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A gun with bullets next to it

The symbolism of a pistol in dreams

If you see a pistol in a dream, it symbolizes security. You have to have someone you can count on, whether that is a person you trust or real estate.

You make an effort to have security and protection always that you can use during difficult moments and that will help you get out of inconvenient situations without major consequences.

To dream of owning a handgun

If you dream of having a gun, it means that you will be brave in a dangerous situation. Someone might threaten you, but you will not fulfill that person’s demands.

You will want to let everyone know that people can’t play games with you, and you will not break down under pressure because you know that you will always be an easy target if you do it once.

Dream meaning of shooting a gun

When you dream of shooting a gun, it means that you are impulsive. You will probably say something nasty in a moment of recklessness that you don’t mean.

The person you direct your words to will be hurt and will cut every contact with you. Since both of you are stubborn, you will need much time to establish normal communication again.

Dream interpretation of loading a gun

If you dream of loading a gun, it means that you are getting ready for defense. You might visit a relative that always finds a reason to criticize you and forces you to change some things in your life.

You will get thoroughly ready and come up with a speech with which you will want to let that person know that you are a grownup who can estimate what is best for you alone.

Pointing a gun in a dream

When you dream of pointing a gun at someone, it means that someone sabotages you. We are talking about a colleague from work or someone who meddles in your love relationships.

You will try to tell that person to stop however you can, but you will have to opt for more drastic measures that might lead you to your goal since the first method won’t bring results.

To dream of someone pointing a gun at you

A dream wherein someone points a gun at you can mean that you miss good life opportunities because of pride and a big ego. If you let things go, you would perceive it as your personal failure and unnecessary backing down.

However, the truth is that you can’t expect to make progress if you don’t adjust to the situation that you are in.

Cleaning a gun, dream meaning

Dissembling a gin and cleaning it in a dream means that a favorable period expects you when it comes to business. Many doors might open for you, which is why things will finally move from a dead spot.

You can take credit for it partially, considering the knowledge, skills, and experience you possess but might have to thank your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances you trust for some situations as well.

Dreams of other people cleaning a gun

A dream wherein you see someone else dissembling a gun and cleaning it implies that you will get good advice. One of the people close to you will realize that you are in a lot of trouble and advise you on how to solve it.

In the end, you will realize that they are right, so you will do what your loved one told you. You will not regret that decision.

Buying a gun in a dream

Dreaming of buying a gun means that you will stand up to people who speak badly about you, try to discredit you, or damage your finances.

You will openly tell them that they are lying, and they will be sorry for picking you as an enemy in the first place. Your family and friends will be proud of you.

The meaning of selling a gun in a dream

Selling a gun in a dream symbolizes excessive ambition. You know what you want and will do anything to get it.

Many people perceive your actions as immoral and openly show them. You don’t care what others have to say as long as you achieve your goals.

You might be successful, but you will lose the respect of people from your surroundings.

Dream meaning of getting a gun as a gift

If you dream of someone bestowing a gun on you, it means that you have to fight for what you want more.

You possess many qualities but don’t have the results to prove them. The reason for it is that you always stand aside, and you are even shy sometimes.

You are afraid of stating your opinions, which can’t bring you career and life progress.

Dreaming about bestowing a gun on someone

Bestowing a gun to someone in a dream means that you will fight for someone. You will probably protect a colleague who got treated unfairly.

Another possibility is that you will take advantage of your connections to help someone with their career. The chances the person in question will ever show any form of gratitude for it are slim.

What does it mean to dream of stealing a gun?

Stealing a gun in a dream can symbolize unrealistic goals that you have set for yourself.

No one forces you to do something or work hard on something, but you still feel pressure. You probably want to prove to yourself and others your worth that way.

That is fine, but you have to set the expectation bar a bit lower because you will not be able to reach it otherwise.

Dream meaning of someone stealing your gun

If you dream of someone stealing your gun, it means that you will lose support and protection from the people you love.

They might disagree with some of your decisions and actions, which is why you might get criticized. You will justify your actions in vain because their trust will disappear forever.

To dream of snatching someone’s pistol

When you dream of snatching a pistol out of someone’s hand, it means that you are a brave person. You fight for your beliefs fiercely and don’t agree to make compromises that don’t seem right to you.

Many people criticize you for it, even though some admire the system of value you nurture.

Dream interpretation of someone snatching your gun

If you dream of someone snatching your gun, it means that you have to be careful. One person will try to jeopardize your job, relationship with a loved one or friends, or reputation.

You have to be careful when talking about your secrets and fears and share them with those who you know will never betray you.

Dream meaning of losing a pistol

If you dream of losing a pistol, it means that you could get criticism from a colleague or boss.

You will probably be in charge of one project done with a team of people. Unlike you, your colleagues will not make an effort to finish it on time, and you will have to do most of the work.

In the end, you will be the only one scorned because you had the biggest responsibility, while your boss will not even pay attention to others.

To dream about finding a gun

Finding a gun in a dream symbolizes a moral dilemma.

You might wonder if you should tell the truth and put up with harsh criticism or stay silent to avoid such a scenario. You have to listen to your conscience and not regret being a coward in the future.

To dream of hiding a gun

If you dream of trying to hide a gun, it means that you work hard to keep your secret hidden. We are talking about something you are not proud of, which you have tried to forget about your whole life.

However, people from your past continuously remind you of it. Instead of struggling to hide the truth, say it to everyone’s faces and make peace with the idea that you will have to deal with criticism and other consequences.

Throwing a pistol away in a dream

Throwing a pistol away in a dream symbolizes recklessness that will put you in danger.

You have to be more responsible toward yourself and others if you want a safe and stable future.

Dreams of other people throwing a pistol away

A dream wherein you see someone else throwing a gun away means that your family member or friend will ask you to give them an alibi if their partner or boss starts asking questions.

Dreaming about a pistol accidentally firing in your hand

This dream means that you will regret saying something. You will probably say something you shouldn’t in a large group of people.

Only then, you will realize that you should have kept your mouth shut and wish to turn back time to act differently.

The symbolism of a plastic pistol in a dream

A plastic pistol in a dream means that you have to start working on the fulfillment of your dreams. When you realize what you want and make a plan on how to get it, everything will change for the better.

It is only necessary to be patient and not lose motivation when you end up in trouble.

To dream of a golden gun

A golden gun in a dream means that you will achieve success if you make an effort to work on yourself more. You can’t expect happiness and prosperity to fall from the sky on you. It is high time to do something instead of fantasizing about your future.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, had, shot, loaded, or pointed a gun, it has left a strong impression.

Definition of a pistol

A pistol is a firearm controlled with one of both hands.