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A pillow in a dream usually symbolizes fatigue. Scroll down to find out a more precise interpretation of your dream.

Dreaming of a pillow

If you see a pillow in a dream, that symbolizes sickness. You might get a cold because you don’t take enough care of yourself.

You will think about the things you like to do while in bed and conclude that you will listen to good-hearted pieces of advice from professionals and people close to you.

As soon as you get better, everyday obligations will occupy your time, and you will get back to your old ways.

Another meaning is that you will have love problems. You are probably in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate the feelings, and they don’t plan on being in a serious relationship.

No matter what they do, it will not be enough to make you hate them and stop hurting yourself.

You will often play games like pretending that you are cold and uninterested, which should present you in another light and make them pay attention to you.

That will bring you short-term success, but you are only postponing the inevitable in the long run.

Dusting a pillow in a dream

Dreaming of dusting a pillow means that you will turn the page.

You had the need to get out of the spotlight in the previous period and think well about what you want in life.

You have to let yourself be weak and ask for help from people that love you and whose strength always gets you on the right track.

You will charge your batteries and decide to continue determinately fighting for new victories and achievements.

Lying on a soft pillow in a dream

If you are dreaming of lying on a comfortable pillow, and feeling great, it means that you are lazy or too relaxed and carefree.

This dream is a wake-up call. You have been enjoying the false sense of security and happiness for a long time, so this dream carries a clear and unambiguous message – wake up and snap out of it before it is too late.

Dreaming of lying on a comfortable pillow with someone is a sign that you are someone truly committed to your family and partner.

You have the need to selflessly share your time with others, please everyone, and shine the light on the best part of them.

To lie on a hard or uncomfortable pillow

This dream is a sign that you worry too much. You are constantly transferring the problems from real life into your dreams, so you can’t rest even when you are in bed.

No matter what troubles you are facing, try not to think about them before going to bed.

Make sure to direct your thoughts on something that will relax and make you happy.

That is not easy, but you know that quality sleep is important for people’s mental and physical health, so do everything you can to rest better.

Dreaming of falling on a pile of pillows

When you are dreaming of falling on a pile of pillows, that symbolizes an end of a romantic relationship or a huge failure and financial losses at work, unfortunately.

The dream can even represent an argument with your partner, family members, friends, or business partners.

Hugging a pillow in a dream

This dream suggests that you are lonely. You probably often think about your ex-partner, even though you know that they have continued on with their life and live without you.

If you are lonely, although you are married or in a relationship, it means that it is time for changes.

To dream of someone smothering you with a pillow

If you are dreaming of someone trying to smother you with a pillow, it means that you should relax more in real life.

You are probably under a lot of stress because of something.

Your body is trying to fight it, by drawing all of your energy, while you are not sleeping enough or well, so it doesn’t have another choice but to warn you that it is time to stop through your subconsciousness.

The world will not stop if you give yourself a few days off, while the great amount of stress you feel can seriously damage your health.

Dream meaning of a pillow fight

When you are dreaming of having a pillow fight with someone, it means that you need mental support and constructive criticism.

You are tired of gossip and rumors, so you feel like you don’t have anyone to have a serious conversation with.

You need someone who will not advise you badly out of jealousy and envy. Turn to your family members for help.

Burning a pillow in a dream

A dream in which you are burning a pillow symbolizes sacrifices.

You are sabotaging your relationship with a partner on purpose, while you are not getting anything good or useful out of it. You are only risking losing that person.

People that don’t have a partner probably see that as a reasonable sacrifice for some success in some other aspects of their lives.

To see a sneak under a pillow

If you dream of a sneak under a pillow, that is a warning to watch out for irresponsible people.

Be extra careful if you are lending money to someone, or you are helping them with something.

They will not be afraid to jeopardize you with their behavior instead of being appreciative of everything you do for them.

The symbolism of a dirty pillow

A dirty pillow in a dream doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately.

It often symbolizes debts and financial problems, while it can represent communication problems with your loved ones, as well.

Someone who is supposed to bring you comfort is not doing that, which is why you often feel lonely and rejected.

Interpretation of a bloody pillow

A bloody pillow in a dream symbolizes emotional problems.

Your relationship might fall apart, or an encounter with an ex-partner could remind you of extremely bad past experiences.

You will go through the things that you are trying to forget again.

Don’t go back into the past since you have many reasons to be happy in the present.

A wet pillow in a dream

Dreaming of a wet pillow is a warning to take care of your health.

Stop ignoring the symptoms that you feel. That could be exhaustion only, but why risk it?

Visit a doctor to be sure that you are healthy.

Dreaming about torn pillow

If you see an old or torn pillow in a dream, that symbolizes poverty or some sort of restlessness that you feel in real life.

On the other hand, this dream can suggest that you are trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation that you have experienced, recover from a problem, solve problems, or at least get on top of them.

Meaning of a clean white pillow

This dream symbolizes prosperity and peace. You should expect financial gain, success at work, or stability in your love life soon.

All of it will be a reward for the effort, hard work, and patience that you have shown in the previous period.

To hump or self-satisfying using a pillow

This dream symbolizes unsatisfactory desires, dissatisfaction with your sex life, and frustration.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a pillow or lied on it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a pillow

A pillow is a pad for the head and body used while lying down and sitting on the bed.

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