Dreams in which you see peanuts and can feel their presence or taste have many meanings. Some of them are positive both for you and your surroundings, while there are those that are negative as well. Meanings depend on the condition of peanuts you see, as well as the other aspects of the dream.

To dream of peanuts
If you see peanuts in your dream, that can have multiple meanings, but it usually suggests that you will participate in some sort of competition. That can be any kind of rivalry where you have your ideas, goals, and opponents. This dream often symbolizes your victory over other people, while you will preserve wanted results only if you win fairly. Dreaming of peanuts can suggest that your sexual desires are far from your sexual maturity, which especially applies to younger people.

To eat peanuts
When you are dreaming of eating peanuts, it means that the following period will be full of happiness and abundance. You want to relax, celebrate, and enjoy, and there is a chance that all of those wishes will come true. One of your older family members could also help you with that. You will probably get that help in the form of money, but there is a possibility that they will help you with the job you do, as well. The results will be the same either way since you will get money unexpectedly.

To eat rotten peanuts
If you are dreaming of eating bad peanuts, or you just see them, it means that you will experience big changes in your love or married life. Disagreements with your partner could lead to enormous chasms, so it wouldn’t be surprising if verbal altercations turn into physical. Because of it, ask yourself if your relationship has a future and if the answer is positive and you realize that you want to make it work, start getting rid of bad habits as soon as possible, and try to revive the love with the help of your partner.

To eat peanut shells
This kind of dream means that you have a hard time dealing with problems that you face in life. You always look for help from other people to overcome difficult situations, because of the lack of experience or will maybe, but all of it can end well if you learn to return the favor. You will realize that you need to face some problems alone, with time.

To see peanut shells
This dream is similar to the previous one, and it suggests that you will ask for help from other people regarding your business plans. There is a small chance that the help will come by itself, whether you expected or asked for it.

To peel peanuts
Dreams in which you are peeling peanuts symbolize a move to another city and changes related to your business life. They don’t represent negative changes usually, so you can relax because you are escaping the bad environment and entering better surroundings.

To dream of peanuts scattered around
Peanuts scattered on the floor in a dream symbolize difficulties at work, a decrease in productivity, and possible big financial losses.

To feed peanuts to someone
When you are dreaming of feeding peanuts to someone, it means that you have great friends, thanks to your kind nature and good deeds mostly. This can be a sign that you will stay friends with some good people until the rest of your life or that you will make new honest friendships in the future.

To dream of peanut butter
If you dream of eating peanut butter, or you can just see it, it means that your friends can always count on you and that they will soon realize that. You will help a loved one get rid of financial problems.

To plant peanuts
Planting peanuts in a dream means that you don’t make long-term plans. People say that you are someone who lives in the moment. Planning is a waste of time for you, which can affect the business side of your life negatively, especially finances. If you like to live such a lifestyle, that is fine, but if you believe that you don’t have another choice, you should know that you are wrong.

To dream of others planting peanuts
A dream in which you see someone else planting peanuts is a warning not to miss a good business opportunity. If you get the chance to continue working on a better-paid but more responsible job, don’t turn it down. You might have to learn to get around at first, but that will open new possibilities to make progress in the future for you.

To pick peanuts
Picking peanuts in a dream symbolizes prosperity, a good purchase, and profitable investments soon. You might get a chance to improve your own business, or you will invest your money into something extremely profitable.

If, however, you see someone else picking peanuts, it means that someone will ask you to lend them money. You trust that person, so you will not be in doubt about whether you should do that or not.

To buy peanuts
Dreaming of buying peanuts symbolizes health issues. It is time to stop ignoring the symptoms you feel and go to a doctor finally. You can only ruin your health more by searching for a diagnosis and meds on the Internet and in magazines. People that have teeth problems have these kinds of dreams more often.

To sell peanuts
A dream in which you are selling peanuts means that you don’t know how to manage the money that you have. You are capable of spending your whole paycheck in a few days, so you don’t have enough money to survive at the end of the month. It seems like you have never heard of saving. You believe that your earnings are low, but, in reality, you don’t know how to manage them properly.

To steal peanuts
If you are dreaming of stealing peanuts, it means that you will argue with your loved ones because of trivial things. If you see someone else stealing peanuts, it means that you shouldn’t snitch on a colleague who made a mistake while working.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. If you have recently seen or eaten peanuts, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of peanuts

Peanuts are a plant from the legume family native to South and Central America. The fruits have a specific pleasant and contagious taste, and they are rich in nutrients, which is why they are considered to be an excellent aphrodisiac.