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Whether you like to eat polenta or not, such dreams can carry strong symbolism.

Making polenta in a dream

Dreaming of making polenta means that prosperity in your home is expecting you.

You might not be in an excellent financial situation, but your family members will take that a lot better than you expected.

They will understand the problems that you are facing, so they will not ask you for expensive and unnecessary things.

You will try your best to focus on the positive side of the whole situation, which is that you will be closer than ever and ready to do everything for one another.

You will realize the importance of harmony, even in the most difficult situations.

If someone else makes polenta

When you are dreaming of someone else making polenta, that symbolizes the improvement of your love life.

This dream suggests that single people could meet the love of their life soon.

We are talking about someone with whom you share similar interests, while they care about you as well, which you appreciate when it comes to having a partner.

If you are married or in a relationship, this dream symbolizes a stable period in the future.

You will not argue with your partner about anything since both of you will understand each other.

Dreaming of eating polenta

If you are dreaming of eating polenta, that symbolizes good health.

Many people probably mock you because of your culinary skills, but you don’t want to be a traditional housewife that makes heavy food, actually.

You follow the dietitian’s pieces of advice and eat a few small meals a day while being physically active.

To see others eating polenta

If you see someone else eating polenta, that is a sign that you should rest.

You might be under a lot of stress, which has started affecting your physical and mental health.

You know that numerous obligations stress you out too much, but you think that you can’t leave any of it for tomorrow.

After exhaustion or sickness force you to hit the brakes, you will realize that you were not good to yourself.

Dream about spilling polenta

When you are dreaming of spilling polenta, it means that you are too demanding. You are someone who always nitpicks and focuses on the things you don’t have.

Even small things can ruin your day and discourage you, which is why you believe that your success is not good enough and that you haven’t tried your best.

Seeing others spilling polenta

A dream in which you see someone else spilling polenta means that you will argue with someone who thinks unconventionally.

That can be someone who doesn’t care about religion, tradition, or customs, or they even find them primitive and unnecessary.

You will not want to accept such a way of thinking, so you will stand up to them.

Unfortunately, you will realize that the argument is a waste of your time too late.

Dreaming about burning polenta

If you are dreaming of burning polenta, it means that you shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself.

You need some time to learn some new skills, so give yourself a chance to learn.

You can’t expect that you will overcome something that other people needed years of work and experience for in a few days only. Keep trying until you succeed in your intent.

The meanings of dreams can depend on the type of ingredients combined with polenta, as well.

For example, if you are dreaming of eating polenta with cheese, it means that you will amaze the opposite sex with your personality and behavior, so they will ask around if you are single and if they have a chance to seduce you.

That will flatter you, but you don’t want to jeopardize the relationship you are currently in because of other people.

Polenta with sour cream symbolizes business success. Spite is a driving force for you.

You like challenges, so when other people tell you that you can’t do something, you make sure to prove them wrong.

You rarely admit defeat, but you often break superiors’ orders. You often get praised because of good business results, but they criticize you for your behavior.

When you are dreaming of eating or making polenta with milk, that symbolizes unexpected gain.

You might accept a job that will bring you easy money. You will not have to invest a lot of effort, but the prize will be pretty big.

The gain can be related to games of chance like bingo, lottery, or betting houses.

Polenta with bacon symbolizes an internal struggle. You probably enjoy something that is bad for you like unhealthy food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

You overdo it sometimes, so you promise yourself that you will stop harming yourself, but that doesn’t last for long.

You catch yourself enjoying your vice the next moment with an excuse that you will die one day anyway.

If you are dreaming of making or eating polenta with mushrooms, it means that someone is lying to you to protect or hurt you.

There is a chance that people that don’t like you want to reveal something about you to hurt you.

On the other hand, we might be talking about someone who used you to gain something. If you think about it for a second, you will probably figure out who that person is.

Polenta with greaves in a dream means that you like someone forbidden. That person is probably taken, but their personality and behavior attract you.

You probably catch yourself thinking about them, even though you know that nothing more than friendship can happen between you two because you are sure that they will not jeopardize their marriage or relationship for you and because you wouldn’t let yourself destroy someone’s family.

If you are dreaming of eating polenta with yogurt, it means that you are too lenient with your children.

You have spoiled them in your wish to provide them with everything that you didn’t have.

They control you now, not the other way around. If they are teenagers, your attempts to discipline them will be a much bigger challenge.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently eaten or made polenta, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of polenta

Polenta is a dish prepared in the Balkans and Turkey. Its main ingredient is corn flour, but cheese, bacon, milk, sugar, etc. can be added too.

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