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Postponing sign

Dream meaning of postponing a wedding

If you are postponing a wedding in a dream, it means that you are not sure about your choice.

There is a chance that you have dilemmas about the selection of your job, college, or life with a loved one.

You are not capable of making a decision that will be entirely right, which stresses you out.

Dream meaning of someone else postponing a wedding

A dream wherein your partner postpones a wedding means that you are afraid of them leaving you. Such a way of thinking stems from insecurities.

If you were more confident and believed in that relationship more, you would get rid of dark thoughts and bad dreams.

To dream of postponing a date

If you dream of postponing a date with someone, it means that you are insecure. You suffer from a lack of confidence because of deeply rooted complexes.

You will overcome that if you make sure to get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you.

When you realize that you have succeeded, it will boost your confidence, and you will be surer of yourself and your qualities.

To dream of someone postponing your date

When you dream of a loved one postponing your date, it means that you are paranoid and doubtful. That person has been acting strangely lately, which is a sign to you that they are hiding something.

You have to have proof that will confirm your doubts before you accuse that person of cheating. If a single person has such a dream, it means that a childhood friend will disappoint you.

They will say or do something that will hurt or offend you, and you will not be able to forgive them, no matter how hard you try.

To dream of postponing a checkup

If you dream of postponing a doctor’s appointment, it symbolizes sickness.

You probably know that you have health issues you should dedicate more attention to, but you are subconsciously running away from facing reality.

It is easier to lie to yourself and others and pretend that everything is OK than to be brave and make sacrifices for a better future.

Dream interpretation of postponing a visit

When you dream of postponing a visit to someone, it symbolizes a misunderstanding.

There is a chance that you have heard something negative about a person you are close with, which is why you are avoiding talking with them and clearing out your doubts.

You don’t want to hear the other side, so you make conclusions based on unverified information, which is a bad trait to have.

Dreaming of postponing an exam

If you are postponing an exam in a dream, it means that you have anxiety.

You don’t believe in yourself and your knowledge enough, which seems like you are someone who doesn’t invest enough effort into anything and is not ambitious.

Public speaking terrifies you the most because you easily forget everything you have learned and only want to run off the stage.

The meaning of postponing pregnancy in a dream

When you dream of postponing pregnancy, it means that you are under pressure.

You and your partner probably don’t have the same future plans, which is why both of you want to impose their priorities forcefully.

One of you wants a family, while the other cares about a career, and you will not manage to make an agreement or compromise.

Dreaming about postponing an orgasm

If you are postponing an orgasm in a dream, it means that you will have a long and healthy life.

Dreaming about postponing a business meeting

Postponing a business meeting in a dream means that you are irresponsible. You often forget about your obligations and the promises you have given to others.

You remember them only when you encounter that person on the street, after which you start looking for excuses for your actions in panic.

Considering that you are not a child anymore, you have to treat life and other people with more respect, which applies to your job the most because your boss will not tolerate a childish employee.

To dream of someone postponing a business meeting

A dream wherein you hear that a business meeting you had to attend got postponed symbolizes sabotage.

You have to watch out for the people who want your position in the company because they will do whatever they can to ruin your reputation or get you fired if necessary.

Dream interpretation of postponing a straight talk with someone

If you dream of delaying having a real conversation with a family member, partner, or boss, it means that you are afraid of people’s reactions to your actions and decisions.

You always wonder what others will say about something before you do it. You miss many opportunities to achieve something in life because of it.

Dreaming of postponing a job search

Postponing looking for a job in a dream means that you are lazy even though you don’t want to admit it to yourself and others.

You often blame others for your failures and like to believe that the universe has conspired against you.

However, if you think about it a bit better and look the truth in the eye, you will realize that you have missed many opportunities because you didn’t feel like dealing with it at that moment.

You have to move, and you will see how life can be beautiful and better.

Dream interpretation of postponing going to work

This dream symbolizes exhaustion. Your job brings you much stress and problems lately, and you don’t have time for yourself.

You have neglected your needs and wishes entirely lately while you often don’t have time for your friends, family, or hobbies you used to enjoy.

It is time to question what you want in life and ask yourself if money and career are honestly more important than your health and the people you love.

To dream of postponing paying the bills

If you dream of postponing paying the bills, it implies that you have to cut down on expenses if you don’t want to file for bankruptcy.

A lot of money from your budget has lately been going to the things you don’t need.

You spend impulsively instead of rationally, and you have to put a stop to it. If you start saving now, you will avoid a big financial crisis in the future.

Dreaming about postponing a trip

Postponing a trip in a dream means that you will deprive yourself of small pleasures to help your family.

You might sacrifice a piece of clothes or a new phone because you want to give the money to your loved ones to help them with the bills.

You believe that love should get expressed through deeds, not words, which is why you enjoy giving to others more than buying something for yourself.

Dreaming of other people postponing a trip

A dream wherein your fellow traveler or a travel agency postpones your trip means that you will miss a chance to have great fun.

You will probably get an invitation to hang out with the people you have recently met.

You will believe that you will not fit in a new circle of people well, but if you decide to go, it will be one of the best nights out in your life that you will remember for the rest of your life.

To dream of postponing a move

When you dream of postponing a move to another apartment, city, or state, it means that you are not sure if you have made the right choice in life.

You are at a crossroads and have chosen a better path, in your opinion.

However, you will soon wonder if your decision is good and how your life would have looked like if you acted differently.

There is no point in torturing yourself with such questions. It would be better to take advantage of what gets offered to you at the moment in the best possible way.

Dreams of postponing the purchase of property

If you dream of postponing buying an apartment or house, it implies that you are afraid for your future.

You probably do something that doesn’t bring financial stability, or you are with someone you don’t have a bright future with.

However, you have to answer a few questions of yours to realize what your goal is and do your best to achieve it. Nothing is impossible with a good plan, patience, and persistence.

Dreaming of other people postponing the purchase of property

If you dream of your family members or partner postponing buying a property, it means that you have high standards that most of the people around you can’t satisfy. You expect a lot from your friends and loved ones.

Although you give a lot too and believe that you can’t ask for less in return, your view on relationships resembles a trade, not the feelings that connect people.

To dream of postponing buying a car

A dream wherein you postpone buying a car means that you are a perfectionist. You always try to be the best at everything you do.

You are competitive and feel the need to prove yourself. Such traits are your driving force and motivation to be persistent in everything you do.

You rarely make compromises and always believe that you could have done something better than you have. You have to learn to relax and be satisfied with yourself and everything you have achieved.

Dreaming about others postponing buying a car

If you dream about your family members or partner postponing buying a car, it implies that you are a very impulsive person.

Your feelings and intuition lead you through life instead of reason. People and their actions or the way they treat you often hurt you because of it.

Emotions can’t bring you anything good in business, and you have to toughen up if you want to have an admirable career.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently postponed an exam, wedding, or checkup, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of postponing something

Postponing something is setting obligations aside for later.

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