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It is believed that pigeons are the most frequently seen birds in dreams. They have strong symbolism, and the meaning depends on the details that followed your dream.

Dream about white pigeons

If you see white pigeons in a dream, that symbolizes love. You and your partner probably look like pigeons who love each other the same as at the beginning of a relationship, in spite of time.

Time has only improved the quality of your relationship and helped you become even closer. Many people believe that you are a perfect couple and ask you for the recipe for happiness.

To see pigeons on a roof

When you are dreaming of pigeons standing on the roof, that means that you will hear pleasant news.

You probably like someone who still didn’t let you know how they feel about you. You will try to show them what you want, and their reaction will be exactly the way you have hoped for.

Dreaming of pigeons flying

Dreaming of pigeons flying implies that you will feel joy. This especially applies to people who have children.

You will do everything to make them independent and help them become people who are used to working and fighting for themselves from an early age.

You will not stop them from living with roommates or traveling the world as long as all of it doesn’t affect their education.

You will be among rare parents who will prepare their kids for life, which they will be thankful for sooner or later.

Killing pigeons in a dream

If you are dreaming of killing a pigeon, that symbolizes an argument with a friend. You will probably hurt someone who has always been by your side because of someone who didn’t deserve it.

After you realize what you have done, it will be too late for regrets. You will learn not to take anyone for granted the hard way since that is the right recipe for losing those who really care about you.

To dream of eating pigeons

Dreaming of eating pigeons symbolizes anger in the family. You probably argue with your parents often, resenting them for not giving you something or for doing something wrong.

You blame them for your failures and believe that you will never raise your kids like that.

However, you always forget that they have tried their best, no matter how insignificant that seems to you.

Seeing pigeons kissing

If you see pigeons kissing in a dream, it means that your love relationships are short. You live life to the fullest and do everything that makes you happy.

You function the same in relationships as well, so they last while you feel good in them. You feel sorry when you hurt someone, but you care about your freedom more and always try to preserve it.

Dreaming about releasing pigeons 

When you are dreaming of releasing pigeons from your hands, it means that you will separate yourself from your loved one temporarily. You will probably decide to sacrifice your relationship so that your partner can achieve their dreams.

Even though that will be hard on you, you don’t want them to resent you in the future for not achieving the success that was at their fingertips.

Catching pigeons in a dream

Dreaming of catching pigeons means that you are hopelessly shy. In spite of your knowledge and skills, you like to stay in the shadow, trying not to impose yourself on other people to reward you the way you deserve.

You get surprised when you see how everything is making progress, but even that doesn’t motivate you to get some courage and show yourself in the best light possible.

Also, you act similarly in love, so you only show interest in people who clearly let you know that they want to be with you. We can say that you make risks rarely and that you like to play it safe.

To dream of others catching pigeons

A dream in which you see someone else catching pigeons means that you have a secret admirer.

Someone from your surroundings likes you a lot, but they are afraid of admitting it to you. The situation is even more complicated since one of you has a partner.

Because of it, every next step requires risk. If you pay attention, you will probably realize who that person is. It is up to you to decide what you want to do about it.

Dreaming of others killing pigeons

If you see someone else killing pigeons in a dream, it means that someone will force you to be a mediator in an argument between two people you equally care about.

They will start a serious fight and ask you to take sides and state your opinion.

The fact that they have put you in such an uncomfortable position will be hard for you, but you will use diplomatic skills to say your opinion, making sure that you don’t hurt anyone.

Holding a pigeon in your hand

If you are dreaming of holding a pigeon in your hand, it means that you have the desire to have a creative job that would make people happy. You possess many talents, but you don’t have enough opportunities to show them to others.

You probably do something that doesn’t require imagination, so you make up for it by having a hobby you enjoy.

If you dedicate more of your free time to that hobby, that could become the main source of income for you in the future.

To dream of others holding a pigeon in their hand

When you are dreaming of someone else holding a pigeon in their hand, it means that you will experience beautiful moments with your loved one.

You may go to a romantic dinner or trip that you have been fantasizing about for a long time. That will bring you closer even more, so you will be completely sure that they are the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you are single at the moment, there is a chance that you will fall in love soon.

Feeding pigeons in a dream

Dreaming of feeding pigeons is a warning to watch out for who you are confiding in. Someone close to you could twist your words or exaggerate them, which will harm you.

Seeing others feeding pigeons

When you are dreaming of other people feeding pigeons, that symbolizes business success. Your hard work and effort will finally start paying off.

A pigeon falling in a dream

If you see a pigeon falling in a dream, that symbolizes bad news. You will probably have to postpone a trip or celebration because of objective reasons.

Some things will happen that will change your priorities. It is important to stay positive and not let stress affect your health negatively.

The symbolism of a flock of pigeons

A flock of pigeons in a dream symbolizes freedom. You are probably in a relationship that is smothering you, or you have let business obligations control your life.

You are longing for the moment when you will finally have the chance to live your life to the fullest, but you need to fight for something like that first.

If you are in a relationship or marriage with an extremely jealous person, the chances of experiencing what you dream about are small.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen pigeons, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of pigeons

The pigeon is a genus of birds of the same name spread throughout the world.