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Patching something up in a dream

If you are dreaming of patching something up, that symbolizes poverty.

There is a chance that you will unexpectedly spend a large sum of money that you have saved up, which is why you will be in a bad financial situation.

You will live from paycheck to paycheck, barely managing to get around.

Help from family and friends will be more than welcomed and precious until you solve the problem and stand back on your feet.

Another meaning is that you are creative. You are an extremely curious person by nature and like making things with your hands that will be useful to you instead of buying them.

You don’t throw broken devices away but dismantle, analyze, and then put them back together.

Your living space is full of things that you have made, and that motivates you to create even more.

To dream about other people patching something up

Dreaming of someone else patching something up means that injustice hurts you.

You probably have a hard time listening to sad life stories that are becoming a part of your reality more and more.

You often meet people that don’t have anything to eat, but you know that you can’t help them much.

You are worried because of the abyss that this world is rushing into and believe that things were not that horrible when you were young.

Dream about patching socks up

If you are dreaming of patching socks up, it means that you care a lot about what other people think of you.

You are trying to always have your actions in accordance with the opinion of the majority.

You can’t stand it if someone mentions you in a negative context, which is why you get well-prepared before hanging out with anyone.

You will learn everything about certain topics so that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself or make other people mock you.

The same applies to the way you dress and what things you buy.

You like to impress people, but you are slowly losing your identity, opinions, and attitudes in all of that.

When you see someone else patching socks up, it means that you will not be amazed when you meet someone that you have admired before.

You have always idolized them, but when you finally get the chance to talk to that person in person, you will realize that they don’t possess the qualities that you believed they have.

Some of their attitudes will disappoint you, and you will realize that you have thought of them as an idol, even though that person hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

To patch underpants up

Dreaming of patching your underpants up is a sign that you are cheap.

You have been saving for something your whole life, but even you don’t know what you will spend all of that money on.

You deny yourself many things because you enjoy having money. It is nice to save and think about the future, but it is even nicer to be able to use it for something that brings you joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

A dream in which you see someone else patching your underpants up means that you will feel sorry for someone’s destiny and decide to help them.

You will make sure to provide them with everything that they could need, while your deeds will even motivate other people to help that person out, as well.

However, you might come across a problem once you realize that you have done everything in your power to help them, but that person is still facing some issues, which will make you feel disappointed in yourself and the system, even though you shouldn’t feel like that.

You have done everything that you could, which means a lot to many people, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Dreaming of patching pants up

If you are dreaming of patching your pants up, it means that you don’t use your creativity and imagination enough.

You probably do something that doesn’t require that kind of talent, so you have let the gift that you have to get neglected.

Dedicate your time to a hobby. You will only enjoy it at first, but you could even earn good money with it after a while.

Dreaming of someone else patching their pants up means that someone’s selflessness will surprise you.

You will meet a person that does something which is useful for the whole community.

They might be volunteering in a certain facility or doing charitable work.

The fact that they have dedicated their time to that and made it their lifestyle will touch you the most.

You will probably want to get involved in some activities that can help those that need it the most as well.

Patching a shirt up in a dream

A dream in which you are patching a shirt up means that you want to amaze someone.

That can be a future or current superior, a person of the opposite sex, your parents, or even your partner’s close friend.

Because of it, you are trying to show your qualities. No matter how much that is useful, you have to be who you are around that person.

If you show that you are someone worth respecting, thanks to your attitudes or because you respect yourself, you will have better chances to achieve what you want.

If you see someone else patching up a shirt in a dream, it means that you doubt your partner’s fidelity. Their behavior has made you act like that.

Before you start questioning or, even worse, stalking them, ask yourself whether they are acting strange because they actually have someone else or because they have a problem.

Show them that you understand and encourage them to open up to you.

They might not be cheating on you but dealing with something that you can solve together.

Meaning of patching up a blouse

Dreaming of patching up a blouse symbolizes the fear of rejection, whether emotional or of any other kind.

You can’t manage to show yourself in the best light because of the lack of self-confidence, which is affecting your private and business life.

Self-esteem has to be built for years, but you can ruin it in a second.

That is the process during which you have to learn to love yourself.

When you finally achieve that, other people will accept, love, and respect you more easily as well.

If you see someone else patching up a blouse in a dream, it means that you have a secret admirer.

Someone from your surroundings likes you, but they are afraid of approaching you.

That can be because you might already have a partner, or you seem a bit reserved and cold.

There is a chance that you are extremely close to that person, so they are afraid that they will put your friendship on the line by admitting how they feel.

If you start paying attention, you will probably realize who that person is pretty quickly. It is up to you to decide if you will do anything about it and what.

To dream about patching up a pillowcase

A dream in which you are patching up a pillowcase means that you have the need for peace.

You are going through an extremely stressful period because of the obligations and problems that are bothering you.

The worst thing is that some worries don’t affect you directly, so you can’t do much to help people that you love and yourself stop suffering.

Because of it, you often catch yourself thinking about running away from everything to restore your inner peace.

You also know that running away is not a good option. Instead, you have to surround yourself with positive people that know how to make you laugh and feel good.

You will forget, at least shortly, about everything that upsets you in their company.

When you see someone else patching up a pillowcase in your dream, it means that you should dedicate more attention to the people that you love.

One of them has a problem that they have been dealing with for a long time, but you don’t even know about it because you are preoccupied with work or other obligations.

You neglected people that have been there for you when you were in a dark place, so it is time to change that.

Dreaming of patching up a blanket

If you are dreaming of patching up a blanket, it means that you will manage to control yourself during a stressful situation.

Someone will probably try to provoke you with their behavior, but you will not react the way you would before.

Hiding and repressing rage will not be easy, but you will realize that it is better not to get into conflicts with such a person because there is no way to persuade them that you are right, especially because they will never change their behavior.

Dreaming of someone else patching up a blanket means that you are too honest in certain situations or with some people.

You are not the type of person who wraps things up in shiny paper.

Everything is pretty upfront and clear with you, especially when it comes to emotions and your loved ones. You can’t lie to them, and you don’t want them to lie to you.

However, your words sometimes hurt, even though they are well-intentioned. Be a bit gentler than you have been so far because of it.

Dream about patching up a tire

A dream in which you are patching up a bike or car tire is a sign that you should postpone a trip that you have been planning for a long time.

Now is not the moment for something like that because your loved ones need you, and because it is quite obvious that you will not have a good time on that trip if your thoughts stay at home.

Postpone it for some better times, especially because it is never too late for something like that.

If you are dreaming of someone else patching up a bike or car tire, it means that you will refuse to help someone that disappointed or hurt you in the past.

Your little revenge will come after a couple of years when you have cut every contact with that person.

However, they will need help, so you will be in a dilemma about whether you should give them a hand or get your revenge.

If you decide on the latter, you will only show that you are the same as that person, a petty soul that is only waiting for the opportunity to spite someone for the pain that you have survived.

Show them that you are a better person than them and help them.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently patched something up, it has made an impression on you.

Definition of patching up

Patching up something represents sewing torn things by hand or with the help of a sewing machine.

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