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The meaning of dreams of raking up depends on the context in which a dream occurs, as well as the details that followed it.

Raking up a garden in a dream

If you are dreaming of raking up a garden, that suggests that arguments with your partner are behind you.

You and your loved one argued constantly, probably because you were the only one doing house chores. Not only that your partner didn’t help, but they were making even more messes.

At some point, you didn’t want to tolerate such behavior anymore, so you gave them an ultimatum to straight-up their act, or you would leave them.

Your threats have worked, so you do everything together now, which is affecting your relationship positively.

To dream of someone else raking up something

Dreaming of other people raking up something implies that you respect other people’s work. This applies especially to those who own private companies and have employees.

Many people would probably say that you are a dream boss. You are trying to be fair, you demand order, hard work, and discipline, but you reward all of it greatly.

You don’t like rude people, and as soon as someone plays your trust, you stop working with them permanently. You are not afraid of work, so you help your employees often and talk to them about plans for the future.

Dreaming of raking up grass

If you are dreaming of raking up grass in your yard, it means that you are someone who doesn’t like meddling in other people’s lives, so you expect the same from others as well.

You give advice only when someone asks for it, which is why many people respect you. You despise gossip, and you rarely participate in conversations when your friends are talking about other people.

You will gain respect from your surroundings because of that attitude, and your life will never be the focus of interest to other people.

When you are dreaming of raking up grass in someone else’s yard, that has a completely different meaning from the text above.

You are very curious, and you are not ashamed of questioning someone about their private life. You like to comment on current topics when you get together with friends.

However, you don’t like when your life is the main conversation topic for other people.

Seeing others raking up grass

If you see someone else raking up grass in a dream, that symbolizes a conflict in real life.

You may get angry because of the treatment employees in banks or some other institutions have, or you will get furious because of doctors’ or nurses’ arrogance in the hospital.

Considering that you are constantly on the edge these days, you will decide to fight for your rights using harsh methods.

That will stress you out even more and jeopardize your health, but you won’t achieve anything special.

Dreaming about raking up hay

A dream in which you are raking up dry grass or hay means that you are someone who respects traditional values. You love folklore and customs, and you enjoy listening to stories from elderly people.

You respect people who earn money doing hard physical labor more than those who work in administration or something similar.

The reason for it is probably your awareness of the life your ancestors had because they have planted such a relationship toward life in your genes. That will not change, no matter where life takes you.

To dream of others raking up hay

This dream symbolizes laziness. You are searching for reasons to avoid work lately, or you are trying to pass your obligations on to someone else.

Your excuse is that you don’t feel well, but actually, you just don’t want to dedicate your attention to something.

However, you are using your family, colleagues, or partner by acting like that, but they will soon realize what you are doing and stop helping you.

Raking up leaves in a dream

If you are dreaming of raking up leaves, it means that you will be sad about separating from a loved one. Your partner or a close friend may move to another city or state for work, so you will be depressed.

Even though you will stay in contact via social media, that will not help you get rid of the feeling of loss. You will probably be afraid that distance will affect your relationship or destroy it completely.

Dreaming of others raking up leaves

If you are dreaming of other people raking up leaves, that symbolizes love problems.

People who don’t have a partner are lonely, while those people who are married or in a relationship don’t have the best relationship with their loved ones.

You should maybe work on your communication and show that you are ready to compromise if you want to keep them by your side.

The symbolism of raking up money

A dream in which you are raking up money symbolizes your ambitions. You are someone who has clear goals, and you are always trying to achieve them.

You are ready to sacrifice yourself on the way to success but to prove yourself constantly, as well.

People around you sometimes believe that you are unscrupulous, but you don’t think like that. Your main motto is that the goal justifies the means.

To dream of others raking up money

When you see other people raking up money in a dream, it means that you will spend more than you should. You will probably fall in love with something expensive, so you will encourage yourself to finally buy it.

However, after you realize what you have done, you will not be glad for having made such a decision since you will have to save till the end of the month now.

Anyhow, you should be more rational when spending hard-earned money.

Dream meaning of raking up waste

If you are dreaming of raking up the brick, mortar, or other construction material waste, it means that you will have to roll up your sleeves to solve a problem.

You have postponed it for too long, and you are in a phase where you need to work fast now. Be careful not to do something that you will regret later because of the lack of time.

To dream of others raking up waste

This dream suggests that you want to achieve success without a lot of effort. You like to use shortcuts to achieve the things you want.

Your inborn intelligence and resourcefulness will help you, but this method won’t bring wanted results in the long run.

Try to find out where you are making a mistake and invest a little bit more time and effort into the job you do. That will pay off more than taking unnecessary risks.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently raked up something or watched someone do it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of raking up

Raking up is additional soil cultivation that involves the making of beds, covering the furrows, and so on.