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Dream about a big mustache 

If you see a big mustache in a dream, that symbolizes praise. You will be rewarded for your effort and people will start to appreciate you more.

Everyone who was doubting or mocking your plans will be ashamed and they will give you recognition.

You will be dedicated to business and progress, while a strong will that is not going to let you give up in difficult moments will keep you alive.

To see a mustache on someone

Dreaming of a mustache on someone implies that you admire authority.

You have always tried to be in the company of strong and accomplished people that can teach you many things. You like their attention and you are always striving to be like them.

Having a mustache in a dream

When you are dreaming of having a mustache, it means that you are too arrogant. People from your surroundings will start to avoid you in the following period.

They will not like the way you treat them since they will know that you see them as inferior.

You will believe that you have the right to do it since you have achieved success, but you will soon realize that no one wants to tolerate such behavior.

Dreaming of having a fake mustache

If you are dreaming of having a fake mustache, it means that you have built walls around yourself in order to protect yourself.

You have been hurt and disappointed in your loved ones many times before. That has taught you to trust no one.

Because of it, you have created a defense mechanism and you always keep your distance when it comes to business, private, or love relationships.

If someone else has a fake mustache in your dream, it means that someone from your surroundings is not completely honest with you.

It is possible that your emotional partner carries some problems from the past. They probably haven’t gotten over an ex-love or they like someone else.

Anyhow, you will feel that something is not right, so it would be best to openly talk to them about it.

Shaving a mustache in a dream

When you are dreaming of shaving a mustache, it means that you have the need to tell your loved one everything about yourself.

You have been scared, for a while, that they will not accept you when you show them who you really are. Because of it, you will lie and try to impress them, in order to be more attractive to them.

However, it is time to finally accept yourself with all your flaws and virtues. Whether your loved one will do it or not, you can’t know.

Even if they reject you because of it, at least you will not waste time on the wrong person.

Dreaming of other people shaving their mustaches symbolizes the need for change. You have probably fallen into a rut and every day seems the same to you.

You lack excitement and fun. You have even decided to accept an offer to work abroad, because of it.

That will be a good move since it will solve two problems of yours- the question of existence and excitement for new things in your life.

Dreaming of cutting a mustache

If you are dreaming of cutting your mustache, it means that you have a secret admirer. Someone likes you for a long time, but they are afraid to approach you.

If you are married or in a relationship, their reasons are understandable, but if you are not, your attitude is the problem.

You sometimes seem cold and uninterested, so they have the impression that no one can amaze you.

A dream in which you see other people cutting their mustaches suggests that fear of failure will stop you from achieving your wishes.

You are in a dilemma about whether to listen to your heart or reason, but you should listen to your intuition this time.

It will direct you onto the right path and you will not be sorry for your actions.

To comb your mustache

If you are dreaming of combing your mustache, your subconsciousness is warning you that you are investing too much time and effort into your physical appearance, while you are neglecting other things.

Instead of education and progress, you have chosen to spend money and time on your body, because you have realized that beauty and aesthetics are more important than anything else.

Even though you are right, unfortunately, work on yourself for yourself, not for others.

If other people in your dream are combing their mustaches, it means that your friend or partner might surprise you with a nice gift.

It will be something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time, so you will be really happy.

You will also feel a little bit guilty since you will not be able to return the favor, but if you make an effort, you will find the right way to do it, for sure.

Dreaming about plucking your mustache

When you are dreaming of plucking your mustache, that is a sign that you lack attention. If you are single for a while, loneliness is to be blamed for it.

If, however, you are currently in a relationship or marriage, it is possible that things between you and your partner are not functioning well.

Communication is probably your main problem, which is affecting everything else, as well. You will have to make an effort to talk more, in order for your relationship to succeed.

Dreaming of other people plucking their mustaches means that you will arbitrate in a dispute between two people who are equally important to you.

They will have a heated argument, so both of them will ask you to be on their side. You will have to be really diplomatic so that no one feels betrayed in the end.

Dying your mustache in a dream

If you are dreaming of dying your mustache, it means that you don’t lack self-confidence. You have been pretty satisfied with your business and private life lately, which is affecting your psychical appearance positively, as well.

You draw attention wherever you go, and you have started to receive many compliments from the opposite sex, too.

If you are in a relationship, which you don’t want to ruin, don’t let nice words seduce you to start flirting more than it is allowed.

When you are dreaming of other people dying of their mustaches, it is possible that you will change your opinion regarding an acquaintance.

You will get to know them better, so you will come to the conclusion that your opinion of them being arrogant and unintelligent is ungrounded.

You will realize that it is time to get rid of prejudices that have been following you your entire life.

To admire someone’s mustache

When you are dreaming of admiring someone’s mustache, it means that you are searching for a way to be noticed.

Besides that, it is possible that you would like to change your lifestyle. You might not be satisfied with your appearance, so you would like to change something about yourself.

Start with small things, don’t do something that you will be sorry for in the future.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. You might have grown a mustache, which made an impression on you. Also, if you shaved it, you are probably trying to get used to that in your dream.

Definition of a mustache

Mustache is the hair that grows on a person’s face, above the upper lip.