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Dreaming about a mole

If you see a mole in a dream, that symbolizes poverty.

You might have a falling out with your family and leave home despite your bad financial situation.

You will not want to put up with their tantrums anymore, and you will rather starve than let them resent you for living at their expense.

You will have to give up on many things and cut down on expenses, but the peace that you will finally have will be worth all of it.

To dream of a mole digging a tunnel

Dreaming of a mole digging a tunnel means that you will harm yourself.

You are someone that never has bad intentions, but you simply can’t keep your mouth shut.

There is a chance that you will cause a problem for someone because you told everyone something that they confided in you.

Think well before you say or reveal something of importance the next time.

Hunting a mole in a dream

When you are dreaming of hunting a mole, it means that you will have a conflict with someone that tricked you.

You will probably find out that an associate wasn’t honest with you and used every opportunity to steal from you.

You will not want to make peace with the obvious at first, but as time continues to pass, you will not have another choice but to accept the truth.

Seeing others hunting a mole

If you see someone else hunting a mole in a dream, it means that your friend will ask you to help them with a delicate job or problem.

Considering that that person has helped you numerous times before, it will not even cross your mind to reject them.

You will make sure to put your experience, knowledge, and skills at their service, which is why they will owe you one.

However, that is what friends do, right?

Dreaming of running away from a mole

A dream in which you are running away from a mole means that small things stress you out too much.

You analyze every event and every word that people direct at you, especially if you argue with someone.

Their words affect you greatly, so you are starting to create a wrong image of yourself.

You have let someone’s critiques make you insecure, which will be hard to fix. Don’t think about those things as much, and your life will be a lot better and simpler.

To dream about others running away from a mole

If you see someone else running away from a mole in your dream, that is a sign that other people’s problems overwhelm you.

People keep bombarding you with their worries a lot, so you don’t have time to think about yourself. If you can help them in any way, do it.

However, show that you feel for them and stop torturing yourself with their problems if there is nothing that you can do.

It’s one thing to love someone and feel sorry for them but the other is to let that person become the center of your life.

Dreaming that a mole has bitten you

Interpretations of this dream depend on whether you felt pain after the bite or not. If you are dreaming of a mole biting you, after which you have felt great pain, that symbolizes big worries.

If you didn’t even feel the bite, the problems will not be as big.

Anyhow, everything comes down to your perspective of things. If you are courageous and collected enough when solving problems, you will not stress much about it.

However, if you hesitate and have any doubts, you will make it even bigger than it is.

Dreaming of a mole biting someone else

When you witness that event in a dream, it means that you will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You might observe an argument between two people or see another troublesome event.

That will not affect you directly, which is why you will not want to meddle, but the negative atmosphere will have an impact on you too.

Catching a mole in a dream

If you are dreaming of catching a mole, it means that one of your wishes will get fulfilled.

You might be fantasizing about something, but people are telling you to give up on it since it is unachievable.

However, you will manage to achieve your goal and prove to everyone that they were wrong, thanks to your persistence, patience, and hard work.

To dream about others catching a mole

A dream in which you see someone else catching a mole is a sign that you will not agree with your partner or another loved one’s decisions.

They will probably do the opposite of what you have advised them to do, which will anger you.

However, if it turns out that they were right, you will regret your harsh words, which is why you should wait for the development of events since there is nothing you can do about it now anyway.

Rescuing a mole in a dream

If you are dreaming of rescuing a mole and making it your pet, it means that you are constantly fighting against the influence that one person has on you.

You catch yourself using their words when speaking, which makes you angry at yourself.

You were a lot more independent and cared about your beliefs or opinions before they entered your life.

However, everything is changing now, but you can’t let yourself become someone’s puppet.

Dream about feeding a mole

Dreaming of feeding a mole means that you are lazy.

You are constantly postponing some obligations and don’t want to face the upcoming chores lately.

The lack of motivation and energy can be the result of something that hurt or surprised you, or it can just be a phase that everyone goes through at least once in their life.

Give yourself some time to figure out what is going on. However, if that phase lasts, that is a reason for worry.

If someone else feeds a mole

This dream means that you will suffer because of other people’s neglect. You are a loyal and responsible person by nature and love finishing your business and personal obligations on time.

However, you will soon get a big project that you will have to work with a team on, which will not suit you at all.

By the moment you finish your part, others will not even begin working, which is why you will take all of it on yourself.

You will do them a favor but overwhelm yourself with work and responsibilities.

However, you will have to share credits for it with them, of course.

If you don’t rush to help others and let everyone be responsible for their part of the job, you will not get so stressed out in the future.

To hold a mole in your hand

Dreaming of holding a mole in your hand doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately.

It often symbolizes sorrow or even the death of someone you care about.

Dreaming about others holding a mole

If you see someone else holding a mole in their hand, that is a sign that you should take care of your health.

Killing a mole in a dream

Killing a mole in a dream symbolizes sorrow or a feeling of emptiness that you have at the moment.

That can be the result of a tragic event that you have gone through or the fact that a person that meant a lot to you has disappeared from your life.

We often have these dreams when we lose someone that we love.

That feeling of emptiness can also be the result of dissatisfaction with your decisions or actions.

Meaning of a dead mole

A dead mole can have multiple meanings, as well. If you see it and feel sad or depressed, that is a sign of loss or loneliness.

If you are completely indifferent to what you see in a dream, it means that you will have to be a bit more patient to get what you want.

Dream about sick mole

A sick mole suggests that you shouldn’t look forward to someone’s misfortune or build your happiness on it.

You have probably heard a saying what comes around goes around.

Because of it, if you don’t want the same thing that they are going through to happen to you, don’t rejoice or try to take advantage of that situation.

Indeed, you should take every opportunity you get, but this is simply not the way.

Interpretation of a wounded mole

If you see a wounded mole in a dream, it means that you will have big expenses.

Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, so you will have to pay a lot of money to repair that.

Expenses could be related to other unexpected situations as well.

However, all of it will teach you that you have to put some money aside when organizing your monthly budget for these kinds of situations.

To dream about a mole in your home

Even though we rarely see these animals above the ground, people have these dreams or ones with a similar context from time to time.

If you see a mole in your house or apartment, that is a sign that you should talk to your family members or a partner about a problem that they have.

Someone is trying to hide a big worry from you so that they wouldn’t stress you out with it.

However, you probably feel that something is not right. Make sure to find out what is going on to be able to help them.

The symbolism of a mole in a cage

If you see a mole in a cage in your dream, that is a sign that you haven’t been feeling well in your skin lately.

You have started looking for flaws and creating insecurities that didn’t bother you before.

You don’t have a good reason for it, but you can’t change the way you feel at the moment.

However, the one thing you can do is change your habits.

If you dedicated more time to physical activity and paid attention to what you eat or wear, you would feel better and more fulfilled right away.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen or hunted a mole, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a mole

A mole is a mammal from the eulipotyphla family that digs tunnels during both day and night.

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