someone else, it means you are afraid of someone taking credit for the job you did.

That will happen if you don’t fight to show how much effort and hard work you have invested in it.

The good news is that your superior will manage to recognize your work and know how to reward you for it properly.

Dreaming of an orator

When you dream of being an orator, it means many advisors surround you. It seems to you that everyone thinks they know what is best for you lately. You don’t want to comment on their suggestions because you know you will make the decisions alone. It is only a question of whether you can stand others meddling in your life.

It would be great if you wouldn’t let wise pieces of advice provoke you because you could explode and say something you don’t mean.

To dream of talking to an orator

If you dream of talking to an orator, it symbolizes your need to be appreciated and loved in society. You make an effort to have a good relationship with everyone and don’t get into conflicts, no matter the reason.

You believe it is an ideal way to build a good reputation that will help you if you decide to run for president in your community or as a mayor in the city that you live in. Many people like you because of it, but some don’t like what you do.

To dream of arguing with an orator

If you dream of arguing with an orator, it means you have to give up on a risky investment. That investment might turn out to be wrong, and you might lose a lot of money.

You have to ask for advice from professionals before you decide to invest all of your savings into it or get informed before buying something expensive.

If you dream of witnessing an argument between orators, it means someone will accuse you of something you didn’t do. A lot of time will pass before you can prove they were wrong.

However, people in your community who think you are guilty will hurt you more than that person’s accusations.

To dream about fighting with an orator

This dream means you will be ashamed. You will have a chance to talk to influential people. Considering that you don’t know much about the topic of the debate, they will mock your comments.

That will hurt you a lot, but you will also learn not to talk about what you don’t know.

Dreaming of laughing at someone’s sermon

Laughing at someone’s sermon in a dream suggests your social life is in a crisis. You might have worked a lot lately and didn’t have time for your family and friends.

However, you have to find a way to relax, but that doesn’t mean only watching TV or reading.

Dreamin of someone laughing at your sermon

If you dream of someone laughing at your sermon, it implies you care about what people think of you. You often don’t state your opinions about specific topics if your attitude goes against the opinion of the majority.

Because of it, you are slowly but surely losing your identity, and you will soon conclude that everyone likes you but you.

Crying during someone’s sermon in a dream

Crying during someone’s sermon in a dream suggests you have had a hard time controlling emotions lately. You are prone to dramatic mood swings, which confuses your partner, family members, or coworkers.

You have to deal with your inner dilemmas so that you don’t jeopardize your relationships with the people you spend the most time with.

To dream about other people crying during your sermon

A dream wherein you see someone else crying during a sermon means you will amaze a large group of people with your gesture. You might help an individual, family, or group of people and not want anyone to find out about it.

However, your secret will see the light of day, and you will receive praise from all sides. You might even get some kind of reward or recognition.

To dream of falling asleep during someone’s sermon

If you dream of falling asleep during someone’s sermon, it implies you will stand up to authority. You will probably disagree with the decision your family member or boss made and openly say it.

You will hurt that person’s ego that way, which they will not like. Retribution is not out of the question, but you will not be sorry for speaking your mind.

To dream about other people sleeping during your sermon

When you see someone else sleeping while you are holding a sermon, it symbolizes a lack of confidence. You probably can’t make progress and achieve your goals because of deeply rooted insecurities.

You have to work on that to have a better quality of life.

To dream of applauding someone’s sermon

If you dream of applauding someone’s sermon, it implies you will be polite to someone you don’t respect. We might be talking about someone who offended you or harmed you in some way before.

However, you don’t want to stoop to their level and argue about the past. You will put up with a few moments you have to spend with the person in question and continue with your life as if they don’t exist.

To dream of other people applauding your sermon

When you dream of someone else applauding your sermon, it means you will wonder why someone doesn’t like you.

You will notice that a specific person feels a dose of animosity toward you, even though you are almost sure you have never offended or hurt them.

You need not stress yourself out with it because no one in this world is liked by everyone.

To dream of walking away from someone’s sermon

If you dream of walking away from someone’s sermon, it implies you will not make sacrifices out of pure politeness. You don’t want to waste time just to please someone.

If you don’t feel good in someone’s company, you will not stay there.

A dream wherein you see someone fighting with an orator means you will get out of big trouble without a scratch. It will be the first time you counted on luck and acted without a plan B.

However, you have to think well before making dangerous moves next time because there is a chance you will not be as lucky again.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently listened to someone’s sermon, it has left an impression on you.

Another possibility is that you are getting ready to hold a sermon, which has affected your dreams.

Definition of a sermon

A sermon is a speech prepared in advance for specific occasions.