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Person holding hands and praying

To better understand the meaning of this dream, try to remember as many details as possible, like where you are, with who, and for what or who you are praying. Religious and God-fearing people often dream of praying, as expected.

To dream of praying to God

If you dream of praying to God, it means that your wish will come true. There is a chance that you have been working on something of importance for a long time but didn’t manage to finish it.

You will soon have an opportunity to put your plans into action and suddenly realize that everything slowly moving was a better option than how you wanted things to unfold.

Dream symbolism of praying for someone

Dreaming of praying for someone means that you will humiliate yourself. You will probably expect someone you are in a good relationship with to help you with something, but you will be unpleasantly surprised when you realize that you are mistaken.

No matter if that has something to do with money or emotions, you will feel forced to do something below you and contrary to your beliefs.

To dream about praying in church

When you dream about praying in church, it means that you will start hoping again.

There is a chance that you will notice some improvements related to your relationship, marriage, work, or health, which will motivate you to continue fighting.

Even someone’s politeness or encouragement will have the power to lift you up and change your outlook on the situation in which you are.

Dream meaning of praying to Satan

If you dream of praying to Satan, it symbolizes problems, not only when it comes to business but in your private life, as well. You doubt achieving everything you want in life and are starting to lose hope.

However, things are not as horrible as they seem to you. You still have enough time to fix past mistakes and create a better future for yourself.

To dream of praying in the monastery

This dream means that you are going through a period filled with temptations and challenges, but hope that everything will end well hasn’t left you.

You find the strength to continue fighting in the faith in God or people who love you. Thanks to that, you will succeed in overcoming the obstacles that will end up on your life’s path.

To dream of praying in a mosque

Praying in a mosque in a dream means that you are not satisfied with everything you have achieved in life so far, and you are starting to lose hope that you will fulfill your wishes in the future.

You have surrendered too soon, and you still have enough time to achieve everything about which you have fantasized.

Dreaming about praying in the cemetery

A dream in which you are praying in front of someone’s grave means that you have a strong desire to change.

You have done things you are not proud of and have hurt the people who love you many times. You have become aware of your mistakes and will make an effort not to repeat them.

To dream of praying in your home

Praying in your own home means that you will soon realize that money or success doesn’t make you happy. Instead, your family, partner, and friends have that role.

You have often neglected them because of work and other obligations, but you will soon conclude that nothing is more important than the people you love.

To dream of praying for your parents

If you dream of praying for your parents, it symbolizes doubt and insecurities. You are currently at a life crossroads and don’t know which path to take.

You will have to make significant decisions, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from someone you trust. You are lucky even to have unconditional support from family and friends.

Dreaming of praying for your kids

Every parent has at least once in their life had such a dream. If you pray for your kids, it implies that you want to protect them from everything negative that might happen to them in life.

When you dream of praying for someone else’s kids, it means that you know that you haven’t left a lot of good things for future generations and that you are afraid of how they will face challenges for which humanity is responsible today.

To dream of praying for your partner

Praying for your partner in a dream symbolizes doubt about the success of your relationship or marriage. There is something that doesn’t let you plan the future together.

You might not have the same beliefs concerning crucial decisions and actions, but you are also not ready to compromise.

It is time to ask yourself what you want and find a way to achieve it. If you think that you can’t fulfill your dreams next to that person, that is a clear sign that your relationship doesn’t have a bright future.

To dream of praying for someone else

If you dream of praying for someone else, it means that you will realize that you are not alone in the world. You have been distant lately because you have been fighting some personal doubts and fears.

However, you will realize that it would be easier to get rid of some problems if you openly talked with your loved ones about them. Their love and support will help you get out of the crisis in which you are.

Dream interpretation of praying for the sick

When you dream of praying for someone’s recovery, it means that you are sometimes too sensitive to other people’s suffering.

It is admirable that you can’t stay indifferent to someone’s misery, but you have started overdoing it, and you get involved in the things you can’t change.

Help those you can, but don’t think that what you are doing is not enough.

To dream about praying for the dead

Praying for the dead in a dream means that you have a tough time controlling negative emotions for someone.

You know that hatred, rage, or a desire for revenge has never given anyone relief, and you know that all of that can only affect your mental and physical health negatively.

You are investing a lot of effort into directing your attention to beautiful and positive things and people that make you happy because of it.

To dream of praying out of fear

If you dream of praying out of fear for yourself or the people you love, it means that you regret some actions or past words.

You would like to erase everything you have done in a certain period of your life.

It is good that you are conscious of those mistakes and learned something from them, but now it is time to turn to the future and stop torturing yourself.

To dream of praying with someone

If you are not alone during prayer in a dream, it means that you think of yourself as a happy person because you have honest and loyal friends.

You can always count on their support and help, which is why you never feel lonely. It is necessary to show them love, affection, and attention as well, and you will stay close for the rest of your life.

Dreaming of praying out loud

Most people pray in silence, but if you dream of praying out loud, that is not a good sign, unfortunately. These dreams often symbolize sorrow and despair.

It probably sometimes seems to you that you are entirely alone in this world and that no one understands you or is willing to help you. If you think about it a bit better, you will realize that things are not really as they seem to you.

To dream about others praying out loud

If you hear someone else praying out loud in your dream, that is actually a plea to help a loved one. One of your loved ones has been facing a big problem, and you don’t know anything about it.

They don’t want to stress out and worry about it, which is why they are silent and trying to deal with it alone.

However, it would mean a lot to that person if you gave them your support during such a difficult period of their life.

To dream of crying while praying

When you dream of crying while praying, it means that you will solve a problem that is bothering you at the moment.

There is a chance that something like that seems impossible to you, but if you continue to be patient, persistent, and believe in yourself, you will manage to overcome that difficult period in life.

You will realize with time that you are a lot stronger than you could have imagined.

Dreaming of others crying while praying

A dream in which you see someone else crying while praying means that you will feel relief because of your loved ones.

One of your family members or friends will solve a long-term problem. You might not have done anything specific to help, but your support meant a lot to that person.

To dream of someone forcing you to pray

If someone is forcing you to pray in your dream, it implies that you must not give false promises.

Be honest with yourself and the people around you. If you can’t or don’t want to do something, say it openly.

To dream about forcing someone to pray

This dream is a clear warning to stop imposing your beliefs and ideas on others. They are old enough to know what they want in life and how to get it. Give advice only when someone asks for it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently prayed in church or needed someone’s help, it has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of a prayer

Praying is a religious act in which a connection with God or other spiritual beings is made.

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