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To see black pepper
Dreaming of black pepper means that you will accomplish your goals. You will have a clear plan about what you want to do in life and you will stick to it without exceptions. You will invest a lot of effort into succeeding and that will pay off greatly. At some moment, you will want to give up, but your persistence will come through and you will continue to work hard on your goals.

Another meaning is that you will have luck regarding love. You will find a partner that will suit you in everything, so you will have a great communication. Words will often not be necessary for you two, so you will be able to communicate only by looking at each other.

To buy black pepper
If you dream of buying black pepper, that symbolizes anger. It is possible that you will resent someone for neglecting you. Friends mean a lot to you in life and you would do everything for them. Because of that, this situation will hurt you and you will try to let that person know that you want to see them more often.

To dream of peppercorns
Dreaming of peppercorns implies that you will experience failure regarding business. It is possible that you will make a few wrong decisions that will make your boss lose trust in you. In the following period, you will not be so concentrated at work, so you will make mistakes that usually don’t happen to you. If you want to do your job efficiently, you will have to solve problems related to your love life.

Another possibility is that someone will gossip about you. Your behavior and beliefs make you stand out from the crowd, which many people will see as something negative. No matter how much you are used to harsh reactions from people around you, you have a hard time whenever someone judges you, especially if they don’t even know you.

To put pepper in your food
Dreaming of putting pepper in your dish symbolizes a fight. In the following period, you will have the need to meddle into everything, especially in things that are none of your business. You will state your opinion when no one is asking you for it, so people will start to notice that you are up in everyone’s business. It is possible that your trait could bring you troubles, because many people are not ready to accept their shortcomings. Your family members will not see it as something bad because they know that your intentions are good, but some friends will not be glad to hear critiques regarding their behavior.

To sell pepper
If you dream of selling pepper, it means that you are longing for an adventure. It is possible that you have fallen into a rut and you feel like your life lacks a little bit of excitement. Because of that, you will make sure to spice up your days with some unusual things. You will try things that you have always wanted to do and you will be willing to get rid of fears that you have. Younger people could decide to try extreme sports.

To bestow pepper
Dreaming of bestowing pepper to someone implies that you were mean to people that you love, but you are not regretting it. You believe that you have taken revenge on that person for everything that they have done to you. You will feel good about it for a short period of time, but your satisfaction will drop down when you realize that you haven’t done anything good for yourself by acting like that.

To get pepper as a gift
Dreaming of receiving pepper as a gift symbolizes jealousy and envy. You will probably be in company of people who have more money than you. You will talk about trips that they have taken or things that they have afforded, basically about everything that is out of your reach at the moment. You will be angry and disappointed, since you know that they are experiencing everything that you have been fantasizing of. Instead of blaming destiny, the society, parents or someone else for the situation you are in, ask yourself if it is possible that you are the person to be blamed for everything the most.

To plant pepper
Dreaming of planting pepper means that someone could talk you into a wrong investment. It is possible that you will decide to invest your money into something pretty risky. However, if you think about it a little bit longer or get an advice from a professional, you might change your decision and give up from such a move.

If someone else is planting pepper in your dream, it is possible that you will have problems communicating with your partner. The relationship between you two has been complicated for a long time. You have a feeling that you can’t agree on anything. You will even start to think that you have made a mistake by choosing them as your life companion. However, you will not make radical decisions, because you have already been through this before.

To pick pepper
When you dream of picking pepper, it means that someone or something will not fulfill your expectations. Someone who you know well might disappoint you or you might end up being stuck at a job that is not giving you enough opportunities for progress.

A dream in which you see other people picking pepper means that you will try to talk a friend out of some bad decision in vain. They will ask you for an advice and you will be completely honest. However, they will not listen to you, but act on their own. Don’t even try to push your ideas onto them or scorn them if they realize that they have made a mistake. Be their support instead of a critic.

Previous interpretations are related to black pepper, which is the most common kind of this spice. Below you can read about dreams of different kinds of this plant and their meanings.

To dream of green pepper
If you see green pepper in your dream, it means that you will act immaturely in one situation. Your actions will not only surprise people that don’t know you well, but your loved ones as well. Even you will not be sure why you have acted like that in certain moments, but you will be convinced that you didn’t know differently.

To dream of white pepper
Dreaming of white pepper means that you will meet a person who will amaze you with their mind. They will help you to look at many things from a completely different perspective and to change many deeply seeded prejudices about people. You will have a wish to take over all of their traits, so you will try to spend more time with them.

To dream of red pepper
When you dream of red pepper, it means that you will have a conflict with someone who is much older than you. The discussion will be caused by age differences. You will believe that their opinion is too traditional and wrong, while they will think that you lack experience to be an equal interlocutor.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought pepper or used it while making a meal, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of pepper

Pepper is a perennial woody plant from the family of Piperaceae. It is used as a spice in people’s diet.