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Daffodils in dreams usually symbolize beautiful changes in the lives of those who have such dreams. However, interpretations of such dreams can differ depending on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them.

To dream of a white narcissus

If you see a white narcissus in a dream, it symbolizes a change in your life. You will finally get out of a bad phase that you have been in for a long time.

You will feel an enormous rush of optimism and have enough energy for work and the people you love.

If you have been single for a long time, a white daffodil represents a change in your relationship status as well.

To dream of a yellow narcissus

If you see a yellow narcissus in a dream, it implies one person in your surroundings envies you for something and keeps spreading rumors about you.

They present themselves as your honest friend and urge you to confide in them and then come up with stories to share with others.

To dream of daffodils in a garden

Daffodils in a garden in a dream suggest you could distance yourself from someone who keeps draining positive energy out of you.

We are talking about someone you love, but you always feel depressed and unhappy after spending time with that person.

You will realize that you don’t want someone to transfer negative energy to you, so you will stop seeing that person at least shortly.

To dream of daffodils in a pot

When you see daffodils in a pot in a dream, it implies you have to watch out for sweet talkers.

A person who keeps giving you compliments and advice doesn’t have the best intentions.

Because of it, you need not let them into your life too much. You ought to talk about your secrets only with those who have never betrayed you before.

To dream about daffodils in a vase

Daffodils in a vase in a dream suggest someone will do everything to seduce you. They might even try to reach you through your friends or acquaintances.

The person in question will get informed about your interests to make you believe you share similar world views.

They won’t even be afraid to ruin your relationships with people you have been close with for years.

To dream of a bouquet of daffodils

A bouquet of daffodils in a dream suggests you don’t know whether to forgive someone who hurt you or not. We might be talking about a significant other or friend who was too harsh to you.

If you believe they deserve a second chance, you should give it, but you have to be careful because the same situation might happen again.

To dream of a wilted narcissus

A wilted narcissus in a dream means you will leave the past behind and turn to the future. One event or situation has kept you in the dark for a long time.

You didn’t know what was going on around you or were capable of thinking about how your life will look like later.

Luckily, you have woken up on time, and only beautiful things will happen to you now.

To dream about planting narcissus

Planting narcissus in a dream suggests you have to work on yourself and your confidence.

You need not let insecurities and bad past experiences discourage you from actualizing your ideas and fulfilling your plans.

You have to care about yourself the most and act accordingly.

To dream of other people planting narcissus

When you see someone else planting narcissus, it means you will help a family member or friend get over a big crisis.

The person in question might suffer a loss or be going through some stressful situation, and they don’t have an easy time at the moment. Because of it, you have to try to get them out of it with joint forces.

To dream of watering daffodils

To water daffodils in a dream suggests you have to stop boosting someone’s ego.

You are probably in some sort of a relationship or friendship with someone who takes advantage of you to gain their confidence back. You could get out of it hurt, so it is time to end that relationship.

To dream about other people watering daffodils

This dream means you have to stop taking advantage of someone who loves and respects you. The meaning of their life is not to please you and your desires.

A secret to every good relationship is understanding and compromises. However, your relationship lacks that, which is why it will not last.

To dream of smelling narcissus

Smelling narcissus in a dream suggests you could soon gain enough courage to approach someone you have had a crush on for a long time.

You fantasize about that person, but it seems like you don’t have a chance with them. If you don’t try, you will never know whether your doubts were justified or not.

To dream of other people smelling daffodils

If you see someone else smelling daffodils in your dream, it implies someone’s action might surprise you.

Your acquaintance might ask you out for a coffee or drinks. You will wonder if they want to go on a date or if something else hides behind it. You will accept the invitation out of curiosity.

To dream about picking daffodils

Picking daffodils in a dream suggests it is high time to put yourself first and learn to say – I can’t, I don’t want to, and I will not.

You have let everyone around you take advantage of you, and you could conclude that you are unhappy at some point.

To dream of other people picking narcissus

A dream wherein you see someone else picking narcissus means you have to pay attention to your loved ones.

One of your family members or friends has a problem, and you don’t know anything about it because you focus on your obligations only.

If you accept that person to give you a hand when you need it, you have to do the same.

To dream of destroying narcissus

Destroying narcissus in a dream suggests your arrogance or maliciousness might get you in trouble.

It is great to be confident, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude to people you don’t find as successful, hard-working, or attractive.

To dream of other people destroying narcissus

When you see someone else destroying narcissus in your dream, it implies you will lose your nerve with an arrogant person.

You will not be able to stand there and listen to how they treat someone else, so you will stand up to injustice. A physical altercation is also possible, but you have to make sure to avoid such situations.

To dream of burning daffodils

The dream meaning of burning daffodils suggests someone will accuse you of hiding a lack of confidence with arrogance.

You will probably have a conflict about something, and the person in question will tell you everything that has been on your mind to your face. You will have to wonder if they are right.

To dream about other people burning daffodils

This dream means you will wisely get out of trouble. You might realize one situation is intense and get out of it before it escalates.

You will later see that your doubts were justified and be glad for getting out of it on time.

To dream of buying daffodils

Dreaming of buying daffodils suggests you are trying to attract the attention of someone who doesn’t notice you in vain.

They probably know what is going on but choose to act as if they are not interested in you.

To dream of selling daffodils

Selling daffodils in a dream means you have to think about your wishes one more time. Your fantasies exceed the potential and abilities you possess.

You probably pretend to be something you are not. If that is the case, you have to know everyone will like you but you.

To dream of receiving daffodils as a gift

If you dream of someone bestowing daffodils on you, it symbolizes a pleasant surprise you will experience.

One of your family members, friends, or significant other might gladden you with a nice gesture or gift.

Another possibility is that you will hear surprising but extremely beautiful news.

To dream about bestowing daffodils on someone

Bestowing daffodils on someone in a dream means you will make your loved ones proud. You might achieve the professional or personal success that everyone will talk about.

You need not be surprised if the people you care about throw you a party to celebrate your achievement with family members, friends, and other people you love.

To dream of stealing narcissus

Stealing narcissus from a flower shop in a dream suggests you might end up in trouble out of stupidity.

You have to watch out for what you say because every word could be used against you.

If you dream of stealing narcissus from someone’s garden, it means you probably like someone taken.

To dream of reading about narcissus

Reading about narcissus in a dream can mean you have to think well about what you plan to do.

It probably requires taking risks, so your decision has to be well-thought-out, and you can’t act impulsively. You can ask for advice from someone you trust if necessary.

To dream about writing about narcissus

This dream suggests you need not talk about what you know nothing about.

To dream of painting or photographing narcissus

If you dream of painting or photographing narcissus, it symbolizes gain. A legal battle you have actively participated in might end soon, and you could inherit something.

Another possibility is that you will win a prize in games of chance.

To dream of looking at a painting or photo of Narcissus

Looking at a photo or painting of a narcissus in a dream suggests you will be relieved when one person disappears from your life.

Shortly after you break things off, you will realize you have dealt with a manipulator and that you are glad not to have any contact with that person anymore.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen daffodils, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of daffodils

Narcissus is a type of perennial plant from the genus of the same name (Narcissus). There are several kinds of daffodils, including the white one. Narcissus originates from Europe, North America, and Asia.