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A mast in a dream can symbolize the desire for travel or change. However, the interpretation depends on the context in which your dream took place.

Dream about a mast on a ship

If you see a mast on a ship in a dream, that symbolizes a happy marriage.

You are someone attached to their home, and you are doing everything to make your family members feel good.

Your loved one gives you the sense of security that you need to function normally.

If you had to choose between your career and family, you would choose your family without thinking and having any regrets.

This dream can also symbolize sexual power.

A broken mast in a dream

Dreaming of a broken mast symbolizes an argument with your partner.

Your partner and everything they do might get on your nerves in the following period, so you will not have an understanding of their problems.

You will sometimes wonder if it makes sense to continue being in that relationship, in which you lack emotion and trust in the beginning.

When you are dreaming of a mast with a flag, it means that you will make peace with your enemy.

You will probably enter a conflict because of a misunderstanding or gossip that will come from envious people that want to separate you.

You will have a chance to sit down and talk seriously about everything that happened without resentment and negative feelings.

Dreaming of climbing a mast

A dream in which you are climbing a mast symbolizes your ambition.

You are someone who doesn’t have a hard time investing a lot of effort into something to achieve the things you want.

If you are sure that one job or an acquaintanceship with an influential person will bring you benefits at work or ensure career progress, you will try your best to finish it or get closer to that person.

People that don’t know you believe that you are an opportunist, but they are neglecting the real motifs of your desire to make progress.

That is not money in your case but an opportunity to change the quality of your life that you and the people you love need.

To get down from a mast

If you are dreaming of getting down from a must, it means that you will solve one big problem, thanks to your resourcefulness.

Something is giving you serious headaches at the moment, so your family members and friends are advising you to play it safe to solve it.

However, you will not listen to them this time, and your ability to react courageously and determinedly in the right moment no matter the consequences will bring you success.

Falling down from a mast

This dream symbolizes disappointment. Your superior may have promised to give you a raise or a short-term stimulation, but they didn’t keep their word, or the amount you got is a lot smaller than you expected.

That will make you start thinking about changing your job.

If you believe that your boss doesn’t appreciate your effort the way they should at your current job, that is not a bad idea.

However, don’t quit before you get the confirmation that you can start working somewhere else.

Dreaming about destroying a mast

If you are dreaming of destroying a mast, that means that you should expand your horizons.

You have been trapped in your comfort zone for too long, and you have a hard time getting out of it.

The job you have been doing for years is disgusting to you now because some people are using their power to get rid of insecurities.

You don’t have a hard time working, but you simply can’t stand the superiors who are trying to prove themselves through you.

However, now is not the right time to fight for justice or to change your job. Be patient a little bit longer, and you will get a good business offer soon.

Seeing others destroying a mast

Dreaming of other people destroying a mast means that you have a problem communicating with your superiors or colleagues.

You can’t come to an agreement when it comes to work or the division of tasks.

You are too overwhelmed with work, but your colleagues don’t have empathy for it.

While you are killing yourself working, other people are coming to work to drink coffee and have small talks. It is time to do something about it.

Otherwise, the stress you feel will jeopardize your health seriously. Don’t take your job as something that you need to give your maximum to.

Do as much as you have to in order to finish an assignment, nothing more, nothing less.

Dream meaning of buying a mast

Dreaming of buying a mast means that you want people from your surroundings to notice you.

You enjoy it when people admire you, especially if they envy you for something.

Because of it, you always try to be well dressed, wear expensive things, and buy quality phones, cars, etc. only.

Your need for that stems from the past, and it is up to you to figure out why you find such trivial things important.

You may have low self-esteem that you are trying to compensate for with clothes, shoes, and other material things.

Selling a mast in a dream

A dream in which you are selling a mast is a warning to get rid of someone or something that has been stressing you out as soon as possible.

Your mind is telling you that it is time to dedicate some attention to yourself and start doing things that you enjoy finally.

If the burden you feel is your job or someone close to you, maybe you should start thinking of getting rid of it or distancing yourself from those who are sucking all of your positive energy at least temporarily.

Dreaming of finding a mast

If you are dreaming of finding a mast, it means that small things will gladden you.

A pleasant hangout with family or friends, coffee with someone who you haven’t seen in a long time, or even an unexpected phone call will improve your mood.

You may even finish a project that you have been postponing for so long, which will make you happy and satisfied.

To lose a mast

Dreaming of losing a mast symbolizes financial difficulties. You might end up in an uncomfortable position when it comes to money.

You don’t want to ask family or friends for help, let alone take a loan, but many obligations that are asking for a better income are constantly stressing you out.

If you are too proud to ask someone for help, try to find an additional job that might take a little bit more of your time, but at least you will be safe when it comes to finances.

Stealing a mast in a dream

Stealing a mast in a dream means that you will get embarrassed in front of a large group of people.

You will probably say something ignorant, which will make other interlocutors angry, so you will think about your bad luck for days.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a whole or broken mast on a ship, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a mast

A mast is one or more pillars that carry sail or provide height for navigation.

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