To see a pen in a dream
If you see a pen in a dream, it means that someone will gladden you in real life. There is a chance that you will encounter someone you were close with before, but life took you on different paths. You will have many topics to talk about and will help one another objectively look at the problems that seemed unsolvable.

To dream of writing with a pen
If you dream of writing with a pen, it means that your hard work will pay off. You will probably finish a project that will provide you with a diploma or promotion at work. You will be very dedicated to doing research and make an effort to study everything that has to do with that topic in great detail.

To dream of breaking a pen
When you dream of breaking a pen, it symbolizes dissatisfaction. There is a chance that you will study for an exam but will not do as well as you have expected. You will firmly believe that you have gotten rid of one worry, which is why such a scenario will ruin many of your plans and set you back.

To dream of drawing with a pen
If you dream of drawing with a pen, it means that you are creative. You like creating, which is why you never buy gifts but make them yourself. You always make an effort to be original and avoid wearing the same clothes or acting like a robot who copies others.

To dream about sharpening a pencil
Sharpening a pencil in a dream means that you are a very transparent and outspoken person. You don’t say much, but your words always make an impression on other people. Everything you say makes sense to them since it is not based on assumptions and stereotypes but on your knowledge, experience, and information you have collected.

If the tip of your pencil continuously breaks while you are sharpening it, it means that you will have a debate with a poor interlocutor. Someone will cut you off while you are speaking, which will be very frustrating.

To dream about other people sharpening a pencil
A dream wherein you see someone else sharpening a pencil means that someone will persuade you into something in real life. You will change your attitude about an important topic or question. You will wonder if you have gotten manipulated or the shift in your opinion is a good thing.

To dream of buying a pen
Dreaming of buying a pen means that you make many promises in real life but don’t keep your word. You are prone to putting your needs before other people’s, which is why you hang out with someone out of interest only. You are the center of the universe in your mind, and you don’t believe a change is necessary as long as you are happy and satisfied. It is time to question your attitudes, decisions, and actions seriously.

To dream of selling a pen
Selling a pen in a dream means that you will put other people’s needs and wishes before yours. Parents who want to protect and help their children at all costs have these dreams often. You are ready to do whatever it takes for them. If you don’t have kids, you are overprotective of family members or a partner.

To dream of receiving a pen as a gift
If you dream of someone bestowing a pen to you, it means that you have to make more effort to achieve your goal. It is good that you have an idea or plan on how to put it into action. However, a long way to accomplishing great results is ahead of you. It is necessary to be motivated, patient, and persistent. That is the only way to achieve what you want.

To dream about bestowing a pen to someone
Bestowing a pen to someone in a dream means that you will honor someone for the success they have achieved. One of your family members, friends, or colleagues will do something big, and you will congratulate them on it. You might feel a pinch of envy, but you will be proud of that person nonetheless.

To dream of lending a pen to someone
Lending a pen to someone in a dream means that you will help a stranger. You might have a chance to help one person, and you will not turn it down. That will not mean much to you, but the person in question will be grateful to you.

To dream of someone lending you a pen
If you dream of borrowing a pen from someone, it means that you will get help or support from someone you don’t know. That person will realize that you are in trouble and give you a hand. Their gesture will amaze you, and you will start looking for ways to return the favor.

To dream about losing a pen
This dream symbolizes communication problems with your loved ones, partner, or colleagues. You have been nervous lately, which affects your relationship with the people from your surroundings. Try to figure out what bothers you and deal with it before you entirely destroy your relationship with that circle of people.

To dream of finding a pen
Finding a pen in a dream means that you will get lucky. You will probably perceive one situation as a complete failure, but the outcome will be better than you could have expected. Something positive will come out of something bad, so don’t despair too soon.

To dream of stealing a pen
Stealing a pen in a dream suggests that you have to see the bigger picture to find a better solution for the situation you are in now. You can’t let yourself make significant decisions impulsively or in a hurry because that could backfire on you later. You have to make an effort to turn off your emotions to get the decision that is a product of reason, not feelings.

To dream of someone stealing your pen
When you dream of someone stealing your pen, it means that you will get mad at your loved one because of something trivial. Something that person will say or do will probably bother you, and you will perceive it as something tragic. You ought not to react violently because you could regret your words later.

To dream of someone stabbing you with a pen
If you dream of someone stabbing you with a pen, it means that you have a cunning enemy. Someone is very kind and sweet to you, but they gossip about you in the worst possible way as soon as you turn your back to them.

To dream about stabbing someone with a pen
Stabbing someone with a pen in a dream means that you shall not start arguments if you don’t have all the facts. Shouting and yelling can’t bring you the change you want. You have to figure out what your goal is and learn to articulate your attitudes properly.

Interpretations of these dreams can differ depending on what kind of a pen you saw.

To dream of a pencil
A pencil in a dream means that your hard work and effort will pay off in the future. You ought not to give up on what you have started, whether we are talking about going to school or making progress in your career. You have to invest a lot of effort in what you do, and the results will follow.

To dream of a technical pen
A technical pen in a dream symbolizes inner changes. There is a chance that you will finally appreciate yourself and your effort or hard work, and you will not let anyone minimize your success. Another possibility is that you will change the perception of self entirely, which will affect your relationship with other people positively.

To dream of a blue-inked pen
If you dream of writing or drawing something with a blue-inked pen, it means that you will solve one problem by collaborating with other people. You probably avoid teamwork, but this job will ask for being a part of a functional team. It will not be easy to do that because you are an individualist, but you will have to adjust to the new situation.

To dream about a red-inked pen
When you dream about writing or drawing something with a red-inked pen, it means that you enjoy it when people praise you. You feel the constant need to prove yourself to others, but you are even happier when someone recognizes your effort and admires it.

To dream of a black-inked pen
If you dream of writing with a black-inked pen, it means that you have to respect someone’s authority. A new boss will come into your company and ask you to be respectful daily. That will not be easy for you because you are not an obedient person.

To dream of a brow pencil
A brow pencil in a dream means that you face life challenges with a lot of courage. Nothing can be so stressful for you to get you off the tracks entirely. If you can’t change something, you don’t think about it anymore. Many people should have such an attitude toward life.

To dream about an eyeliner
An eyeliner pencil in a dream suggests that you don’t have a problem seeing things the way they are. You avoid wrapping things inshiny paper and often tell people the truth into their faces. Some respect you for it, while others are afraid of you.

To dream of a lip pencil
A dream in which you see or use a lip pencil means that someone will like you. You will probably attract the attention of someone already in a relationship, and nothing will come out of it. Another possibility is that you have a secret admirer. Someone likes you, but they haven’t admitted it yet. If you pay attention, you will soon realize who that person is. It is up to you to decide what you will do about it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, written, or drawn with a pen, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a pen

A pen is an item used for writing and drawing on paper.