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Medals in a dream

Dreaming of a medal in general

If you see a medal in a dream, it means that a good prize or a high function in society expects you.

There is a chance that your patience will pay off and that you will get what you deserve. You will be respected at work and in society, which will cause a lot of positive but envious reactions.

That will show you who your honest friends are and who wish you well.

Dreaming about rejecting a medal

If you dream about refusing to accept a medal, it means that you are fair.

You will probably believe that some people deserve specific privileges more than you, and you will let them have something intended for you.

No one will expect that from you, but your actions will prove that you are fair and that you don’t want to brag about other people’s success.

Dreaming about someone rejecting medals

This dream means that you will soon meet someone whose attitudes toward life and other people will amaze you. You will realize that there are still those who care about some moral and human beliefs.

You will probably make sure to spend as much time as possible with the person in question because their opinions suit you entirely.

To dream of losing a medal

When you dream of losing a medal, it means that you will forget about your duties.

There is a chance that you will behave the opposite of what you have promised, neglecting the obligations you got.

You will try to persuade yourself and others that everyone acts like that, but the feeling of guilt will let you know that you are only lying to yourself.

Dreaming about getting a medal

Getting or receiving a medal in a dream means that your friends take advantage of you.

You are probably in a better financial situation than them, and they expect you to always pay for their drinks, dinners, or small presents. You know that you have more, but you also resent them for not offering to buy the bill from time to time or buy you something small once in a while.

You ought to consider changing your circle of friends.

Dream interpretation of someone else getting a medal

When you dream of someone else getting a medal, it means that you envy your colleague in their career or academic success.

You have concluded that the person in question is better at something you fantasize about than you.

Instead of using them as an example that wishes come true, you find it easier to poison yourself with negative emotions.

Dream meaning of handing out medals

Awarding medals to people in a dream means that you will accidentally attract influential people’s intentions with your actions. You will amaze someone with your looks, intelligence, or attitude.

That person might even offer you a business collaboration. If you are not afraid of change, you might even accept their proposal.

To dream of someone taking your medal away

A dream wherein someone gives you a medal and then takes it back means that you will experience short-lived happiness.

There is a chance that you will solve one problem, but another one will show up in your life with a lot more worries. You will start to believe that the universe has conspired against you and lose hope of finding the peace you long for at the moment.

However, you have to be patient and strong to deal with those challenges because the people around you love and support you unconditionally.

Dream interpretation of taking someone’s medal away

If you dream of taking someone’s medal away, it means that you are arrogant. You often give advice even when no one asks for it.

You are capable of preaching about how other people should live their lives while you are not taking care of your problems but are letting them pile up. It is time to take a look at your life and organize it better.

That is the only way to get credibility, which will help your words have more weight.

Dreaming of someone promising a medal to you

If you dream of someone promising to give you a medal, it means that you will work with hypocrites.

You will believe everything they say but realize with time that you have gotten deceived and that such people don’t intend to keep their promises.

Let that be a lesson on how not to behave in the future.

Dreaming about promising a medal to someone

When you dream of promising to give a medal to someone, it implies that you will disappoint someone with your decisions and actions.

There is a chance that you will promise something but will not be able to keep your word. On the other hand, you might forget about it entirely.

When you encounter that person on the street, you will pretend like everything is fine, but you will be ashamed for putting yourself in such a situation.

Standing up against someone getting a medal in a dream

If you dream of saying something against someone getting a medal, it means that you have firm beliefs about some things, and you are not afraid to tell them to everyone.

You despise hypocrites and cowards because they don’t stand behind their principles. You often have conflicts with other people because of such a way of thinking, and many even envy you for it.

Dreams of other people saying something against you receiving a medal

This dream is a sign that you will soon be rewarded for something, even though you didn’t deserve it.

There is a chance that your colleagues will finish your project, but the boss will praise only you and leave them out. You will not say anything because you will see it as your chance to make progress in your career.

However, the people you work with will be enraged.

Dream meaning of giving a medal back

Giving a medal back in a dream means that you will rise about the situation with which people want to provoke you.

Someone from your surroundings continuously minimizes and underestimates your success. Indeed, their words bother you, but you are not saying anything because you don’t want to create tension. It is time to realize that their opinion doesn’t matter.

That is the only way to avoid being mad or dissatisfied because of that person’s comments.

Dreams of someone else giving a medal back

If you dream of someone else giving a medal back, it means that your loved one will surprise you with their actions.

They will probably do something that is not typical for them. You have thought you knew them well, but you will realize that they are a much better person than you have believed.

You will appreciate your loved one even more after that.

Being proud of yourself for getting a medal in a dream

If you dream of being proud of yourself for getting a medal, it means that you will finally respect yourself, your knowledge, and the success you have achieved in life.

You have often believed that other people possess more qualities than you.

However, one event of conversation will change your view of self. You will become a lot more confident and have more self-respect than ever before.

To dream of being proud of someone else for getting a medal

When you dream of being proud of someone for getting a decoration, it implies that you don’t know what jealousy, envy, and vanity are.

You believe that such feelings are totally unnecessary and that they can only hurt people.

You honestly look forward to everyone’s success and make an effort to learn from other people’s mistakes and good actions.

Dreaming of being dissatisfied because someone got a medal

If you dream of someone getting a medal and you feel dissatisfied or angry because of it, it means that you secretly envy someone.

You probably care about that person, but you are still jealous because of some things happening in their life.

You would like to be in their place, but you would never admit it. You can only hope that your subconscious gestures will not give that away and reveal your dark secret to other people.

Dreaming about attending the act of decoration

Attending the act of decoration in a dream means that you will get invited to dinner or a celebration that requires a formal dress code.

You will be in a dilemma about if you should go because you believe that people who go to such events are snobbish. You firmly believe that you don’t fit in that circle of people because of your way of thinking.

However, there is a chance that your partner or one of the family members will persuade you to attend the party.

To dream about organizing the act of decoration

Organizing the act of decoration in a dream means that you will accidentally end up in the spotlight.

Your actions or even the actions of your loved ones will be the center of attention. Your life will become a lot more interesting, and you will hear a lot of false information about yourself.

It would be best not to react to that because you will only be in the public’s eye longer than you want if you do the opposite.

Interrupting the act of decoration in a dream

When you dream of interrupting the act of decoration, it implies that you will embarrass yourself in a large group of people.

You will have a chance to talk about something you are not familiar with. In your intent to be an equal interlocutor, you will say something that will make other people mock you.

Only then, you will realize that it is better to be silent than talk about something you know nothing about.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, received, or lost a medal, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a medal

A medal is the highest form of honor awarded to an individual or community for outstanding merits.

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