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A woolen scarf wrapped around a man's neck

A scarf is our best friend during the winter months because we can hardly get warm without wrapping ourselves in a cozy scarf, hat, and gloves.

It is ideal as a fashion piece as well, but it often symbolizes the problems that could stand in our way of achieving success in our dreams.

Dream about a scarf

When you see a scarf in a dream, it symbolizes health issues you are prone to, but it usually represents minor health problems that you will easily solve.

Also, such a dream symbolizes your excessive desire for control, and it advises you to relax and let other people do their job without your supervision.

You have to accept other people’s advice and help with some things because two heads are always smarter than one.

Wearing a scarf in a dream

Dreaming of wearing a scarf around your neck suggests that a period of happiness and prosperity in love expects you.

If you are in a relationship, you could get married soon, but if you are single, it means that you will meet someone who will make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

You will feel fulfilled and realize that love is something that heals all wounds.

If you feel comfortable while wearing a scarf, it implies that everything you experience in love and family life will be beautiful but short-lived, but if you are uncomfortable, it means that you will meet someone who you will have a brief relationship with, mostly because of sex.

To dream about other people wearing a scarf

When you see someone else wear a scarf in your dream, it suggests that you will gain new acquaintances that will expand your circle of friends and enrich you with new knowledge and ideas.

You might meet a new business partner or associate whose help will improve your business and elevate it to another level.

If you are interacting with the person wearing a scarf, it implies that you will reveal your secrets to someone.

Dreaming of knitting a scarf

If you dream of knitting a scarf, it implies that you will hear good news regarding the health of your family member or relative.

Such a dream suggests that one of the people you care about will finally get rid of worries and bring back a smile on their face.

If you dream of someone else knitting a scarf in your presence, it can mean that someone will help you solve your health issue.

Dream meaning of buying a scarf

Dreaming of buying a scarf means that you will earn money with the help of one of your relatives.

That can mean that someone from your family will pay you back the money they have borrowed before.

If you see someone else buying a scarf, it implies that you will get the money you didn’t earn, possibly as a gift. Anyhow, you will use it to pay off some debts.

To dream of bestowing a scarf on someone

A dream wherein you bestow a scarf on another person means that some people from your surroundings envy you, follow every step you make, and jealously want to comment on everything you have.

That will not harm you, but it is unpleasant to know that every step you make gets followed by envious and jealous looks and comments. You have to try to solve that issue with an open conversation.

Dream about receiving a scarf as a gift

A scarf that someone bestowed on you in your dream means that you will get useful pieces of advice from an older person, which will help you expand your business or improve your qualities. That will also lead to the improvement of your financial situation.

To dream of taking a scarf off

If you dream of taking a scarf off, it suggests that your health will get disturbed soon, and you will have to have surgery to recover.

However, your life is not in danger yet, and you will not experience major consequences because of it.

Fast recovery and overall health condition after the procedure will even surprise you.

Dreaming of losing a scarf

Losing a scarf in a dream symbolizes a loss or even trauma because of the loss. A person you care about might disappear from your life, or you can’t get over such a person leaving yet.

Your friend might move to another city or state, and you will realize that physical distance will distance you from one another on different levels, too.

To dream of finding a scarf

When you dream of finding a scarf, it means that you could soon meet someone you will get close to quickly.

That person might become a part of your life and a good friend.

Tearing a scarf in a dream

If you dream of accidentally tearing a scarf, it suggests that you will lose the support of the person that means a lot to you because of your decisions or actions.

If you dream of tearing it on purpose, it implies that you will cut every contact with a friend or end a relationship with your partner after you realize that you have nothing in common anymore.

To dream of throwing a scarf away

Throwing a scarf away in a dream means that you don’t think about your future enough.

Your decisions are only a few days or months in advance, but you don’t make long-term plans.

t is nice to live carefree from hand to mouth, but responsible, mature, and serious people don’t act that way.

Dram about other people throwing a scarf away

This dream means that you will realize that you and your love partner don’t have the same vision of the future, and you will wonder whether to stay together or end the relationship.

If you believe your love is strong enough to overcome some challenges, you need not give up on that relationship or marriage.

However, if you are unhappy, it is a sign that it is time for a new page in your life.

Setting a scarf on fire in a dream

Setting a scarf on fire in a dream means that you will finally stop living in the past. You might regret making some decisions or actions, which is why you have missed good opportunities.

However, you will realize that there is no use crying over spilled milk and start planning a better and more beautiful future.

Seeing other people setting a scarf on fire

When you see someone else set a scarf on fire, it suggests that one person will disappear from your life. Your friend will probably stop talking to you.

You will wonder what happened and if you have made a mistake, but you will not get answers.

Tying someone up with a scarf in a dream

Tying someone up with a scarf in a dream means that you are subconsciously trying to control everything around you.

You often impose your opinions, ideas, and attitudes on your loved ones and get angry when they don’t do as you have told or advised them.

To dream of someone tying you up with a scarf

If you dream of someone tying you up with a scarf, it implies that you are under someone’s strong influence. That can be a family member or partner.

Anyhow, you have made most of your decisions because of that person’s imposed opinion.

Dreaming of trying to suffocate someone with a scarf

If you dream of trying to suffocate someone with a scarf, it symbolizes your repressed rage or desire for revenge.

Someone probably offended or hurt you, and you believe you should give that person a taste of their medicine.

However, revenge will not bring you the moral satisfaction you fantasize about, which is why you should dedicate your attention to more constructive things in life.

To dream about someone trying to suffocate you with a scarf

This dream means that you will provoke someone’s violent reaction. You might say something that your family member, friend, or partner will not like, and they will attack you.

Interpretations can differ depending on what color your scarf was in a dream.

The symbolism  of a black scarf

A black scarf in a dream symbolizes sorrow. You might lose an acquaintance, family member, or friend.

Another possibility is that a bad atmosphere is present in your home caused by poor communication.

A white scarf in a dream

A white scarf in a dream predicts an interesting acquaintanceship. You will probably soon meet someone who will solve your problem.

Dream interpretation of a red scarf

A red scarf symbolizes happiness and joy in your family.

To dream about a pink scarf

A pink scarf means that someone will be affectionate with you. The person you know only superficially might defend or protect you.

A  blue scarf in a dram

A blue scarf in a dream is a good sign. If you wear a blue scarf, it suggests that you will finally manage to beat your fears.

Dreaming of a green scarf

A green scarf symbolizes peace and prosperity. You will soon manage to solve the problems that have tormented you for a long time and be able to relax. Your financial situation will tremendously improve as well.

Dream meaning of yellow scarf

A yellow scarf in a dream means that one person from your surroundings envies you for something.

To dream about a multi-colored scarf

A multi-colored scarf in a dream means that you will have a chance to spend some time with kind people. Casual socializing might turn into a nice friendship.

Definition of a scarf

A scarf is usually a winter clothing accessory, even though it gets increasingly used as a fashion piece that doesn’t necessarily have to get worn in cold weather only. It has been used since the distant past when it has played an important role in showing off the social status of the wearer and in religious symbols and rituals.