To see a pig with piglets
If you see a pig with piglets in a dream, that symbolizes gain. There is a chance that you will get what you have been fighting for after many sleepless nights. That can be a diploma, job, or some other thing that you have been investing your time and money in. You will see, once again, that quick success doesn’t exist and that only still waters run deep.

To see a pig without piglets
If you see a pig without piglets in a dream, that symbolizes shame. You will probably be uncomfortable because of someone who will make a fool out of themselves in front of you. You will impatiently wait for the event to end so that you can leave and forget about the horrible experience that you had to see.

To slaughter a pig
When you are dreaming of slaughtering a pig, it means that you will be worried. There is a chance that you will spend a huge chunk of your savings, which will make you feel insecure. Even though you will invest the money into something useful, you will wonder if you had overdone it, and many things will seem unnecessary to you.

To feed a pig
If you are dreaming of feeding a pig, it means that you will take care of an ungrateful person. Everything you do for them is something small and goes without saying in their eyes. They will try to take advantage of you as much as possible and contact you when they need money or some other kind of help only, while they will never even think of asking you how you are or if you need anything.

To buy a pig
Dreaming of buying a pig means that you are good with money. You like to take precautions, so you don’t leave anything to chance. You believe that a little surplus never hurt anyone, which is why you have stashes of everything that you share with your loved ones.

To see a boar
When you see a boar in a dream, that is a warning to watch out your mouth. There is a chance that your words will hurt someone that you care about. You will not think while speaking, but you will realize later that you have overdone it.

To hunt wild boars
A dream in which you are hunting boars means that you will manage to successfully finish one project or obligation that you have been afraid of. You have probably postponed doing it for a while, but you will be successful if you fully dedicate your attention to it.

To see others hunting boars
If you see someone else hunting a boar in your dream, it means that you will get a job offer, but you will reject it because you are afraid of changes. You are used to the job that you currently do and don’t want to change anything, even when you are not entirely satisfied with the working conditions. Maybe you should think about that offer after all. Higher earnings and less stress could be a motive enough for a change.

To sell a pig
Selling a pig in a dream is a good sign. It usually means that you will manage to afford something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time. You have probably invested a lot of effort and time into it, so all of it will pay off soon. You might buy something that you want or achieve your goal when it comes to your private life or career. You will be proud of yourself despite numerous obstacles and challenges.

To receive a pig as a gift
This dream usually means that money will come to your house when you least expect it. You are probably going through a financial crisis right now, and you worry about your future or the future of the people that depend on you. However, you will get a raise or heritage unexpectedly, which will help you solve some problems and finally become calmer, at least when it comes to the financial aspect of your life.

To bestow a pig to someone
Bestowing a pig to someone in a dream means that you are afraid that someone will not reciprocate feelings back to you. You probably like someone a lot, but you don’t know how to approach them. You are afraid of rejection, so you often think about that scenario. However, you will never know whether you are right or wrong if you don’t try.

To steal a pig
A dream in which you are stealing a pig out of the pigsty means that you are too ambitious and that you often hurt other people while trying to achieve your goals. You will probably achieve everything you want, but you will burn many bridges in the process.

To dream of someone stealing your pig
If you dream of someone stealing your pig, that symbolizes damage. You will have to spend the money intended for traveling or gifts for people dear to you on the repairment of some malfunctions or unexpected expenses in your household.

To dream of a pig crossing your path
If you are dreaming of a pig crossing your path, that is not a good sign. Unfortunately, the following period will be full of misery and disappointments. You will need a lot of strength to overcome it, but the support and love that your loved ones show you will help you overcome that and get out of it even stronger.

To run away from a pig
Running away from a pig symbolizes excessive irritability. Something probably upset you, so you can’t get rid of the negative feeling. People that argued with someone they care about a lot often have these dreams.

To see others running away from a pig
When you see someone else running away from a pig, it means that one situation will cause panic in your life. You will not know what hit you because all of it is unfamiliar to you. However, if you decide to listen to the pieces of advice from people dear to you and think things through, everything will end well.

To ride a pig
Riding a pig in a dream means that you will get involved in a bit strange activity. That can be an unusual hobby or hanging out with people that didn’t suit you before. There is a chance that you will just want to fit in, but you will like the change that you are going through. That could become your lifestyle in the future.

To see others riding a pig
If you see someone else riding a pig in your dream, it means that someone’s behavior will surprise or shock you. Your partner, friend, or acquaintance could show their other side that you didn’t see before. Considering that you don’t like to judge people based on their behavior, attitudes, or opinions, you will not show that you are surprised but accept all of it calmly.

To cook a live pig
Even though this dream is unusual and traumatic, it doesn’t have a negative meaning. It usually symbolizes a change that you are going through right now. You are probably in a phase when you want to get rid of negativity in your life and improve its quality. This decision is praiseworthy, so you just need to stick to it.

To roast a pig on a skewer
Dreaming of roasting a pig on a skewer means that you are disappointed in yourself. People probably expected more from you, but you didn’t fulfill their expectations. You might have missed some chances in life, and now you are sorry for your actions. Anyhow, it is still not too late to fix your mistakes. If you put in an effort, you will make yourself and others proud.

To see a pig’s head on a plate
If you see a pig’s head on a plate in your dream, it means that you should finish something that you have been postponing for a long time. You are full of motivation and optimism, so it is the right time to do something that you have been stubbornly pushing under the rug. You will be successful at everything you do. Another meaning is that you will meet an influential person that could help you with your career or some personal project.

To hear a pig squealing
When you hear a pig squealing in your dream, that is not a good sign. You might soon receive bad news regarding a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. There is even a chance that you will be extremely sad or depressed because of it, especially if you grew apart from that person and didn’t help them during difficult moments.

To see a sick pig
A sick pig in a dream symbolizes minor problems at work that you will solve with the help of colleagues. That can be a sign that you should be more collegial since you never know when you will need someone’s help.

To see a healthy pig
If you see a healthy, well-nourished pig in a dream, that is a good sign. You will be extremely successful at work in the following period. Your boss might even give you a raise because you put in a lot of effort into finishing your tasks well and on time. If you have a private business, you might make a profitable deal that will bring you good earnings. Another meaning is that you will make a good investment or earn enough money by selling something.

To see a skinny pig
A skinny pig in a dream symbolizes misunderstandings with kids or superiors. The reason for it will be their refusal to respect your authority or pieces of advice that you are giving them out of good intentions. They will take it as you trying to impose your opinions and attitudes on them, which will seem like a direct attack on their independence.

To see a dirty pig
A dream in which you see a dirty pig symbolizes the feeling that people don’t respect you as much as you deserve. You probably believe that someone doesn’t treat you the way they should. Your partner, colleague, superior, or someone close to you might offend you. You are not grumpy by nature, but this situation will hurt you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, fed, or slaughtered a pig, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a pig

The pigs are ungulates of the Suidae family.