If you are dreaming of performing Salah, it means that you will make progress in your career. Your boss will decide to reward you with a better job position or a higher salary. People who have a public job or are in politics might take on an important function in society.

If you are dreaming of performing Salah regularly, it means that you will get a good reputation in your community. You will be respected by people from your surroundings, thanks to your behavior and many good deeds done for those who need help the most. It is possible that they will choose to make you their representative or suggest that you become the president of their community or city. Anyhow, you will be happy that people love and appreciate you.

When you are dreaming of performing Salah on Friday, that symbolizes a very nice and successful upcoming trip. It is possible that you will be able to combine business and pleasure, so you will meet an influential person who could help you achieve your business plans.

To perform Salah in a mosque
This kind of dream suggests that you will finally find your peace. A turbulent period is behind you. Worries and problems that have been tormenting you are still here, but you will start to look at them completely differently. You have seen only a dark side of things so far, but from now on, you will start to search for ways to solve one problem at a time. Your spiritual strength will help you with it since you have successfully achieved it after everything that happened to you.

To see others performing Salah
If you dream of other people performing Salah in a mosque, it means that your family and friends will support you in everything you do. They will show a lot of understanding of your ideas and plans and they will try to root for you at all times. That will give you energy and motivation to fight even harder for your goals.

To perform Salah in your home
This dream symbolizes security and stability that you feel when you are around those you love. You will finally be able to spend some time with your partner or family members and enjoy every moment of it. It sometimes seems to you that you don’t notice each other because of work, obligations and every day worries. That is normal, considering that you have a fast lifestyle, but everyone needs to take a moment sometimes to see how happy they are to have one another.

To see others performing Salah in your home
If you see strangers performing Salah in your home, it means that you need to watch out for gossips. Someone is constantly trying to harm you because they are envious of success that you have achieved. Be careful who you are confiding in and pay attention to small signs, which that person is showing. You will soon realize who they are and distance yourself from them on time.

To perform Salah in public transport
Dreaming of performing Salah in public transportation like a bus, plane or train means that you will be scared for your own life. Take care of your behavior in traffic. Don’t use your phone while driving and don’t cross the street outside of crosswalks. A moment of recklessness could be fatal.

To see others performing Salah in public transport
A dream in which you see other people performing Salam in public transport symbolizes bad communication when it comes to business and private life. You can’t find a way to talk to your boss or spouse lately. Instead of accusing them, ask yourself why both of them have a problem with you.

To perform Salah in a garden
If you are dreaming of performing Salah in a garden, it means that your consciousness is restless. You will have to beg your friends to forgive you since you have treated them badly. You said some things impulsively that you don’t mean, which hurt your loved one. Even though pride is important, you will have to forget about it this time, if you want to keep those people in your life.

To dream of others performing Salah in a garden
When you are dreaming of other people performing Salah in a garden, it means that a pleasant hang out with old friends is expecting you. You had spent your childhood and youth with them, but work, family and other obligations have separated you. You will decide to gather and remember beautiful memories with food and drinks. Even though you will decide to see each other more often, no one will be able to keep that promise.

To dream of performing Salah on a meadow
If you are dreaming of performing Salah on a meadow, it is possible that you have invested a lot of time and effort into a job that you are not sure if it will pay off. Before you have started it, you had a lot of faith and motivation, but as time is passing, you are less sure about your success. Don’t let small things to discourage you and follow it through the end. That is the only way to find out whether you are doing the right thing or only wasting time.

To dream of others performing Salah on a meadow
A dream in which you see other people performing Salah means that you are lonely. If you don’t have a partner for a while, this feeling is completely justified. However, if you are in a long relationship or marriage, something like this shouldn’t be happening. It is possible that communication with your partner is bad or that one of you is spending too much time working. Anyhow, you will need to dedicate your time to your relationship, if you don’t want to distance from each other completely.

To perform Salah while lying down
If you are dreaming of performing Salah while lying down, it means that you should visit a doctor. You have been feeling some symptoms that are worrying you for a while, but instead of making an appointment, you are diagnosing and medicating yourself on the Internet. Get serious and take care of your health finally.

To see others performing Salah while lying down
A dream in which you see other people performing Salah while lying down symbolizes disrespect that a potential colleague or business associate will show to you. By being late, they will show that they don’t appreciate your time, while their arrogance will suggest that they don’t respect interlocutors. That will be a good reason not to hire them or make any kind of deal with them.

To dream of performing Salah in prison
Performing Salah in such specific circumstances in a dream means that you don’t give up on your faith, no matter how challenging it is to practice it. You are making an effort to reach spiritual peace regardless of the living situation you are in at the moment.

To dream of being prevented from performing Salah
If you dream of someone not letting you perform Salah, it means that you are lonely. There is a chance that you have lost support or protection from the people you love because of some decisions or actions. You have offended a loved one so much that even the love they have for you can’t make them forgive you. You know that you have deserved to suffer, yet again, you are praying and hoping that one day that person will accept your apology.

To dream about preventing other people from performing Salah
When you dream about not letting other people perform Salah in your presence, it means that you are too stubborn. You have firm attitudes and opinions regarding some things, and nothing would make you go against them. No matter how much you love and respect someone, you will not change some of your decisions. If you continue acting like that, you could chase all the people you care about away.

To dream of someone forcing you to perform Salah
If someone is forcing you to perform Salah in a dream, it means that someone from your surroundings is continuously imposing their opinions, ideas, and decisions on you. We are talking about a person that other people from your community see as the authority, which is why no one stands up to them, not even you. However, you are tired of their meddling in your life, and you will try to calmly explain to that person that you want to be independent. The first attempt will be a failure, which could discourage you if you are not fully determined.

To dream about forcing someone to perform Salah
A dream in which you are forcing someone to perform Salah means that you have to let your loved ones become independent. They can’t live under your rules and instructions forever. Once you are not there to help them, they will not know what to do. You have to pass your knowledge and experience on them and give them a chance to learn valuable lessons from it for the future.

To dream of learning to perform Salah
If you dream of learning how to perform Salah, it means that you will change life priorities. You will put spiritual values before material, family before career, and love before money. A stressful situation will make you do it, and you will realize that life is too short to spend it on trivial things.

To dream of teaching other people to perform Salah
Teaching someone else how to perform Salah in a dream means that you are looking for a person you will pass your knowledge and life experience on. People could learn a lot from you if only they wanted to listen. You know that our values have changed, and you have a hard time accepting that. However, you feel the need to show young people what their priorities in life should be.

Interpretations of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently performed Salah or saw someone who was, that made an impression on you.

Definition of Salah

Salah is an Islamic ritual prayer that consists of various movements and postures of the body and pious teachings, including the teaching of the Quran. That is the second and basic practical duty of Islam.