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Onions are a rather common motif in dreams, which is not surprising because many people use them in their diet.

The interpretation depends on different factors, so it is important that you remember the details that followed your dream.

Dreaming about onions

If you see onions in a dream, that is a warning that trouble expects you.

There is a chance that most of the things you have started will not go the way you have expected, which is why you will have to focus on the present, postponing long-term plans and agreements that you have longed for.

You will have a hard time accepting the new situation but make sure not to get unmotivated and continue to be patient and positive.

Cutting an onion in a dream

Dreaming of cutting an onion means that you will be sad.

You will probably remember a lot of people dear to you that you are not in contact with for whatever reason and the missed opportunities that you can’t get over.

Your thoughts will be focused on the things that could have happened, which is why you will pass over and reject any current offers.

To dream about eating onions

When you are dreaming about eating onions, it symbolizes poverty.

There is a chance that you will be in a difficult financial situation and have to give up on many pleasurable things that you could afford in the past.

You will have to turn to the help of your family members or friends whose intentions will be good, but they will not be able to solve your problems.

Dreaming of other people eating onions

If you see someone else eating onions in a dream, it means that you will be sorry because of someone’s destiny and decide to help that person as much as you can.

Such activities might make you feel good, and you will become a volunteer for some kind of charity.

To dream of other people cutting onions

If you see someone else cutting onions in a dream, it symbolizes jealousy and envy.

Someone from your surroundings has achieved everything that you have fantasized about. They might have a job that you dream of or a partner that is everything you have ever wanted.

Instead of using that person as an example that something like that is possible, you are poisoning yourself with such negative feelings.

Peeling an onion in a dream

Peeling an onion in a dream means that you will direct your attention to a failed project again.

You have worked on something that didn’t bring wanted results for a long time. You have faced many obstacles and challenges but decided to give up on them in the end.

However, you will choose to get involved in it once more because you believe that you have gained experience over time that you needed to achieve what you want.

Seeing someone peeling an onion in a dream

This dream means that your secret will come to the surface. You are probably hiding a past sin not to hurt your loved ones or jeopardize your relationship with someone.

However, your enemies will find out about it and use that information as a weapon in the battle against you.

You will not be able to do anything to stop them, which is why you have to start thinking about plan B.

Dreaming about sauteing onions

Sauteing onions in a dream means that you are starting to lose patience by trying to solve one problem.

No matter what perspective you take, it seems to you that you have missed something.

Maybe you should ask for advice from someone about it. A fresh outlook on things could be the key solution to that situation.

If someone else sauteing onions in a dream

A dream in which you see someone else sauteing onions suggests that you are too negative. You often think about the bad things that have happened to you while ignoring the positive ones.

However, such an approach to life is making you dissatisfied, which is why you should have a conversation with yourself and change your perspective.

Achieving balance in life is a difficult task, so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Meaning of planting onions in a dream

Planting onions in a dream means that you live in the past. You probably often think about the consequences of bad decisions you have made, which are affecting your present life.

You can’t even start to plan your future while trapped in that vicious cycle. It is time that you make a cut and turn to the things that are expecting you.

A lot of beautiful moments are coming, and it is only the question will you be able to recognize them.

To dream of other people planting onions

If you see someone else planting onions in a dream, it means that you will try to help someone who is dealing with traumas. Something has happened to that person, and they are still suffering.

You will make sure to show them that they have many things to look forward to in the present or hope for in the future.

Dreaming of an onion field

When you see a field of planted onions in a dream, that symbolizes trouble for the ones you love.

One of your loved ones will end up in a crisis, so you and your family will work together to get that person out of it.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to help that person avoid the problem, but you can help in solving it.

Buying onions in a dream

Dreaming of buying onions in the supermarket or the marketplace means that you are going through an emotional crisis at the moment and need your friends’ support.

However, keep in mind that some of those friends don’t have the best intentions.

Don’t talk about your secrets, plans, and fears to such people because they could take advantage of that situation and your trust.

Dreaming of selling onions

Selling onions in a dream means that you have to take care of your expenses. You don’t have a problem satisfying your whims at the moment, so you have started spending lavishly.

However, you will need a lot of money in the future to cover some costs, which could lead to a problem.

You have to learn to save for emergencies because they could come soon.

To dream of receiving an onion as a gift

If you are dreaming of someone giving you an onion as a gift, it means that your friend or one of the family members will ask you to lend them money.

That person will be in a crisis, so the first person they will turn to for help will be you.

They will openly admit that they don’t know when they will be able to pay you back, but you will still help them because we are talking about someone who has helped you many times before.

Bestowing an onion on someone in a dream

Bestowing an onion to someone in a dream symbolizes an argument with family members.

One of them will probably spend the money you have saved on something entirely useless, and you will be mad because of it.

You are used to talking about such things and deciding together whether you need something or not, but that person’s action will surprise and disappoint you this time.

However, you can’t let money be the cause of a bad relationship between you two.

Stealing onions in a dream

Stealing onions in a dream means that you will make money in a risky or even illegal way.

You might get a chance to earn it when you need it the most, which is why you will not think about the consequences.

You will make a profit this time, but you will also later realize what could have happened if things played out differently.

To dream of someone stealing onions from you

If you are dreaming of someone stealing onions from you, it means that you might argue with a loved one over something trivial.

If you are not careful, nasty words could be said as well, so pay attention to the way you behave when you are angry or stressed out.

Dreaming of throwing onions away

Throwing onions away in a dream means that you will face many difficulties on your way to success.

It will be hard to stay motivated and think positively, but you will manage to do it.

To dream about other people throwing onions away

If you see someone else throwing onions away in a dream, it means that you will become a victim of gossip.

Some of your actions will provoke people, and they will start spreading false rumors about you to try to discredit you.

The most important thing in this situation is to stay collected and try not to defend yourself because that will only cause a countereffect.

Interpretations of dreams can differ depending on the type of onions you see while dreaming, as well.

The symbolism of the red onion in a dream

When you see red onion in a dream, it means that you should take more care of your health.

You are prone to ignoring the symptoms you are feeling and that are bothering you lately.

Instead of talking to a doctor about it, you believe that all of it is happening because you are tired. Indeed, you are exhausted, but you should visit a professional anyway.

Dreaming of spring onion

Spring onion in a dream symbolizes slow progress. There is a chance that the results of your hard work and effort are starting to be visible, but you want them now.

However, you will have to put even more effort and be patient to see the moment when things start developing faster and simpler.

You will probably have the opportunity to work less but still make good money in the future.

Rotten onions in a dream

If you see or eat rotten onions in a dream, it means that you will hang out with someone you don’t like.

You will probably attend dinner, a party, or a field trip where someone who is not fond of you will be. You didn’t do anything to that person, but they are full of prejudices.

You will feel bigotry right away, which is why you will not even try to have a conversation with them.

What such a person thinks about you does not matter at all.

Dreaming about onions full of worms

A dream in which you see onions eaten by worms means that you don’t trust your loved one.

You believe that they are hiding something from you and have a hard time dealing with it. You have even tried to talk about it a few times, but you don’t have the strength to listen to what seems like excuses to you.

If you and your loved one don’t resolve that situation soon, you will not have a choice but to end the relationship.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, cut, or eaten an onion, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of onion

Onion is a plant from the Alliaceae family used in cookery due to its taste and medicine due to its medical properties.

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