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Fresh mango on a tree

Dreams in which mango appears as an important subject are often a sign of sexual desire and lust, while they can symbolize different variations of positive feelings that the dreamer will experience or is experiencing as well. Mangos rarely represent upcoming sorrow and sadness.

Dreaming of eating mango

Dreams in which you are eating sweet mango are a sign of lust for someone. You will probably stand next to a person you like while eating it in a dream, or you will even eat mangos together.

That is a clear sign that you have sexual fantasies about that person but don’t know how to express them in real life.

This dream is a reflection of your desire, but it doesn’t guarantee that your crush sees you the same way.

Sharing a mango with someone

If you are dreaming of sharing a mango with someone, it means that you are probably in a relationship with that person or want to be.

If you already are, there is no reason to worry since your relationship is strong, while sexual fantasies that both of you have will make it even stronger.

If you are sharing a mango with someone that you are not romantically involved with, there is a possibility that you will be with that person in the end because your chances are high if you make the right moves.

Dream about someone snatching a mango from you

When you dream about enjoying a delicious slice of mango, but someone comes up and snatches it from your hand, that is a sign that your relationship is shaky and that you will have to fight to save it, even though the chances of losing are pretty high.

If your loved one takes mango from you, it means that that person is looking for a way to get out of the relationship because they lack something.

If a stranger snatches a mango from you, it means that a third party is trying to seduce your partner. You will have to invest a lot of effort to keep your loved one by your side.

Eating a rotten mango in a dream

A dream in which you are holding or eating a mango that is too ripe, rotten, or getting sour means that you are overwhelmed because of your relationship or marriage.

The sour taste symbolizes a feeling of emptiness in the relationship. If the mango is just mildly sour and not completely rotten but only a bit soft in your dream, there is a chance that you will save your relationship.

Again, you will have to invest a lot of effort into it and change some things from their core, but there is still hope that everything will be alright in the end.

Dreaming about picking mango

This dream is usually a sign that your wishes exceed your possibilities. No matter if we are talking about love, sex, or business goals, you have probably decided to try something that can’t succeed, and you are aware of it.

You have to calm down and think about your wishes because the things you have are enough to make you happy sometimes.

The symbolism of a mango tree

Dreaming of a mango tree is often a sign that you have support from people around you for everything you do.

Your family, friends, and loved ones see a good person in you and know that you want everyone the best, which is why you don’t feel the need to explain your actions or desires to anyone.

They are there for you and trust you unconditionally, so be careful not to take advantage of that trust.

Buying mangos in a dream

Dreaming of buying mangoes often symbolizes an improvement in your financial situation. There is a chance that your boss will increase your salary or that you will inherit a large sum of money.

Anyhow, that will help you pay off debts created in the previous period and give you a chance to purchase something you have wanted for a long time.

Dream meaning of selling mangos

Selling mangos in a dream means that the way someone will treat you will disappoint you. You have believed that your colleague or boss has complete trust in you, but something will happen that will surprise you.

You will realize that you have misinterpreted your relationship and decide to change your approach to them.

To dream of bestowing a mango on someone

This dream means that you will get someone’s help when you least expect it. There is a chance that a person you have never expected it from will give you a hand.

You will conclude that you can get a friendly piece of advice even from someone who is not close to you but has good intentions.

Getting a mango as a gift in a dream

If you dream of someone giving you a mango as a gift, it means that you will help a loved one achieve their goals.

That doesn’t mean that you will be extra involved in it, but your support will be crucial for them to acquire success.

To dream about other people picking mangos

If you dream about someone picking mangos, it means that you are worried about your loved one. It seems to you that they are completely confused with the situation in which they are.

You have tried approaching them and finding out what is going on, but that person has told you that they don’t need your help from the beginning.

In that case, you ought not to insist on it but wait for them to decide whether they will confide in you or not.

Dream about planting mangos

Planting mangos in a dream means that you are focused on fulfilling long-term goals. You are tired of nibbling on life and are finally fully ready to put your plans into action.

You might not have the support from your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean anything to you. You want to have a better future, so make sure to achieve that.

Seeing other people planting mangos

When you see someone else planting mangos in a dream, it means that a loved one’s decisions and actions will surprise you.

Your partner will probably make an important decision without your knowledge and tell you about it after everything is done. Their behavior will shock you and make you think about ending the relationship.

Ask yourself if that situation is worth all the years you have invested in your marriage or relationship.

Dream meaning of peeling a mango

Peeling mango in a dream means that you will see someone’s true face in real life. There is a chance that a person in who you have confided in will do something that will disappoint you.

You will conclude that they have never even known you after you realize that they betrayed you, and you will not like the traits which that person has been hiding from you.

To dream of other people peeling a mango

If you see someone else peeling a mango in a dream, it means that you will be accused of slander. Someone from your surroundings will blame you for spreading lies about them.

You will not know what hit you at first, but then you will realize that someone truly tried to jeopardize your relationship with that person by going around and saying that you have gossiped about them.

Dream about making mango juice

Making mango juice in a dream symbolizes your dissatisfaction with your intimate life. There is a chance that your relationship with a partner is not the best lately.

Bad communication affects your situation in bed, which is why you have started thinking about someone else. If you don’t deal with that problem, the end is near.

Drinking mango juice in a dream

Drinking mango juice in a dream means that your relationship with a loved one will improve in the following period only if both of you continue to work on it. If only one of you feels the need to make things better, that will not bring wanted results, unfortunately.

However, if both of you show strength, will, and courage to solve your problems, you will manage to overcome them.

Dreaming of making a mango cake

Making a mango cake in a dream means that you will encounter an ex-love on the street. When you see that person, past emotions that you have buried deep will come to the surface, while you will experience even those that you have never felt before.

You will remember beautiful moments that you have spent together while the reasons for which you are not together anymore will not even cross your mind.

You will wonder what your life would look like if you didn’t end the relationship.

Dream about eating a mango cake

Eating a mango cake in a dream means that you will have to answer uncomfortable questions in a large group of people.

You will have lunch, dinner, or be at a party that many people will attend. You will start a conversation with someone who will not be afraid to ask you intimate questions.

You will make sure to let them know that such things are private and that you don’t want to talk about them while fantasizing about the moment when you will escape the hell hole in which you ended.

Throwing mango away in a dream

Throwing mango away in a dream usually means that you will end a friendship or a love relationship. You will realize that knowing them for years doesn’t mean to you more than happiness and peace.

That decision might shock and surprise others, but you will know well enough why you have made it.

To dream of other people throwing mango away

When you see someone else throwing mango away, that is a sign of betrayal. Someone will manage to create a conflict between you and your friend, family member, or partner.

Definition of mango

Mango is an exotic plant of tropical and subtropical regions, originating from India, whose fruits are very juicy and sweet. It is an excellent source of useful nutrients, adored in people’s diets, and used in medicine.

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