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Parents holding hands with a child

To dream of healthy parents

If you see healthy parents in your dream, it symbolizes happiness. Family is the most important thing in your life, and you would choose that over the most successful career in the world any day.

You have great communication with all of its members, and unlike your peers, you gladly go on vacation and other trips with your loved ones.

Dreaming of sick parents

If you see sick parents in your dream, it warns you of problems. You might have stressful situations in the following period that will scare and remind you that no one is immortal.

You must forget about the conflicts and devote a bit more time to your loved ones because you might regret acting differently.

To dream that your parents are dead

When you dream that your parents are dead, it symbolizes an improvement in your financial situation. You might profit off someone else’s misfortune, but you will not be as happy as you usually would be because of it.

You will sympathize with the damaged side and try to stay in a decent relationship with those people.

Dreaming of arguing with parents

If you dream of arguing with your parents, it symbolizes a misunderstanding. Your loved ones want the best for you but can’t show it.

They often comment on your choices in a bad way, which is why you spite them and don’t tell them many things they should know.

Running away from your parents in a dream

If you dream of running away from your parents, it implies that you are immature. Despite your age, you still act like a child that didn’t get their favorite toy.

You find it easier to ignore your problems, so you let them pile up, after which you use the solutions that harm you.

To dream that your parents disown you.

When you dream that your parents disowned you, it means you are insecure. You probably didn’t have enough love and attention in your childhood to assure you that the world was not such a bad place.

You feel rejected and like an outcast wherever you go, and you don’t believe your partner or friends when they tell you that they care about you and will not hurt you.

To dream that you disown your parents

If you dream that you disowned your parents, it symbolizes ingratitude. You probably won’t appreciate what others did for you, but you believe they could have done much more.

You will think about their mistakes and missouts, so you will not notice the ones you make.

To dream of visiting your parents

Visiting your parents in a dream means that you will solve the problem that bothers you at the moment if you turn to someone for help or advice. Y

ou need not be too prideful or believe you know better than the ones who wish you well. You need not be afraid to ask someone for suggestions because you will get rid of the issue that burdens you faster and more easily in such a way.

To dream that your parents visited you

If you dream that your parents visited you, it symbolizes beautiful changes in your life. If you are unemployed at the moment, you could soon find a job, while those who work will make career progress.

This dream symbolizes a wedding for young people.

To dream of your parents scorning you

When you dream of your parents scorning you, it implies that you are too sensitive. Everything can make you mad or sad lately, which can be the result of some inner dilemmas.

If you work on it, you will improve your relationship with loved ones because it is high time to make peace with the world.

Dreaming about scorning your parents

Scorning your parents in a dream means you will soon have a big role or obligation. Not only yours but other people’s destinies will depend on your actions or results.

However, you need not be afraid of responsibility or failure if you do your best to achieve good results.

To dream of parents exaggerating your success

When you dream that your parents exaggerate your success and achievements, it implies that you have to devote more time to them.

You have entirely neglected your family members and friends because of work or your career. You must take a break and focus on yourself and the people you love and need more.

To dream about offending your parents

Offending your parents in a dream can symbolize a guilty conscience. You might have hurt or disappointed someone, or you may have wronged someone with your actions.

Your conscience will not let you sleep at night as long as you don’t ask for forgiveness.

To dream of your parents offending you

If you dream of your parents offending you, it implies that you will reconcile with someone. You probably had conflicts with a friend or colleague in the past, which hurt your relationship.

That person will offer an olive branch first, and you will continue hanging out, leaving the past behind.

To dream of stealing from your parents

Stealing from your parents in a dream means you are afraid you will not fulfill someone’s expectations. One person probably has high hopes for you, and you are unsure if you will disappoint them.

You will not find that out if you don’t openly talk about it with the person in question. They can help you become even better at what you do at the moment.

To dream of parents stealing from you

If you dream of your parents stealing from you, it implies that someone you have idolized for a long time might disappoint you.

You were blind to that person’s flaws, but one event will open your eyes. You will realize that they possess more traits you don’t like than the ones you respect, and you will decide to distance yourself from them.

To dream of hiding from your parents

If you dream of hiding from your parents, it means you are afraid that your secret could see the light of day. We are probably talking about a past sin that you believe could hurt the people you care about. You have to know that you will hurt them even more if they hear the truth from someone else instead of you.

To dream about your parents hiding from you

When you dream about your parents hiding from you, it implies that you are delusional. You continue to believe that someone is honest with you because they manage to convince you of it.

However, if you leave your feelings aside and use your brain, you will realize that you have become that person’s victim, which could have a negative effect on your future.

To dream of your parents getting a divorce

If you dream of your parents getting a divorce, it means it is high time to become mature and independent.

You can’t expect other people to solve your problems forever. You are old enough to take care of yourself and start building a better future.

To dream of your parents fighting

A dream wherein you see your parents fighting means that two people you equally love and respect will put you in an inconvenient situation.

They might argue and ask you to pick sides or state who is right. You need not get involved in their problems but let them solve them on their own.

To dream of your parents crying

Unfortunately, to dream of your parents crying is not a good sign. Such dreams predict a turbulent period in your life.

You might face a financial or emotional crisis and need a lot of energy, courage, and patience to overcome it, but you will get stronger out of it than before.

To dream about your parents laughing

This dream predicts professional or personal achievements. You will probably manage to graduate, get a job, or make career progress.

Another possibility is that you will finally find your soulmate, get married, or have a baby. This dream symbolizes a better health condition for older people.

Dreaming that your parents are happy

If you dream that your parents are happy, it symbolizes positive things. You will probably throw or get invited to a party or get-together where all the people you care about will be.

Besides great food and drinks, the atmosphere will be fabulous, and you will remember and talk about that event for a long time. That will help you recharge your batteries for the upcoming challenges.

To dream of talking to your late parents

Talking to your late parents in a dream means you have someone to count on during difficult moments in your life. You need not doubt whether your relatives and friends will be there for you or not.

You have to be at their service because of it, too, and make sure to stay in contact with the people who love and respect you.

To dream about arguing with your late parents

Arguing with your late parents in a dream means a turbulent period awaits you. You might experience a failure or loss. That especially applies to people who own businesses.

You must watch out for who you make deals with and trust because your competition might try to sabotage you.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, talked to, argued with, or left your parents, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of parents

Parents are people who take care of their offspring.

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