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Green potty in a dream

A potty, also known as a potty chair or baby potty, in a dream, means that you will depend on other people or that someone will depend on you. If you have recently seen one, then such a dream shouldn’t get interpreted.

Dream symbolism of a potty

If you see a potty in a dream, it is a sign of the upcoming misfortune in the family. There is a chance that one of your relatives will get sick, and you will have a hard time coping with it.

You will do everything you can to help that person recover. You will often think about the causes of their bad condition and wonder if you could have done something to prevent that from happening.

To dream about using a potty

If you dream about using a potty, it means that you are not independent. There is a chance that you still depend on your parents, despite your age, and that you expect them to finish your obligations.

You can always say that that is how you were raised, to defend yourself and that they have always given you everything you wanted, but you are not doing anything to change those bad habits.

To dream of bringing a potty to someone

When you dream of bringing a potty to someone, it means that you are too busy.

Everyone probably expects too much from you, forgetting the fact that you need rest and time for yourself as well.

You are your boss’s right hand, as well as an alpha and omega in your home, so everyone comes to you even for the littlest things.

Dream interpretation of breaking a potty

If you dream of breaking a potty, it symbolizes a change. There is a chance that you will decide to fulfill an ancient wish you have given up on.

Even though you will be afraid that it is too late for such ventures, you will realize that you don’t have anything to lose but could get a lot.

Dream meaning of cleaning a potty

When you dream of cleaning a potty, it means that you will make sacrifices. There is a chance that you will do a good deed that will ask for many offerings.

However, you will bear the burden with dignity and do what your consciousness asks you to do.

To dream of other people cleaning a potty

If you see someone else cleaning a potty in a dream, it means that you will depend on someone. There is a chance that the realization of your plans will get conditioned by other people’s actions.

That especially applies to the business aspect of your life. You will probably want to go on a vacation, but you will achieve that only if the amount of work reduces, that is if your boss lets you exercise the right you lawfully have.

To dream of other people breaking a potty

When you see someone else accidentally breaking a potty, it means that you will help a friend or colleague finish an important project.

You will sacrifice your time to give them a hand and will not hesitate to do it because they have done a lot for you too.

If you see someone else purposefully breaking a potty, it means that you will stay silent to an insult to preserve the peace in your home.

Someone will constantly diminish you, and you will not say anything because you don’t want to destroy the relationships present in your family or work environment with your reaction.

You ought not to keep it bottled up, which means that you should confide in someone close to you from time to time.

Another possibility is that you will politely clap back when that person decides to provoke you next time.

Dreaming about throwing a potty at someone

This dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. It often symbolizes a conflict in your family. You ought not to let your frustrations and problems make you jeopardize your relationship with loved ones.

By the end of the day, we are talking about people closest to you, someone you can always count on. You have to learn to channel the negative energy you have.

To dream of someone throwing a potty at you

If someone throws a potty at you in a dream, it means that you will be the victim of someone’s frustration.

That can be your partner, one of the family members, or even a person you encounter on the street, in the supermarket, or post office. You will only be a target at which they will direct their negative energy.

However, you ought not to opt for yelling and arguments to solve the problem but let them say everything they want and then calmly respond.

To dream of buying a potty

Dreaming of buying a potty means that a difficult and challenging period expects you. Your loved ones might face health problems, and you will be worried about them.

You will do your best to be at that person’s service and be their support.

You will also find the best medical experts, thanks to your connections, and will not care about the money while providing them with the best possible care.

To dream of selling potties

Selling potties in a dream means that you will finally be able to relax because you will find out that your loved one’s health condition is improving.

Test results and checkups will be better, and they will feel good. You will get rid of a big worry after that and have a chance to dedicate your time to solving other problems you are facing.

To dream of receiving a potty as a gift

If you dream of someone giving you a potty as a gift, it means that you should watch out for sweet talkers. Someone will promise the world to you, and you will believe them.

However, you will realize, with time, that they don’t plan on keeping their word but are using you to achieve their own goals and interests. If you figure out what is happening on time, you will avoid a bad scenario.

To dream about bestowing a potty

Bestowing a potty to someone in a dream means that you are looking for a way to take advantage of your acquaintanceships.

You probably want to get to someone who can help you achieve some of your goals through your friend or a relative.

There is nothing bad in that, but you have to make sure to return the favor. You can’t be proud of your success as long as you owe someone something.

Dream meaning of stealing a potty

Stealing a potty in a dream means that you will end up in a risky situation for no reason. There is a chance that you will do something based on assumptions instead of real facts.

You have to be a lot more analytical and careful when investing than you have been so far. Don’t waste your time and money in vain because that will backfire on you sooner or later.

To dream of someone stealing a potty from you

When you dream of someone stealing a potty from you, it means that you will try in vain to talk your loved one out of one decision or action.

You will try to present facts that support your claim that they are wrong, but your loved one will not want to listen.

The worst you can do is tell them later– I told you so because you will not help them fix their mistakes that way.

Dreaming about finding a potty

Finding a potty in a dream means that the past will knock on your door. You might encounter someone you haven’t seen in a long time, who you are not in a good relationship with.

Another possibility is that you will see an ex-love and feel butterflies in your stomach again. There is a chance that you will suffer in the future because of bad past decisions.

To dream of throwing a potty away

Throwing a potty away in a dream means that you will get rid of bad habits or vices.

You will finally gather enough strength and courage to improve the quality of your life, and you might start exercising or dieting to preserve your health.

That will be the best decision you have ever made.

To dream of someone else throwing a potty away

When you see someone else throwing a potty away in a dream, it means that you will finally persuade your partner to change something in their life.

You can’t sit still watching them poison their body with junk food, coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes, and you will insist that they stop doing it.

You might even give that person an ultimatum and make them choose between your relationship and that vice.

Interpretations of dreams can differ depending on what kind of potty you saw in a dream.

To dream of a plastic potty

Dreaming of a plastic potty means that you will raise money to help someone. You will join a charity to help someone who is sick or poor.

You will make an effort to get your friends and colleagues involved, as well, to provide that person or a family with better quality and healthier life.

To dream of a ceramic potty

When you see a ceramic potty in a dream, it means that someone’s appearance will fool you. You will meet a person who dedicates a lot of attention to their looks and invests money in them.

However, you will later find out that they are in a lot of debt, which they want to hide by buying expensive clothes.

You will wonder why someone cares about their image more than anything else and feel honestly sorry for them.

Dream symbolism of a metal potty

If you see a metal potty in a dream, it is a sign that you have to take care of your health until it is not too late.

You have to stop researching the symptoms you feel on the internet and in magazines, as well as self-diagnose and self-medicate.

You are only wasting your time like that and putting yourself in even more danger.

To dream about a rusty potty

If you see an old or rusty potty in a dream, it means that you have inner struggles. You probably don’t even know what is bothering you, and you are trying to figure that out, but it is not working.

You sometimes feel like the saddest person in the world, while sometimes you are happy and positive. Maybe you should talk about your problem with someone you trust.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, used, broken, or cleaned a potty, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a potty

A potty is a night dish used for peeing.

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