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Mulberry is a very interesting plant and is not a common image in dreams. Its interpretation depends on the details that followed your dream.

Dream about a mulberry tree

If you see a mulberry tree in a dream, it means that you will change your dwelling place.

You might move to another city or travel abroad where you will live and work.

You will be very excited about the opportunity that you will get, and you will want to present yourself in the best possible light so that you get to stay there as long as possible.

Eating mulberries in a dream

When you are dreaming of eating mulberries, that symbolizes a successful period in life.

You will be lucky and prosperous in every aspect of your life, especially in love relationships or marriage.

Your relationship with a partner will be better each day, and it will get founded on mutual love, support, and trust.

To see others eating mulberries

If you dream of someone else eating mulberries, it means that you regret missed opportunities.

You may have rejected a good job offer in the past or decided to leave someone who you now believe is the best choice for you.

You often think about it, and you can’t shake the impression that you have made a mistake.

However, there is no point in crying over spilled milk, as you already know. It is time to renew your strength and start thinking about the future.

Dreaming of picking mulberries

Dreaming of picking mulberries means that you will do everything for a loved one.

That doesn’t have to be your partner, but a friend or family member as well. They might end up in a complicated situation whose solution will be risky.

That will not be a problem for you, so you will not wonder if your decision to help them is the right one at any moment.

If someone else picks mulberries

If you see someone else picking mulberries in your dream, it means that you will be the topic of gossip because of someone else’s envy and jealousy.

Someone close to you presents themselves as a true friend, but they have bad intentions. They envy you for everything you have achieved, and they have a hard time hiding it.

If you start paying attention, you will soon realize who that person is, but you will not have a chance to stop malicious people from spreading rumors and lies about you.

Make sure not to pay attention to that since such comments shouldn’t affect you.

Dreaming about planting a mulberry tree

A dream in which you are planting a mulberry tree suggests that one of your plans will fail.

You might have been thinking about going on a short trip, or you are saving money to buy something that you have been fantasizing about for years.

However, unexpected expenses will ruin your plans, so you will have to postpone them.

Don’t let that discourage you and keep trying if you truly want to achieve that.

To see others planting a mulberry tree

This dream symbolizes your need for protection. You are probably in a difficult situation.

You might have problems at work or with a partner, but you don’t have anyone to confide in. You need a piece of advice from an honest and good-hearted person.

Many people have probably disappointed you throughout life, so you are afraid of confiding in anyone. A person you least expect it from will offer you help.

Dream meaning of selling mulberries

When you are dreaming of selling mulberries, that is a warning not to make important decisions impulsively.

If you end up in a financial crisis, don’t ask for a loan right away. Try to get money some other way, like selling unnecessary or used items or finding an additional job.

If you take a loan under unfavorable conditions, you will do more harm than good to yourself.

Buying mulberries in a dream

Dreaming of buying mulberries symbolizes a potential fraud. Someone will probably try to sell you something that is not worth your money, or that you don’t need it.

Also, be careful when signing any kind of contract. A moment of recklessness could cost you a lot of money and nerves.

The symbolism of mulberry leaves

If you manage to recognize fresh, green, mulberry leaves in a dream, that symbolizes happiness and a good mood.

If leaves are dry or yellow, the dream symbolizes sadness and a bad mood.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the type of mulberry you see, as well.

So, for example, if you dream of white mulberries, it means that you are a spontaneous person who often makes good decisions in crucial moments.

Your friends, family, and colleagues often resent you for not having a plan, but when you have a great idea at the last minute, they realize that they have underestimated and criticized you in vain.

When you see red mulberries in a dream, it means that a secretive person will attract your attention.

You will often encounter someone who you have seen only a couple of times in your life. You will greet each other, but you will not be able to find out anything specific about that person.

Their mysteriousness will intrigue you, so you will try to be a detective or investigator. Just be careful not to get carried away too much.

If you dream of black mulberries, it means that you will finally take care of your health. You will go to the checkup that you have been postponing for a long time, hoping that the results will be good as always.

Even though you feel great, you need to go to a checkup from time to time.

Interpretation of a mulberry tea

If you are dreaming of making or drinking mulberry tea, that is a warning to watch out for sweet talkers.

One acquaintance from your surroundings often compliments you.

Even though that makes you feel good, you know that they don’t have the best intentions. Don’t confide your secrets, ideas, and plans in such people.

Mulberry juice in a dream

When you are dreaming of drinking mulberry juice, it means that the need to be the best at everything haunts you.

You felt the same in your childhood and during school, and you can’t shake that feeling even today.

You like when someone tells you that you are doing your job well, but you love to see envy in other people’s eyes when they hear that as well.

Other people can find your motives for everything you do a little bit strange.

Dream meaning of mulberry compote

A dream in which you are making or eating mulberry compote means that someone or something will not fulfill your expectations.

You are hoping for a prize, or you can’t wait to try a new product that you bought, however, there is a big chance that something will disappoint you.

Dream about mulberry jam 

This dream means that you will finally expand your horizons. You will meet people who will destroy every prejudice that you have had about those types of people.

You will realize that you have let stereotypes control your life for too long, so you will start working on yourself.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or eaten mulberries, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a mulberry tree

Mulberry is a medium-sized perennial deciduous tree from the Morasaceae family, genus Morus.

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