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To see pearls in a dream
If you see pearls in a dream, that symbolizes joyful news. Something beautiful will happen in your love life, while it is also possible that your partner will propose to you. Even though that is the logical course of the events, you will be surprised and amazed with the surprise that they are going to prepare. You will start looking for wedding dresses, restaurants, invitations and other details right away, so that you have enough time to plan out your fairy tale wedding. If you are single, pearls are a sign that you will meet someone who will respect you and cherish you as their most valuable gem.

To receive pearls as a gift
Dreaming of getting pearls as a gift symbolizes unexpected gain. It is possible that you will inherit something a lot sooner that you’ve expected. Your heart will be full when you realize that your family is always taking care of you and trying to provide you will good love conditions. That will help you to improve your financial situation and invest money into something that will pay off double in the future.

To bestow pearls to someone
Dreaming of giving pearls to someone means that you have feelings for s person who is unavailable. That person is probably your colleague from work who is married or taken for a long time. Lately, you are constantly catching yourself thinking about them. You know that it would be wrong to make a move, so your love will stay platonic. However, you will have to be really careful if you don’t want other people to notice that your feelings are more than friendly.

To lose a pearl
Dreaming of losing a pearl warns of bad news. It is possible that you will have to part with someone you care about. At first, you will not be able to accept it, but you will realize that you don’t have another choice. If that person is traveling abroad, that doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship or friendship. If it is about a breakup, you will idealize that person and start to think that you will never find someone like them again.

To string pearls
When you dream of stringing pearls, that symbolizes a suitable upcoming period. You will be successful in all aspects of your life, so every decision you make will have a desired outcome. You will be respected at work and your opinions, decisions and advices will be appreciated like they deserve to be. They will see you as a precious gem. Your partner will support you and they will be understanding of your obligations. We can say that the following period will be perfect for you.

To sell pearls
Dreaming of selling pearls implies that you will not be able to appreciate your partner. You will be in a relationship with someone who is too affectionate and caring, which you will not like. Even though everyone will tell you that you have found a perfect partner, you will want to leave them as soon as possible.

To find pearls in a dream
Dreaming of finding pearls means that you will have to be careful when communicating with people you love. Sometimes, you are too stressed out, so you take it out on your partner or family members, without thinking how they feel about it. Even though you don’t believe that they will resent you for it, it is not right to hurt them with your words. You will have to finally realize that not everything is about you.

To buy pearls
If you dream of buying pearls, it means that your loved one is not showing you as much love as you desire. You believe that you are investing more into that relationship than them, especially by letting them know how much you love them. On the other hand, it seems to you that your partner gets in arguments with you more often than they are ready to work on problems you currently have.

To dream of pearl earrings
Pearl earrings in a dream symbolize cheating. It is possible that you doubt your partner’s fidelity or you are afraid that your business associate might betray your trust. Anyhow, you will try to find out what all of it is about. However, be careful, because you could accuse an innocent person of something.

To dream of a pearl neckless
A pearl neckless in a dream symbolizes great health. It is possible that you have had some health issues in the past, but you are feeling great now, which will continue on in the future as well. You have enough energy for everything and you will enjoy in every job that you decide to do. Don’t be surprised if people start telling you that you are glowing, because you will seem healthy, happy and satisfied.

To dream of a pearl bracelet
A pearl bracelet in a dream suggests that the opposite sex is attracted to you lately more than they have been before. You will notice that people are approaching you more often and that they are complimenting you constantly. You are simply radiating with positive energy, so if you are in search of a partner, it is the right time to show yourself in the best light. However, if you are taken, don’t fall for compliments, unless you want to jeopardize your relationship and marriage.

To dream of a pearl ring
A pearl ring in a dream suggests that you will have a great opportunity to earn money. Good news is that the job will be legal, so the risk will be a lot smaller. Don’t be afraid to take that chance.

To dream of black pearls
Black pearls in a dream have a very positive meaning. They symbolize prosperity regarding business, finances and love. Everything will fall to its place in the future, so your life will be exactly the way you have imagined it. However, you need to be careful, so don’t make impulsive decisions that might create complete chaos. Watch out who you are confiding in.

To dream of blue pearls
Blue pearls in a dream symbolize your need for progress. You are in a phase when you are learning more easily and you have a lot of will and energy to absorb new knowledge and start new businesses. It is possible that you will decide to take a course of a foreign language or direct your energy into learning about the Internet, IT or marketing. Anyhow, you have chosen the right moment, so your effort might pay off, especially if you continue to be wise and dexterous.

To dream of pink pearls
Pink pearls in a dream symbolize unreturned love. It is possible that you like someone who is not having the same feelings for you. You are still hoping that you will win them over, but your chances are small.

To dream of red pearls
This dream warns you of danger. It is time to take care of your health.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently got, bought or wore pearls, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of pearls

Pearl is a creation of pearl shells.