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Monocle for reading

To dream of a monocle

If you see a monocle in a dream, it means that you will become arrogant. There is a chance that you will be fulfilled in many life aspects and become more confident.

With time, you will forget how it was at the beginning, and instead of helping people in the same situation, you will be arrogant and make everyone around you feel small.

Dreaming about having a monocle on

Dreaming about wearing a monocle means that you do everything half-ass. You are someone incapable of giving yourself entirely to anyone or anything, which is why you are always in search of new challenges and adventures.

You are probably afraid of failure, and you like having a backup that occupies your mind and makes you feel like no one and nothing can hurt you.

To dream of throwing a monocle away

When you dream of throwing a monocle away, it means that you will tell the truth.

There is a chance that you have tried to impress your business or emotional partner for too long, but you will take off your mask soon and tell everything that bothers you to their face.

You will not be able to live a lie anymore and pretend that you are strong because you will need comfort and a shoulder to cry on.

Dream symbolism of a man with a monocle

A man wearing a monocle in dreams usually means that you will have a chance to meet someone with good manners.

We are talking about a person who knows how to act in every situation without looking arrogant. Even though that person has good reasons to feel superior to others, they don’t do it.

You will feel good in their company and will learn a lot from them.

To dream of a woman with a monocle

A woman wearing a monocle in a dream means that you will encounter someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You will realize that that person has changed a lot after exchanging a few words with them.

That change might not be visible based on their appearance, but their way of thinking, speaking, and behaving is entirely different than before.

You will wonder if you have changed that much during the past few years as well.

Dreaming about a child with a monocle

A child with a monocle in a dream means that you don’t act according to your age. Your way of thinking might be too traditional for the times you live in.

You behave according to a pattern present in previous generations and don’t like anything that stands out. You would feel better if you started thinking out of the box that you are in by choice.

To dream of other people throwing a monocle away

A dream in which you see someone else throwing a monocle away is a sign that someone’s words will hurt you.

A loved one will criticize you for your decisions or actions, and you will get offended first and then get sad because you know that they are telling the truth.

Your loved one is doing it out of best intentions, so don’t be mad at them.

Dream interpretation of buying a monocle

Dreaming of buying a monocle means that you want to hide your true face only partially. You want other people to like you, which is why you are telling them what they want to hear.

On the other hand, you don’t want to lose your identity, which is why you are presenting your ideas in specific conversations cunningly.

No one actually knows what you think about certain things because you fit in everywhere like a chameleon.

To dream of selling a monocle

Selling a monocle in a dream means that you are trying to make a profit by selling information about others. People often confide in you because they believe that you will not betray them.

However, when you see your opportunity in a specific situation, you will not be afraid to reveal what you know. Your plan will function well until you step on the wrong person’s toes.

Dream symbolism of getting a monocle

If someone gives you a monocle as a gift in a dream, it means that you are still not ready to look the truth in the eye.

You see and understand only the things that suit you, while you push everything you don’t like or that doesn’t benefit you under the rug.

You probably believe that honesty and the truth are overrated and that they don’t contribute to better relationships or achieving the inner peace you strive for.

To dream of bestowing a monocle on someone

Bestowing a monocle to someone in a dream means that you are trying to open your loved one’s eyes in vain. One of the people you care about is the victim of manipulation, but they don’t realize it.

No matter how many times you tell the truth to their face, that person always finds a reason not to believe you.

You have to accept that you have done everything you could and let them get hurt to understand what is happening to them.

Dreaming of finding a monocle

If you dream of finding a monocle, it means that you will manage to solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. You only have to change your perspective on some things.

You probably believe that you have tried out all of your options, but you still haven’t asked for help from the right person.

One piece of advice could shine a light on what you are fighting with at the moment.

To dream about losing a monocle

Losing a monocle in a dream means that you are a very prideful and stubborn person. Those two traits don’t let you make progress.

You have a firm attitude and would never break a promise, no matter the pressure you have to put up with because of it.

You carry a heavy burden on your back completely alone, which might be the worst of all.

To dream of stealing a monocle

Stealing a monocle in a dream means that you are pretending to be something you are not. You go against what you feel to make people accept, love, or respect you.

In the long run, such a way of thinking and behaving will cause more harm than good.

If you dream of stealing a monocle out of a shop, it means you are avoiding people from your past. You have completely changed your circle of friends that perceive you in a certain way.

Because of it, you are trying not to let your old friends and those you are close with now ever meet and talk about you.

To dream about someone stealing your monocle

This dream means that you will be the target of criticism because of your attitudes, decisions, or actions. Many people will believe that they have the right to scorn you or comment on everything you do.

If you want to stay persistent with your intentions, you will need a lot of patience and nerves. You will be able to achieve your goal only if you don’t let some people provoke you.

To dream of breaking a monocle

If you dream of accidentally breaking a monocle, it means that you will lose something that has a lot bigger spiritual than financial value.

You will have to give it up for objective reasons, and you will have a hard time dealing with that loss.

When you purposefully break a monocle in a dream, it means that you will consciously hurt someone. That is probably your way to take revenge on one person who did something bad to you in the past.

Dreaming of someone breaking your monocle

A dream in which someone purposefully breaks your monocle means that you will let jealous and envious people provoke you.

You have a pretty high level of tolerance, but you will be in a situation where you will have to react.

You have to watch the way you behave since overly violent reactions can make you seem like an unreasonable and aggressive person.

If someone accidentally breaks your monocle in a dream, it means that you will charge an old debt. There is a chance that someone will pay you back the money you have landed them or return you a favor.

To dream of wiping a monocle

Wiping the glass on a monocle in a dream means that you are a rational person. You don’t have vices because you believe that they negatively affect your way of thinking and logic.

You are trying to approach everything with understanding, and you never judge things you know nothing about.

Your opinion regarding many things is based only on knowledge and experience instead of assumptions.

Dream meaning of a monocle on a chain

A monocle on a chain in a dream means that you still appreciate good manners and are trying to raise your kids to be polite.

You don’t like when people act like they are in a good relationship with everyone and laugh at their inappropriate jokes.

A smile and greetings on the street are mandatory for you, and you happily help those who end up in trouble as well.

To dream about a gold monocle

A gold monocle in a dream suggests that you think highly of yourself. You don’t hide that you believe that you are better, more intelligent, and more successful than other people.

No matter if you are right, it is arrogant and rude to humiliate people around you. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to remember that humility always gets more appreciated than disdain.

Seeing a silver monocle in a dream

A silver monocle in a dream means that you or your partner will inherit something. There is a chance that your further relative will leave you a house, property, or a share of their savings.

You will decide to invest everything you get into your future or the future of your kids.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, thrown away, or had a monocle on, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a monocle

A monocle is round in shape piece of glass placed on the eye instead of glasses.