To punish someone
If you are dreaming of punishing someone, it means that your subconsciousness is restless. You might feel guilty for acting badly toward someone from your surroundings. No matter if they deserve it or not, you believe that you should have stayed reserved and not judge them. You know what is right in theory, but you have a hard time sticking to it in real life.

To dream of someone punishing you
Dreaming of someone punishing you means that you are putting up with injustice. One of your colleagues or neighbors probably can’t stand you, so they are not missing the opportunity to humiliate you and present you in the worst possible light. Even though you don’t know the cause of such hate, you have promised yourself that you will put up with it a little bit longer, but you will not be responsible for your actions once they cross the line.

To see others punished in a dream
When you see other people getting punished in a dream, it means that you will defend someone. A person you love a lot might get accused of something they didn’t do. You will get involved and try to protect them without thinking. You will let everyone know that they are not alone and that they will have to answer to you if they continue acting like that.

To get punished by whipping
A dream in which someone is punishing you by whipping you symbolizes business success. You will not have time for anything else in the following period except for work. You will often go to business meetings, trips, and seminars that will last even for a few days. Even though the pace of your life has changed a lot, you like it like that at the moment. However, if you are married or in a relationship, there is a big chance that all of it will jeopardize your relationship with a partner.

To punish someone by whipping
If you are dreaming of punishing someone by whipping them, it means that you are hypersensitive and grumpy. Everything offends you, so those that surround you need to be extra careful when you are around. You have a hard time joking at your expense, so you often have arguments with people that didn’t have an intention to insult you. Your friends might start avoiding you because of such behavior.

To get a death penalty
If you are dreaming of getting convicted to death, it means that you believe that some people are too strict with you. People whose parents have high expectations often have these dreams, especially if they think that they have disappointed them. Someone is responsible for your inferiority complex, and you are still trying to deal with their expectations instead of working on them.

To convict someone to death
Convicting someone to death means that you are full of negative emotions for someone or something. You are getting more and more bitter because of it daily, but you are not doing anything about it. The only thing you can actually do is to distance yourself from such people or change what is bothering you. In the long run, your mental health is the only thing that is suffering.

To get a fine
This dream symbolizes financial worries. You are currently in a complicated financial situation. You might be expecting a payout, so you are afraid of how you will survive until you get the money. On the other hand, people who didn’t pay their bills on time often have these dreams, because they are scared that one of the services that they didn’t pay for could be taken away from them.

To pay a fine
When you are dreaming of paying a fine, it means that you will make peace with something unjust done to you. You might think that you have overpaid for one service or product, so you regret your decision to even get involved in something like that. Despite that, you will decide not to fight for your rights.

To get a prison sentence
If you are dreaming of getting a prison sentence, it means that you regret acting harshly toward someone. You have probably reacted violently to something that your partner, friend, or one of the family members said, and now you are sorry for not acting differently. It would be best to apologize, and you will have a bit better chance not to ruin your relationship even more.

To get punished for tax evasion
When you are dreaming of getting punished for tax evasion, it means that you have become forgetful and a little bit sloppy because of numerous obligations you have. A lot of it is on your mind, so you often have to check if you did everything you should have done that day. You desperately need rest, so make sure to get it.

To tear a parking ticket
If you are dreaming of tearing a parking ticket, it means that you have a problem with authority. You are someone who cares about freedom of speech a lot. You don’t like it when other people impose life and business decisions on you. You often enter conflicts with superiors and even your loved ones because of it. People who have a similar personality to yours can’t keep the same job for long, either.

To see others tearing a parking ticket
This dream means that you are ashamed of your loved one’s behavior. One of your loved ones often crosses the limit, so they act inappropriately in public. You have probably advised them to change their nasty habits many times before, but that didn’t work. You should remember that you can’t control other people, so you shouldn’t suffer consequences because of someone else’s actions either.

To throw a parking ticket away
A dream in which you are throwing a parking ticket away means that you have a hard time admitting to your mistakes. You are a persistent and stubborn person, which makes an arrogant figure in combination with a lot of self-confidence. These traits can be useful individually, but when they get mixed up together, they can bring you more harm than good.

To see others throwing a parking ticket away
If you see someone else throwing a parking ticket away, it means that you will anonymously report someone for doing something bad. For example, you might get tired of your neighbor throwing trash around the dumpster, so you will give the police a call to punish them.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently punished someone, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a punishment

The punishment is the result of misbehavior used to deprive people or animals of pleasure.