Narcotics (Drugs) in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Narcotics have various meanings in dreams, but they usually warn to watch out for malicious people or recognize the signals that someone who needs your help is sending you.

To dream of taking drugs
If you dream of taking drugs, it symbolizes misfortune. There is a chance that you didn’t understand the warnings and good-hearted pieces of advice from your loved ones who wanted to protect you from the danger lurking everywhere around you. You prefer learning from your own mistakes, which will backfire on you.

To dream of other people taking drugs
If you see someone else taking drugs in a dream, it means that someone expects your help. You have to direct one person from your surroundings in the right direction because they are prone to taking shortcuts. Even though the person in question will be rude to you, you will realize that their behavior is only an act to show you that they are strong and don’t need anyone.

To dream of narcotics
When you dream of narcotics, it means that your friends gossip about you behind your back. There is a chance that the people you trusted will not realize what situation you are in but will make conclusions that have nothing to do with the truth. They will find it easier to judge you and gossip about you without making an effort to help you solve your issues.

To dream of one or more drug addicts
If you see one or more drug addicts in a dream, it means that you trust people too much. There is a chance that you will fall for someone’s story and decide to help them, but you will later realize that the person in question doesn’t intend to change. They will disappear out of your life when they get what they wanted.

To dream of someone offering you drugs
A dream where someone offers you drugs can suggest that you are tempted. You will probably have a moral dilemma. If you accept the offer in a dream, it means that you will give in, but if you refuse, you will manage to resist the temptation.

To dream of someone forcing you to take drugs
If you dream of someone you know forcing you to take drugs, it means that you have to watch out for that person in real life because they have a negative influence on you. If you dream of a stranger making you take something, it means that you ought not to confide in people you have recently met. Talk about your secrets, ideas, and fears with people you trust only.

To dream about forcing someone to take drugs
This dream means that you are a skillful manipulator. You know how to persuade people into anything, especially if you can benefit from it. Besides that, you can turn any situation to your advantage, not thinking about whether that will hurt others or not.

To dream that someone has drugged you
When you dream that someone has drugged you without your knowledge or consent, it means that you don’t want to admit the truth to yourself. Some painful facts are right in front of you, but you are ignoring them. The sooner you make peace with them, the easier it will be to realize what you have to do to solve a problem you have. If you continue behaving like that, the worries will pile up while you will be dissatisfied with your life.

To dream that you have drugged someone
If you dream of having drugged someone, it means that you fantasize about someone unavailable to you for some reason. We are talking about a person who already has a partner or is much older or younger than you. Anyhow, a relationship with them is not possible. That might even be your boss or professor. You will bring more harm than good upon yourself if you try to do something about it.

To dream of buying drugs
Buying drugs in a dream means that you are stressed out and don’t know how to deal with it. You have many obligations and problems but not enough time to dedicate your attention to all of them equally. You have to try to reduce the tension by straightening your priorities and making a plan. Make sure to stick to it, and good results will follow.

To dream of selling drugs
Selling drugs in a dream means that you desperately need money. You probably can’t afford even the basic needs, but falling deeper into debt is not an option. You have started thinking about illegal jobs, but you don’t have the courage to get involved in something like that. You have to find an additional income source that doesn’t require taking risks that could jeopardize you and your loved ones.

To dream about someone accusing you of selling drugs
This dream means that you have to be more affectionate with your loved ones. You have to stop taking out your frustrations on the people that love you the most. Learn to channel your negative energy the right way so that you wouldn’t end up alone.

To dream of stealing drugs
Stealing drugs in a dream means that you are continuously hiding your feelings because you don’t want to admit them to yourself, let alone other people. You probably like someone you shouldn’t, or you are depressed or sad, even though you are trying to hide it from others. You are trying to show off the brightest smile when you are around people, but the situation is entirely different when you are alone. You must ask for professional help if you can’t talk about what is bothering you with your loved ones.

To dream of other people stealing drugs
When you see someone else stealing drugs in a dream, it means that your friend will ask you to be their alibi if their partner starts asking questions or your colleague will ask you to lie for them to your boss. You will not like their plea, but you will help that person anyway.

To dream of hiding drugs
Hiding drugs in a dream means that you know that what you are doing is bad for you and don’t want to listen to other people’s criticism. You probably enjoy a vice, but you keep hiding it from others because they would judge you for it. You would rather force yourself to quit it than listen to someone’s comments and advice on how to treat your addiction daily.

To dream about other people hiding drugs
This dream means that your loved one is doing something behind your back. That person might be hiding some actions or sins, or they don’t want you to know what their plans for the future are. You know that something is going on, but you can’t figure out what exactly. It would be best if you mentioned that topic and demanded an explanation.

To dream of smuggling drugs
Smuggling drugs in a dream means that you admire the wrong person. We are talking about someone you respect a lot, but you don’t know them. That person has achieved success in life, which doesn’t mean that they deserve to be on a pedestal or get a lifetime achievement award. Something a lot darker than you can even imagine hides behind their results.

To dream of confiscating drugs
If you dream of confiscating drugs, it means that you had a chance to do something illegal. You probably deserve punishment for some of your actions, but you will make sure that no one finds out about them. You don’t have a guilty consciousness because you keep persuading yourself that you didn’t have another choice.

To dream of destroying drugs
Destroying drugs in a dream means that you will do the right thing in real life. You have probably been thinking about how to behave in a specific complicated situation for a long time. Many questions torment you, but you will soon find answers to them and do what you should.

To dream of other people destroying drugs
When you see someone else destroying drugs in a dream, it means that your friend or a family member will give you a good piece of advice. There is a chance that you will be in a dilemma regarding some decisions, but that person’s experience will help you make the right choice. You will realize how precious it is to have someone you fully trust in such situations.

To dream of being addicted to drugs
If you dream of becoming addicted to drugs, it symbolizes health issues. You ought to ask for professional help instead of diagnosing yourself by reading medical journals and googling the symptoms you feel. It is high time that you become more responsible with yourself and see a doctor.

To dream about your loved one addicted to drugs
This dream means that you are worried about that person. They probably have a problem, and you don’t know how to help. Your support is very important to them in such a moment, so make sure to let them know that they can always count on you.

To dream of overdosing
To overdose in a dream is a serious warning that your behavior has become self-destructive. You have to have a positive attitude when solving your problems. Think about the future instead of the past and stop self-sabotaging.

To dream of someone else overdosing
When you dream of someone else overdosing, it means that you will witness an extremely stressful situation. Someone will have a mental breakdown, and you will try to help that person overcome it. Another possibility is that you are worried about your loved one’s behavior.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or taken drugs, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of drugs

Drugs or narcotics are natural or chemical substances that lead to a change of behavior and cause addiction.

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