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Interpretations of this dream depend on the details that follow it. If you are dreaming of pumpkins in a field, that symbolizes happiness and prosperity.

You will be successful in everything that you do in the following period. You will be successful when it comes to your business life, and you will be satisfied with your love life as well.

The most important thing of all is that you will feel that your partner and family are supportive of you and that they believe in everything you do.

If you see pumpkins on a table, the interpretation is the opposite. No matter how successful you will be, you will not be satisfied.

You will constantly believe that you can do better and achieve more. You will lose touch with your loved ones during that race, so stop and take a second to ask yourself what your priorities are.

Dream about pumpkins

If you see pumpkins in a dream, that is a warning to be more careful when choosing a life partner.

It is possible that you can fall in love easily, so you believe that every relationship is the one. You are not able to judge people, so you end up hurt, while your expectations get betrayed.

Planting pumpkins in a dream

Dreaming of planting pumpkins implies that you will have problematic friends.

They will probably act like immature teenagers, in spite of their age, so you will have to get them out of trouble, which they have caused.

You will say that you don’t need such problems in your life, many times, but you just will not be able to leave them hanging.

To see others planting pumpkins

If you are dreaming of other people planting pumpkins, it is possible that your friend will ask for advice regarding an important life decision.

You will make an effort to help them, but you will let them know that they need to make the decision on their own, which will help you protect yourself if it turns out that you advised them wrongly.

Dreaming about planting zucchinis

When you are dreaming of planting zucchinis, it means that you are naïve, since you believe that everyone you know is good-hearted and honest with you.

The fact that you are trying to be like that doesn’t mean that you should live your life believing that other people from your surroundings think the same way.

Don’t talk about your secrets, ideas, and plans to everyone, but only to those who you are sure if they wish you well.

Everyone will show their true face in the near future, so you could be sorry for being so naïve.

To see others planting zucchinis

Dreaming of other people planting zucchini means that someone will not listen to you.

You can predict many events based on your experience, but people ask you for help only after something that you warned them about happens to them.

Then, you can’t do anything but remind them that you have already warned them what will happen.

Picking pumpkins in a dream

If you are dreaming of picking pumpkins, it means that you will save money. You are very economical and you usually buy things that are on discounts.

You are trying to save money for emergencies, which makes many people believe that you are cheap.

Dream meaning of eating pumpkins

Dreaming of eating pumpkins symbolizes sickness. It is possible that you will not feel well, so your doctor will prescribe you a special diet.

You will try to stick to it out of fear for your own health. You will even decide to include more useful habits into your daily routine, in order to get well as soon as possible.

Cooking pumpkins in a dream

When you are dreaming of cooking pumpkins, it means that you will invite someone to dinner.

You love to cook for your friends and you are always trying to surprise them with new specialties. You don’t have a lot of free time, so you are trying to spend it in a good company.

Dream interpretation of pumpkin seed

If you see pumpkin seed in a dream, it means that you have the power to make other people please you and fulfill your wishes or needs.

It often seems to you that you are able to manipulate anyone, in order to achieve some goal of yours. You were lucky in the past, but you shouldn’t misuse your talent.

Eating pumpkin seed in a dream

Dreaming of eating pumpkin seeds symbolizes nervousness and bad mood.

Some stressful situations probably happened to you or you are worried because of your financial situation, so negative thoughts have affected your dreams.

Try to reduce stress, because these feelings can be fatal for your health.

To dream of others eating pumpkin seeds

A dream in which you see other people eating pumpkin seeds means that you will take over a big and responsible job. You will believe that you are capable enough to do it, so you will not ask for help.

However, you will put yourself in a situation to exceed your deadline, which will lower your self-esteem.

It is time to ignore your ego and ask for help from colleagues, otherwise, you could seem immature and irresponsible thanks to your vanity.

Digging pumpkins in a dream

If you are dreaming of digging pumpkins, it means that you are hoping in vain that someone will notice your hard work and effort. You have let other people take you for granted because you always do your best in everything you do.

Because of it, you have become a joker that everyone calls when they need some help. You are often doing favors for other people while wasting your precious time.

Later, you are sorry for doing it, because you don’t even get a thank you. That is a sign that you should stop being submissive and learn to say ‘sorry, but I can’t, ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I don’t have time’.

If someone else is digging pumpkins in your dream, it means that you really lack free time. You have taken over too many obligations, so you don’t have time to rest.

You will have to change something because your body will be damaged by exhaustion.

To cut or peel pumpkins

When you are dreaming of cutting or peeling pumpkins, it means that you will have to take care of your money and the way you spend it. You feel that something is always missing, no matter how much you save.

However, your wishes and whims are far bigger than your earnings. Ask yourself if you really need all the things you long for, or if you are healing your complexes like that.

Pumpkin pie in a dream

If you see a pumpkin pie in your dream, it implies that you will meet a really interesting person. They will amaze you not only with their look but their way of thinking, as well.

However, their superiority will frighten you and you will need a lot of courage to approach them.

If you manage to knock down a wall that they have built around themselves to protect their feelings, you will spend beautiful moments together. So, don’t give up.

Dream meaning of pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup in a dream means that you will not fulfill your expectations. You had a plan to finish some life plans at a specific time.

However, some objective circumstances stopped you in your intentions, which you assigned to your incapability.

You are too self-critical, which can’t help you in achieving your ideas. Lower your expectations and everything will take a course for the better.

The symbolism of pumpkin juice

If you are dreaming of pumpkin juice, it means that you will win over someone you like for a long time thanks to your charm.

You have tried to approach them by hanging out with the same people and you managed to start a beautiful friendship.

However, your intentions are a little bit different, so you will make an effort to change their feelings for you, as well.

Pumpkins as decoration

Dreaming of a pumpkin that is carved for Halloween suggests that you are not careful enough.

You live fast and you often don’t think about the consequences of your actions. You like to take risks and you are used to not taking responsibility for the things you do.

If you continue to behave like that, there is a big possibility that all of it will backfire on you.

To dream of buying pumpkins

Dreaming of buying pumpkins means that you are a hard-working and energetic person. You don’t have a problem doing multiple things at once.

Many people admire your will, but you, on the other hand, don’t like lazy people who are only looking for excuses for their neglect and lack of effort.

Selling pumpkins in a dream

Selling pumpkins in a dream means that you will do something that will not bring you great results.

You will invest a lot of time, effort, and work into it, but you will not be satisfied with the benefits.

You have to try to find a better way than the one you are using now to achieve your goals.

Dreaming about receiving a pumpkin as a gift

If you dream about someone bestowing a pumpkin on you, it means that someone’s gesture might surprise you.

The person you least expect it from might show a great amount of solidarity, tolerance, or professionalism.

You will realize that you didn’t know them and admit that you have formed an opinion about that person based on stereotypes.

Bestowing a pumpkin to someone

Bestowing a pumpkin to someone in a dream symbolizes a lack of inspiration and creativity. Your imaginativeness vanished when you needed it most.

However, you need not despair but change your environment or little things in daily life to restore the originality that has followed you so far.

Dreaming of stealing a pumpkin

Stealing a pumpkin in a dream means that you will get publicly shamed because of a trivial pleasure. You might say or do something for which people will ridicule you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, planted, picked or eaten pumpkins, that definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of pumpkins

Pumpkin is a one-year-old creeper plant from the family of pumpkins.

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