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Interpretations of dreams with motifs of a puppet depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them.

Puppets are present in both men’s and women’s dreams as motifs. However, younger women and little girls have them more often than others.

To dream of a puppet

Dreaming of a puppet means that someone is playing with your feelings.

We are probably talking about a person who is aware that there is nothing that you gladly wouldn’t do for them, which they are taking advantage of.

They call you only when they need something and manipulate you to get what they want. Even though you are aware of the way things are, you always hope that something will be different this time.

Dreaming about being a puppet

If you are dreaming of being a puppet, it means that you lack freedom and independence. You probably have a mentor who is telling you what and how you should do something.

You would like to make some decisions alone, but you are afraid of the negative consequences.

You think like that because someone has taken all of the responsibility on themselves in their intent to protect you. It could be said that you are almost completely incapable of living alone.

Playing with puppets in a dream

If you are dreaming of playing with puppets, it means that you don’t want to grow up. There are probably some things that scare you, which is why you are postponing facing them as long as you can.

You have a hard time falling in love and making friendships because you are aware of the risks they carry and the possibility that you will end up being hurt.

Seeing someone playing with puppets in a dream

This dream symbolizes peace and prosperity in your family. There is a chance that you have recently had conflicts with your family members, roommates, or a partner.

However, you have realized in time that life is too short to spend it being angry with someone.

You will do everything you can to improve your relationships because of that, and then harmony and a good mood will enter your home.

Dreaming of throwing puppets away

When you are dreaming of throwing puppets away, it means that you want to forget something.

You probably didn’t have a carefree childhood like other children, which left unerasable scars on you.

There are many things that you can’t forgive your parents, which harms you the most and stops you from leading a normal life.

To dream of other people throwing puppets away

A dream in which you see someone else throwing puppets away means that you will realize on time that you are someone’s puppet.

You have let other people control your life and make important or big decisions instead of you.

However, you will soon figure out what is going on and manage to get out of that vicious cycle without negative consequences.

Dressing up a doll in a dream

Putting clothes on a doll means that you are determined to get your life in order. You have many plans and know how to achieve them.

You want to fulfill your dreams and wishes and don’t lack the motivation or support. You only have to be courageous to get everything you want.

Dreaming of other people dressing up a doll

When you see someone else dressing up a doll in a dream, it means that you have let someone else decides what your faith will be.

You haven’t had control over your life for a while because someone else has it. You have to discuss every decision in your life with other people, which is why you don’t even do things that make you happy anymore.

Meaning of buying a puppet in a dream

Dreaming of buying a puppet symbolizes a new business collaboration that could be very successful.

If you manage to recognize the opportunities someone is offering to you, you will make a profit in the future. Only fear of failure can stop you from that intent.

Selling a puppet in a dream

Selling a puppet in a dream means that your future will be full of ups and downs. Just when you start to believe that you have managed to achieve everything you have wanted, something that will bring you back to the beginning will happen.

Your persistence and mental strength will be put to a test, which is why you can’t let yourself fail.

If you continue to be persistent and patient like you have been so far, the sky is the limit for you.

To dream of receiving a puppet as a gift

If you get a puppet as a gift in a dream, that symbolizes good news. There is a chance that you will get rid of big worries in your life or find out that someone close to you has managed to overcome their problem.

Good news could come from the future employer or even the embassy if you are waiting for the visa to travel abroad.

Dreaming about bestowing a puppet on someone

Bestowing a puppet to someone in a dream means that you are very motivated and think positively. You believe that you can fulfill all of your wishes.

The dream can symbolize recognition as well, so there is a chance that someone will reward you for your hard work and effort.

If a person that has recently gotten married dreams of bestowing a puppet to someone, it means that they will have a lot of children.

The symbolism of stealing a puppet in a dream

Dreaming of stealing a puppet means that you will discover a useful talent that you didn’t know you had. That can help you in the business world, so you might even start your own company.

You will probably find your place in sales, and there is also a chance that your marketing skills will come to the surface.

Dreaming of someone stealing your doll

When you are dreaming of someone stealing a doll from you, that is a sign that you shouldn’t get involved in risky businesses.

Someone will promise easy money to you. The job will not be hard, but the risk will be enormous. You can’t let greed blind you.

Think well about the consequences before you accept that offer.

Finding a puppet in a dream

Finding a puppet in a dream means that you will soon encounter someone you have been avoiding.

We are talking about someone that hurt you, so some bad memories will come back to you after you see that person.

You will wish that you have never met them and spend a lot of time going through the past and opening old and painful wounds.

To dream about losing a puppet

Losing a puppet in a dream means that you are nostalgic. You still long for some past times when you were happier or carefree.

You are missing present opportunities because of that and stopping yourself from thinking about the future.

Beheaded puppet in a dream

A puppet or doll without a head is not a good sign in dreams, unfortunately. It often predicts a separation from someone you love.

You might decide to end your relationship with a partner, or your friend will move to another city or even state.

Dreams like this often symbolize emotional losses with which you will have a hard time dealing.

Dreaming about an eyeless puppet

If you are dreaming of a puppet without eyes, it means that someone seduced you. You don’t think anymore but only listen to what that person tells you.

You idolize them and believe that they can’t do anything wrong. You will need a lot of time to snap out of it, and then you will wonder how could you have let something like that happen.

Interpretation of a puppet without limbs in a dream

A puppet without arms or legs usually symbolizes minor trouble at work or home.

There is a chance that you will argue with your family members or that your colleague or boss will offend you. You are very sensitive by nature, so that event will hurt you a lot.

However, you can’t look at things so tragically. Get over nasty words when higher goals are in question.

Voodoo doll in a dream

A voodoo doll suggests that you are a victim of manipulation. Someone is using you to achieve their goals.

You have probably noticed that that person spends time with you only when they can get something out of it. It is time to cut them out of your life completely because such a person can only hurt you.

Dreaming of a moppet

A moppet in dreams symbolizes your spiritual close-mindedness. You are someone who doesn’t like showing their emotions in front of other people because you are afraid that they could hurt you.

That is the result of bad past experiences.

To dream about a porcelain doll

A porcelain doll symbolizes your sensitivity in a dream. You are an extremely emotional person that is easy to hurt.

You probably thought that you will toughen up with years, but that didn’t happen.

Talking doll in a dream

When you are dreaming of a doll that can talk, that symbolizes loneliness. There is a chance that you have gradually stopped every contact with some friends and that you have no one to invite to coffee now.

It is not too late to renew some relationships, so why wouldn’t you be the initiator of something like that? Ask a loved one out or go for a walk or to the movies together.

To dream of a doll coming to life

If you are dreaming of a doll coming to life, that is a warning to watch out for sweet talkers.

There is a chance that someone will try to lie to you or trick you. Be extra careful when it comes to money, and don’t lend it to people who you are not sure are reliable.

Also, talk about your secrets, fears, and plans only to people that you trust.

Doll collection in a dream

A collection of dolls in a dream means that you miss someone. You probably haven’t seen a family member or one of your close friends for a long time.

Life has taken you on different paths, but you often think about the people you love. Maybe you should visit them because conversations over the phone are not enough to stay connected.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, thrown away, or played with a doll, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a puppet

A puppet is a toy that looks like a person used as a model for tailors, actors’ replacement during dangerous scenes, and for children playing.