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Collected plums

Dreams of plums usually represent good things and positive memories regarding the dreamer’s life, even though that person often doesn’t believe everything is perfect. However, nothing has to be perfect to be good, right?

Dream meaning of picking plums

Dreaming of picking and collecting plums symbolizes good and positive things, and it usually has something to do with your business life and financial situation.

Picking plums in a dream means that your earnings will significantly increase, whether through career progress, promotion, on your business. Anyhow, you have no reason for worries, so you can be at peace.

Dream symbolism of eating plums

If you dream of eating sweet, ripe plums, it means that everything is great in your love life. You are satisfied, and you feel secure and happy because your partner trusts you, and vice versa.

Dreaming of eating unripe and sour plums means that you lack trust and communication in your relationship. You are insecure, and you have fears daily.

You have to work on the relationship with your partner and stop avoiding communicating because that is the only way to bring back happiness and satisfaction into your life.

To dream of picking plums and eating them

If you dream of picking plums and eating them right away, it means that you feel dissatisfaction and emptiness, even though everything around you is the way you have wanted, so there is no reason to feel that way.

Life is showing you that all the happiness around you is not enough for the happiness within you sometimes.

When you dream of finding rotten plums among those you are eating, it means that you have to change your lifestyle so that it doesn’t have a negative effect on your future.

You might grow old regretting not doing something in your youth, or you will be lonely. You have to change some things in your life urgently and not let your actions make you a lonely person with many enemies.

Dreaming about eating dried plums

When you dream about eating dried plums, it means that you probably have or will have health issues. You have to take care of your health and visit a doctor if you haven’t done so for a long time.

Also, dried plums suggest that you are bored and that you don’t know what to do with your free time to have fun.

That might lead to depression and retreating inward, which is why you have to pay attention to yourself and your environment and find a way to enjoy every moment in life.

Dreaming of plums in the winter

Dreaming of plums in the winter symbolizes a period of tough times and problematic situations that you will have a hard time avoiding.

You have to think about everything that can surprise you and predict bad events before they jump you.

Dreaming of plums on the tree

When you see plums on a plum tree in your dream, it means that you are a dreamer who likes imagination and fantasy.

If the tree is extremely fruitful, it suggests that you don’t have a problem facing all your issues without anyone’s help.

Ripe plums on a plum tree symbolize peace, serenity, and relaxation with your loved ones, as well as enjoying the charms of love and family life.

Unripe plums on a plum tree represent possible problems in your family or with your partner.

To dream of making moonshine out of plums

This dream symbolizes joyful upcoming moments in your life, as well as happiness and celebration.

To dream about planting plums

Planting plums in a dream means that you will finally decide to actualize your long-term idea or project.

We are talking about something that has been on your mind for a long time, but you didn’t dare to get involved in the adventure.

You will make a good plan and try to predict possible obstacles or problems on your journey. Success will not come overnight, but you will be satisfied with the outcome.

To dream of other people planting plums

If you see someone else plant plums in a dream, it means that you have to support your loved one in their intentions. Your family member, partner, or friend will tell you an idea.

Instead of criticizing them, you have to help them fulfill their dream.

Dream interpretation of washing plums

Washing plums in a dream means that you are a perfectionist. You make an effort to do every job the best you can, even when you know that such an approach will take away a lot of your time.

That is also a heavy burden for you and the people you work with, but you are old enough to have a hard time changing now.

To dream of other people washing plums

A dream wherein you see someone else wash plums means that you will have a chance to work with a demanding person.

We are talking about someone who dedicates a lot of attention to every detail. You see it as a waste of time, but the person in question doesn’t believe so.

You will wish that you never have to work with them after you successfully finish that project.

To dream of removing the pits from plums

Removing the pits from plums in a dream means that you will finally fulfill some of your wishes. You might be thinking about it for a long time, but you have waited for everything to fall into its place to deal with it.

However, you have realized in time that something like that will never happen, which is why you deal with some problems on the go.

To dream of other people removing pits from plums

If you see someone else remove pits from plums in a dream, it means that you will disagree with a family member’s or partner’s decision.

You will find it bad and openly point out the possible negative consequences of their actions. That person will agree with you, but it is too late to change anything.

Buying plums in a dream

Dreaming of buying plums symbolizes a good investment. You will probably decide to buy something that will justify with time the high price you had to pay.

Another possibility is that you will invest in a project that has a bright future and a high chance of being successful.

Selling plums in a dream

Selling plums in a dream symbolizes gain. Your boss might increase your salary, or you will get a better retirement settlement.

You might even get a stimulus check, inheritance, or a prize in games of chance.

The amount will not be enormous, but it will help you pay off debt caused by a chronic lack of money and afford something you have fantasized about for a long time.

To dream about stealing plums

Stealing plums in a dream means that one encounter or event will bring you back to your childhood. You will remember carefree days when you were happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

You will wish to go back to that period to enjoy it as long as possible. Indeed, everyone’s childhood is beautiful, but the phase of life you are in at the moment has its perks too.

To dream of throwing plums away

Throwing plums away in a dream means that one of your plans will fail. You might be thinking about traveling for a long time, but objective circumstances will stop you from finally packing your bags.

However, you need not despair because a new opportunity will come even before you think.

To dream of other people throwing plums away

A dream wherein you see someone else throw plums away means that you will listen to someone’s complaints.

A family member, friend, or colleague will probably tell you about their sad life story.

You will wish to tell them that they have to move and realize they have made mistakes in the past, but you will give up on it because you don’t want to hurt someone you care about.

To dream of making a plum jam

Making a plum jam in a dream means that you will soon enter a favorable phase of your life. You will have enough energy and the will to work, and you will be pretty productive.

It is necessary to take advantage of that period the best you can. You can finish all the projects that you have started and start making plans for the future.

To dream of eating a plum jam

Eating a plum jam in a dream means that something will gladden you. Your long-term wish might come true, or you will get something you fantasize about.

Unemployed people could get a favorable offer, while those that have jobs could achieve career progress.

Dreaming of making a plum cake

Making a plum cake in a dream means that your loved ones could visit you soon. We are talking about relatives or friends that you haven’t seen in a long time.

You will make sure to welcome them into your home the best you can, and you will remember beautiful past events over good food and drinks and have fun.

To dream about eating a plum cake

Eating a plum cake in a dream means that you will get rewarded for the effort and hard work you have invested in something.

That can be your job, career, or a relationship with someone you like. You might have been trying to seduce your crush for a long time and present yourself in the best possible light so that they feel the same, which is why you could enjoy the fruits of your persistence soon. That person will probably finally agree to go out with you.

Definition of plums

Plum is a sweet fruit, very widespread, and unusually popular in some parts of the world. There are many ways to consume and prepare it, and one of the most famous ones is making plum brandy.

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