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To talk to a scrooge
If you are talking to a scrooge in a dream, it means that you will hear unpleasant news. It is possible that you are planning to start your own business or invest money that you are saving into something that you believe will pay off soon. Since you don’t have the means to achieve it on your own, you will ask many people to land money to you or you will take a loan from a bank. You will be unpleasantly surprised when your request gets rejected and you will be sorry for being forced to miss a good opportunity.

To be cheap
Dreaming of being cheap symbolizes regret. If you have children, you will realize that they are growing up fast and you will be sorry for missing many moments from their childhood. You have always tried to be well situated, but lately, you feel that they would have liked to be with you more than to have the newest phone, clothes or some other things.

To argue with a scrooge
If you are dreaming of having an argument with a scrooge, it means that you are not happy in your relationship or marriage. Even you don’t know how you have put yourself in this situation and how the love started to turn into a habit. You will try to look back and remember the events that lead to tearing your partner and you apart and making your relationship feel like an obligation, instead of pleasure.

To dream of others arguing with a scrooge
When you see someone else having an argument with a scrooge, that is a warning that you are neglecting your family and friends. You care about doing other things that seem useful to you more than dedicating some time to them. Even though it is important to earn money and be successful at what you do, don’t forget about those you love. Otherwise, you could put yourself in a situation to not have anyone to share your ups and downs with.

To have a fight with a scrooge
Dreaming of having a fight with a scrooge means that you are a cold and a little bit selfish person. You always put your needs before others. You don’t care what other people think about you, as long as you get what you want. You probably weren’t always like that, but some circumstances have forced you to act like it. It is possible that you have lost faith in other people and realized that you can count on yourself and your abilities only.

When you are dreaming of other people having a fight with a scrooge, it means that someone who you have recently met will change your perspective. You will realize that you have been living in a lie and were mistaken to put material things before other values. However, there is a realistic chance that someone will tell you where you are wrong, so you will appreciate that person for their honesty that they infected you with.

To kill a scrooge
A dream in which you are killing a scrooge means that you will finally start to enjoy things you have. You have neglected the most important things in life like family and friends, constantly chasing a better job or a higher status in society. However, things will start to change, since you will realize that money, fame or popularity can’t bring you peace that you feel when you are with those you love.

Dreaming of other people killing a scrooge means that you will get rid of big problems with a friend’s help. Someone you completely trust will probably give you good advice. You will listen to them, which will pay off. That will teach you to listen to those who love you before you make an important decision.

To steal from a scrooge
If you are dreaming of stealing something from a scrooge, it means that you will be successful at something you are planning to do. No matter if it is a job or college, you will fall in love with your obligations, so nothing will be hard for you and the results will follow. People who are planning to move abroad for business or education might hear good news.

To dream of others thinking that you are cheap
This kind of dream warns you to watch out for your behavior. Your self-confidence is turning into arrogance, so people are starting to avoid your company. Believing that you have many friends might backfire at you when you realize why they are by your side. They have some benefits from it, so open your eyes and question your actions. In the long run, arrogance will not bring you anything that you hope for, but it will only create a countereffect.

To dream of your friend being a scrooge
Having a friend that has become a scrooge means that you should stop falling in love with selfish people. This is related not only to your love relationships but friendships, as well. You are constantly choosing to hang out with people who are using you, while they are often belittling you, as well. That benefit doesn’t have to be related to material things, but misuse of your kindness and naivety. Don’t waste your emotions or time on people who don’t deserve it, just so that you don’t end up alone.

To dream of your parents being scrooges
When you accuse your parents of being scrooges, it means that your consciousness is restless because you never told them how grateful you are for everything that they have given you. You are taking for granted sacrifices that they had to make, in order to make you a person that you are today. Ask yourself if it is alright to not return the favor in any way.

To dream of your children being scrooges
If parents dream of their children being scrooges, that symbolizes their fear for their kids’ future. The dream is related to worry that every person with children has, which is completely normal and justified. It is important to know that the only thing you need to give them all the time is love and attention because they will forget about everything else at some point in their life.

To dream of your siblings being scrooges
A dream in which your brother or sister is a scrooge represents an argument that you had with your siblings in the real world. It doesn’t even have to be an argument, but some misunderstanding or conflict. You probably went to bed under the impression of that, so the meaning of this dream is usually not important for the events from the real world.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been in contact with someone who you see as a scrooge, that definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a scrooge

A scrooge is someone who is cheap.