What Does It Mean to Dream of a Mask?

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Venetian mask in a dream

Dream about a mask

If you see a mask in a dream, it means that you are unpredictable.

There is a chance that you often have mood swings and show yourself to people in different editions, which is why they are never sure how to act around you.

You want to test their loyalty that way and figure out what they think of you.

Wearing a mask in a dream

Dreaming of wearing a mask means that you will brag. You are someone who thinks highly of yourself and always tries to highlight your positive sides and skills.

You are probably trying to hide the lack of self-confidence that way, attempting to persuade yourself and other people into something that you wished was true.

To dream of putting a mask on your face

If you are dreaming of putting a mask on your face, it means that you are trying to hide something from other people.

There is a chance that you are ashamed of some actions or decisions, or you are afraid that your secret could affect your relationship with other people. You are retreating inward because of it, distancing yourself from people you love and getting lonelier.

It is time to start working on solving your problem. It is enough to admit that it exists, for starters.

Dreaming of taking a mask off

A dream in which you are taking a mask off your face means that you will finally decide to confide in someone.

You have been struggling with one problem for a long time now. You were dealing with it alone until now, but you will realize that you would feel a lot better if you talked to someone about it.

That will be one of the best decisions you have made, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a loved one.

Dream about taking someone’s mask off

If you are dreaming of taking a mask off someone’s face, it means that you will tell someone who is lying to you that you know the truth.

We are talking about something that someone you love has been hiding from you for a long time. You have found out what that is, but you are afraid of facing that person.

Acting that cowardly is not per your image of yourself, which is why you will gather enough courage and confront them with the truth.

Dream meaning of someone taking your mask off

This dream symbolizes disappointment in a loved one. Someone who was a true friend to you could betray you. They will probably take advantage of your trust to achieve their goals.

Buying a mask in a dream

Buying a mask in a dream means that you have decided to hide your fears and problems from other people. You believe that someone could take advantage of your weaknesses but will not let that happen.

You always act like everything is fine when you are around other people even though deep down you know that it is not. In the long run, the method you have chosen will prove to be wrong.

Dream interpretation of selling masks

Selling masks in a dream means that you will become someone’s alibi. A friend will ask you to lie for them to get out of trouble.

You will agree to do it because you want to help a loved one, but your consciousness will be restless because you are now an accomplice in a lie.

Dream about sealing a mask

Stealing a mask in a dream means that you are looking for a plan B to protect yourself when your secret comes out to the surface.

Past sins will soon come to bite you in the ass, and you are aware of it. Instead of continuing to search for a way to hide them, you will make sure to come up with excuses that will be somewhat acceptable.

To dream of someone stealing a mask from you

A dream in which you see someone stealing a mask from you means that you will lose the protection with which one of your family members or friends provided you.

They probably persuaded you that everything is fine and supported you when you made bad decisions and actions, but now they will back down, and you will stay completely alone.

Dream meaning of finding a mask

When you are dreaming about finding a mask, it means that you will accidentally discover someone’s secret. You will be in the right place at the right time and hear something you shouldn’t.

However, you will not pass that information over because you know how badly that can affect other people’s lives. If someone asks about it, you will act like you don’t have an idea what they are talking about.

Losing a mask in a dream

Losing a mask in a dream means that someone will try to take their revenge on you because of an insult, humiliation, or injustice.

You have probably harmed someone with your decision in the past, and they have decided to make you pay for it now. That person will come up with a detailed plan, and you will not know how to react because it will come as a surprise.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it, but you can be careful in who you confide your secrets and fears.

The color, as well as the type of the mask, has an impact on the interpretations of these dreams.

So, for example, a black mask symbolizes mysteriousness. You are someone who rarely talks about yourself, which is why you are a mystery to many people. A white mask in a dream suggests that you are trying to seem more innocent than you are.

A golden mask usually represents some kind of warning. There is a chance that someone is presenting themselves as your friend, but they are not. Be careful who you are confiding in your fears, plans, and ideas.

A mask that covers the upper part of your head only, that is, your forehead, eye region, and half of the nose, means that you are not sure what you want.

On the one hand, you would like to be respected and famous, but on the other, that doesn’t work for you because you would serve yourself on a platter to other people.

If you see or wear a mask that covers your whole face, it means that you are trying to hide something that other people wouldn’t like about you. You know that some of your habits could come across bleak reactions from people around you.

When you see or wear a mask that covers your whole head in a dream, it means that you don’t want to admit that you have vices.

There is something you enjoy but don’t want to accept that it is hurting you and people close to you.

A dream in which you are wearing a mask with a beak means that you got caught in your lies and can’t find a way out. Instead of telling the whole truth and ending the agony that you are in, you are making it even bigger with new lies.

If you see or wear a paper mask in a dream, it means that you will have a weak alibi for something you have done. If the mask in your dream is made out of fabric, it means that you know that your secret can come to the surface at any moment.

A mask made out of clay, like famous Venetian masks, suggests that you are quite cunning and that you are taking care of the actions that could get judged by other people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or worn a mask, or you attended a masquerade, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of a mask and masquerade

A mask is an item that people use to hide their faces, while a masquerade is a carnival under masks.