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The organ in the cathedral

To dream of an organ

If you see an organ in a dream, it symbolizes harmony.

You will probably be able to relax in the following period and leave all the negative stuff behind. Better days you have hoped for and deserved are coming.

You will take advantage of the chance you will get and live the way you have always wanted.

Dreaming of playing the organ

If you dream of playing the organ, it means that you are a megalomaniac.

You often have unrealistic goals and don’t get satisfied with half-ass results. You opt for all or nothing, risking jeopardizing even your health that way.

The further the success seems to you, the worse you feel, which makes you work on what you have imagined day and night.

To dream of selling organs

When you dream of selling organs, it means that you are independent.

You are self-sufficient, and you would survive even if you ended up in an unfamiliar place where you don’t know anyone. You have a hard time getting attached to other people, which is why everyone knows you as a loner.

You don’t show your weaknesses to anyone and believe in a saying – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Buying organs in a dream

If you dream of buying pipe organs, it means that you have big expectations.

You are very demanding as a parent, boss, spouse, and friend. You believe that everyone has to give their all to you because that is the only way to have a quality relationship.

People often can’t follow you, which is why they feel that you reject them and respect them less.

Dreams of lending the organ to someone

When you dream of lending an organ to someone, it means that you will lose something valuable. You are generous by nature and can’t turn anyone down.

No matter how you are attached to something, you will share it with others, which is why people often return broken or damaged things to you, unlike the way they were when they were in your possession.

Dreaming about other people playing the organs

A dream wherein you see and hear someone else playing the organs means that someone or something will disrupt your peace.

As soon as you start to believe that you have entered a better phase of your life, you will experience something that will get you off the track.

You have had enough energy and will for many things until now, but a turbulent period is ahead of you, and you will be forced to deal with problems more than the things you actually enjoy.

Dream meaning of hearing the sound of organs

If you hear the sound of organs in a dream but can’t figure out where it is coming from or who is playing them, it means that you will have to execute orders and decisions you disagree with.

There is a chance that your boss will give you unpleasant tasks, and you will not be able to say anything because your existence depends on that job.

You might even start looking for a new one intensely.

Dreaming of learning to play the organ

When you dream of learning to play the organ, it suggests that you are a very ambitious person.

You have goals that you want to achieve and know how to do them. You are ready to sacrifice yourself for the things you want and burn bridges behind you to get them.

There is a chance that you will achieve great success, but you will not have anyone to celebrate it with.

If you dream of teaching others to play the organs, it implies that you have to be very cautious with the people who have recently become a part of your life.

You need not talk about your secrets, plans, and fears with them because they could take advantage of your trust to achieve personal interests.

Dreaming about playing the organ in the church

Playing the organ in the church means that your life needs more spirituality. You will have to straighten your priorities and realize what is important or irrelevant in life.

You have probably put your career and money before your family and friends, and now you regret it. It is not too late to change your approach to what matters to you in life.

To dream of playing the organ in the orchestra

If you dream of playing the organ in the orchestra, it means that you will not fit well into a circle of friends or team at work.

You will realize that you have nothing in common with those people and that you don’t like any of their opinions.

Besides that, you will conclude that you feel completely alone even in their company because you are starting to lose your freedom and integrity.

Singing along to the organ in a dream

Singing along to the organ in a dream means that you will embarrass yourself in a large group of people. There is a chance that you will talk to someone about a topic you are unfamiliar with.

In your desire to be an equal interlocutor in that debate, you will say something that will make people mock you. Only then will you realize that the silence is golden.

To dream of someone lending you the organ

When you dream of someone lending you the organ, it means that many people depend on you and your decisions. We might be talking about family members or colleagues at work.

Even though you enjoy your role as a leader, the burden you carry is too heavy sometimes. You would like to be just one part of the whole mechanism instead of the engine that runs it sometimes.

To dream of stealing an organ

Stealing an organ in a dream means that you will go on a risky venture and that your loved ones will advise you to give up on it.

Unlike them, you believe that its realization is possible, which is why you will not listen to them. The thought that you don’t have support will only motivate you to achieve good results to prove to everyone that you were right.

Dreams of other people stealing organs

If you dream of someone stealing your organs, it means that you will have high expenses.

You might decide to change your car or renovate or buy a house or apartment, but you will not have enough money.

You might even take a loan or borrow from someone, but you have to be careful under which conditions you fall into debt.

Dreaming of someone stealing organs from the church, museum, or another institution means that you will not support your loved one in one idea because you believe that it will not bring wanted or positive results.

However, that person will not pay attention to your suggestions and criticism but will do what they want.

To dream about finding organs

Finding organs in an abandoned building in a dream means that you will get a gift you will not like or won’t have usage out of it.

Considering that you got it from someone you care about, you will wonder what to do with it.

It will probably collect dust for a couple of years before it ends up in a dumpster.

To dream of throwing an organ away

Throwing an old or broken organ away in a dream means that you will go through an immense change in real life.

You might move from one city to another, accept an offer for a new job, or end a long-term relationship.

Anyhow, the following period will be a period of adaptation, and you will have to be patient and have enough will to overcome it.

Dreams of other people throwing organs away

If you dream of someone throwing organs in the trash, it means that you will lose a loved one.

There is a chance that a close friend will move to another city or state, which will be hard on you. You will be happy for that person, but you will also be sad because you know that the distance will change your relationship from its core.

To dream of setting organs on fire

Setting organs on fire in a dream means that you have to make immense cuts in your life to have a better and more quality future.

You might get rid of vices, cut down on expenses, or even end communication with someone who has a bad influence on you.

That will not be easy, but you will successfully finish it if you take your mission seriously.

Dreaming about other people setting an organ on fire

This dream can mean that you will argue with a loved one.

The reason for it will probably be something trivial, but everything will turn into something more because both of you are pretty stubborn and cranky.

There is a chance that the third party will try to calm you down, but you will not take it seriously.

If you don’t stop on time, there is a chance that you will not speak with that person for the rest of your life.

To dream of destroying organs

Destroying or breaking organs in a dream symbolizes repressed anger.

Someone probably offended you in real life, and you didn’t react the way you wanted. Only later will you realize what you should have said, but you can’t turn back time.

It would be better to direct the negative energy into something constructive and get rid of piled rage that way since it threatens to jeopardize your mental health.

To dream of other people destroying organs

A dream wherein you see someone else destroying organs means that you will comfort a loved one. One of your family members or friends will have financial issues or experience heartache.

You will make sure to help them get out of that crisis and be at their service entirely. That person will be grateful for everything you are doing but will ask for a bit of space to figure out what they want to do next alone.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, played, sold, or bought an organ, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of the organ

The organ is the largest musical instrument that produces sound with the help of air from the bellows that can get controlled with the keyboard.