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Women have dreams with the motif of an orchid more often than men. Their interpretations can differ depending on the context in which a dream occurred and the details that followed it.

Dreaming about an orchid in a pot

An orchid in a pot in a dream symbolizes business success. You might achieve great progress in what you do in the following period.

For younger people, this dream represents an end to education and getting employment, while it signifies a big career step forward for older ones. That will contribute to financial stabilization and harmonious family relationships.

Dream meaning of an orchid in a vase

If you see an orchid in a vase in a dream, it implies a person you have recently spent a lot of time with has a crush on you. It can be your coworker, boss, or someone superior to you.

You have probably noticed some signals but have decided to ignore them because the thought of having something to do with that person seems entirely unrealistic.

Dream symbolism of an orchid in a garden

When you see an orchid in a garden in your dream, it means you will finally start spending your free time with more quality. You have recently concluded you often waste your time and procrastinate while your days pass without any purpose or result.

Luckily, you have come to that conclusion relatively early on, which is why you will have enough time to figure out what to do. Your hobby could even start bringing you money at some point.

To dream of an orchid in a flower shop

If you see an orchid in a flower shop in your dream, it implies it is time to get out of your comfort zone if you want to change something for the better in your life.

You feel like you are spinning in circles all the time, which is why things are not functioning how you would like. You have to take risks from time to time, go forward, and look for your happiness instead of waiting for everything to get served on a platter to you.

Dreaming about an orchid field

A dream wherein you see a field of orchids means big changes might happen to you soon. You might decide to quit your job, move to another city or country, or end things with someone you are unhappy with.

It will be hard in the beginning, but you will realize with time that you should have made that decision a lot sooner.

To dream of planting orchids

Planting orchids in a dream suggests you have to be persistent, hard-working, and patient to achieve some of your goals, especially in business. You can’t expect success to happen overnight.

It is necessary to stay motivated and always know why you make sacrifices. People who have been single for a long time and fantasize about finding true love have to change something in their behavior.

To dream of replanting orchids

If you dream of replanting orchids, it implies it is time to stop living in an illusion where someone or something will change overnight for you only. You are the creator of your destiny, and you decide what you want and don’t want in your life.

You have to start building the future you fantasize about, leave the past behind, and learn something from the mistakes you made. That is the only way to try to be happy, at least.

Dreaming about picking orchids

Picking orchids in a dream symbolizes gain. Your boss might increase your salary or give you a stimulus check for the effort and hard work you invest in your job. Another possibility is that you will get a prize in games of chance or inherit something valuable. Anyhow, even a smaller amount will help you pay off debt caused by a chronic lack of money.

To dream of watering orchids

To water orchids in a dream symbolizes unreciprocated love. You probably long for someone unavailable to you for some reason.

On the other hand, you probably still can’t force yourself to stop thinking about your ex, no matter how much that person hurt you with their actions. It is high time to shift your focus to other things instead of thinking about how you lack love in your life. It will come when you least expect it.

Dreaming of smelling orchids

Smelling orchids in a dream suggests you are a romantic and caring person. You like to gladden your loved ones with little things, but you are probably in a relationship with someone who is the complete opposite of you, and you miss those little signs of affection.

You have two options – either you make peace with who that person is or leave them if you can’t look past that.

To dream of buying orchids

Dreaming of buying orchids means your loved one will make you proud. Your family member or one of your friends has achieved professional or personal success, and you will tell everyone about it. You might even celebrate together.

Dream symbolism of selling orchids

Selling orchids in a dream symbolizes envy. One person in your surroundings has achieved everything you fantasize about.

That can be a good job, decent earnings, or harmonious family relationships. Anyhow, you have to look up to that person and start fulfilling your dreams instead of poisoning yourself with negative emotions.

To dream of receiving orchids as a gift

If you dream of someone gifting orchids to you, it means you have a secret admirer. We are talking about someone who likes you but would never admit it.

You have probably noticed some signs, but you find it easier to ignore them. If both of you are single, it might not be a bad idea to give a chance to that relationship.

To dream of bestowing orchids on someone

Bestowing orchids on someone in a dream means you are still afraid of admitting what you want and what you truly lack in life. You keep saying to yourself that you don’t miss anything and that you are satisfied with your life, but there is one pebble in your shoe that you should take out. However, you are not brave enough to start that process.

Because of it, you have to give yourself some time and then go into a battle for what you secretly fantasize about.

Dreaming of stealing orchids

Stealing orchids in a dream can mean you love someone unavailable to you for whatever reason. We are talking about a much older or younger man or woman.

You know that nothing can happen between you, but that doesn’t stop you from often thinking about that person and fearing that someone will figure out what you feel for them.

To dream of snatching an orchid from someone

If you dream of snatching an orchid from someone’s hand, it implies excessive ambition could get you in trouble. You are a very persistent person and make sure to achieve your goals, no matter how many bridges you have to burn in the process.

However, such a way of thinking might backfire on you at some point, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a step back and rethink your actions a bit.

To dream of someone snatching an orchid from you

When you dream of someone snatching an orchid from your hand, it means you will feel injustice on your skin. Someone will say or do something that will deeply hurt or disappoint you.

You will think that you will never be able to forgive that person for it, but time will prove you wrong.

Dreaming about wilted or dry orchids

Wilted or dry orchids in dreams symbolize loneliness. You have probably been single for a long time, so the dream is a result of that. Another possibility is that you will lose someone you deeply care about and not be able to overcome the loss.

To dream of an orchid bridal bouquet

If you see or hold an orchid bridal bouquet in your dream, it implies you have become selective when it comes to people to whom you give your time, attention, and love. Y

ou have probably been hurt or disappointed before and now have a hard time making friends or getting into relationships. Skepticism is beneficial for business but not for your love life.

Dream meanings by orchid color

To dream about a black orchid

A black orchid in a dream suggests you have to open your mind to new people and experiences. You have to stop living in a pattern and form your opinions about people and things based on assumptions instead of experiences you have with them.

To dream of a white orchid

A white orchid in a dream means a person you love a lot feels the same for you, and their feelings are pure and honest. You need not be afraid of concluding that all of it was an act at some point because that person’s love for you is steady.

To dream of a blue orchid

If you see a blue orchid in a dream, it can mean you should accept an invitation to a date or business meeting you have recently received. Nothing big has to come out of it, but you never know.

To dream about a green orchid

A green orchid in a dream tells you that you will solve a problem that is bothering you at the moment only if you change your point of view. You need not be afraid to ask for advice from someone you trust.

To dream of a purple orchid

If you see a purple orchid in a dream, it implies you might argue with someone over trivial things. That will be a reason to mention all the unresolved past issues.

To dream of a pink orchid

A pink orchid in a dream means you need not underestimate the feelings that someone has for you. You might be afraid of believing that the person in question honestly loves and respects you.

To dream of a red orchid

A red orchid in a dream suggests you will soon meet someone who will change your life. That person might ignite sensuality in you that has never come to the surface before. You will discover your sexuality with their help and get to know an entirely new dimension of your personality.

To dream about a yellow orchid

A yellow orchid in a dream symbolizes slander. Some of your actions or decisions will become the main topic of gossip in your community. You need not pay attention to what anyone says but make sure to build the future you want to have.

To dream of a multi-colored orchid

If you see a multi-colored orchid in a dream, it means you lack joy in your life. You need not miss an opportunity to have fun. The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen an orchid or talked about it, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of an orchid

Orchids (lat. Orchidaceae) are a diverse and widespread family of flowers with colorful and fragrant petals. References: