To dream of a madman
If you see a madman in your dream, that is a warning that someone will trick you in real life. There is a chance that a person you have been close with will betray your trust, after which they will act as nothing happened. Every attempt that you make to let them know that you are angry and disappointed will be a failure, so you will start wondering if you are exaggerating.

To dream about being a madman
Dreaming of being a madman means that you don’t deal with the environment you live in well. That especially applies to people that have recently changed their job or dwelling place. Since you have always insisted on using common sense, you will not agree to make compromises only to fit in, even if that means that other people will see you as a weirdo.

To dream of arguing with a madman
When you are dreaming of arguing with a madman, it means that your effort is in vain. There is a chance that you will try to persuade a person you care about to act in their best interest, but they will refuse to listen to you. They will do what others say to them while misinterpreting your intentions and taking serious offense to them.

To dream of other people arguing with a madman
If you are dreaming of other people arguing with a madman, it means that you will try to persuade a loved one to give up on one idea or plan, but you will fail in your intent. You will try to let that person know that they will only hurt themselves by doing what they are doing, but they will not let you convince them. When you finally realize that everyone has the right to do with their life whatever they want, you will back down and stop stating your opinions.

To dream of someone accusing you of being a madman
This dream means that negative emotions are blinding you. The hatred you feel for someone and your wish for revenge is your main motivators at the moment. However, that is stopping you from seeing beautiful things that are happening in your life. Positive moments are passing by you daily because of such nasty feelings. It is time to work on it so that you wouldn’t end up regretting your way of thinking and acting.

To dream of accusing someone of being a madman
Accusing someone of being a madman in a dream means that you have to be more understanding of the people that surround you. Even if you believe that they are doing something wrong, don’t attack them and make them change it. Show those you love that you will support them and give advice when someone asks for it only.

To dream of persuading someone that they are a madman
Convincing another person that they are a madman in a dream means that you are too stubborn to change your opinion on something. You have a firm attitude regarding many things, which is completely fine. However, the problem emerges when someone states a different opinion using facts. You don’t even want to listen to that, let alone acquire it. If you think of yourself as an intelligent and mature person, you have to change such nasty habits.

To dream of someone persuading you that you are a madman
If you are dreaming of someone trying to convince you that you are a madman, it means that you will argue with someone about different opinions regarding a certain topic. That can be politics, religion, or even something that you will not be able to agree on. Both of you are strong-headed and have a hard time accepting other people’s opinions. If you don’t recognize on time when your argument is turning into a real fight, there is a chance that all of it will become something you don’t want.

To dream of fighting with a madman
Fighting with a madman in a dream means that you are reckless in real life. You are doing things and making decisions impulsively, which can never be good. Your relationships with people close to you are often intense and bad because you can’t control yourself when it comes to some things. You have to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are to understand what the real reason for your dissatisfaction is, and then work on the communication with people that you love.

To dream of other people fighting with a madman
A dream in which you see someone else fighting with a madman means that you will defend a wrong person. There is a chance that someone will persuade you in their innocence, and you will make sure to protect them from attacks coming from all sides. However, you will later realize that you have been deceived and that you should have checked everything that person has been telling you. Most of it was lies they used to get you on their side. You are the only one who can stop such a scenario.

To dream about a madman attacking you
If you are dreaming of a madman attacking you, it means that you should clear somethings up with yourself before you talk about it with your loved ones. It is time to realize what you want and say it to others.

To dream of a madman attacking someone else
If you see a madman attacking someone else in your dream, it means that you will fight against injustice. You will try to fix or undo a mistake that you find unfair. It seems like your fight will be in vain, but at least you will know that you have done everything you could to help.

To dream of running away from a madman
Running away from a madman in a dream means that you will decide to stay out of trouble. You will probably have a chance to do something you have always wanted, but that will lead to certain negative consequences. On the one hand, you want to fulfill your dream, but on the other, you are afraid of the cost you will have to pay. You might listen to your reason instead of your heart.

To dream of other people running away from a madman
When you see someone else running away from a madman, it means that someone could misinterpret your actions. There is a chance that you will do something that people from your surroundings will not like. The thing you do will not be a problem but the consequences that it will bring will. You will probably have to justify your actions before people whose opinions you care about.

To dream about chasing a madman
Chasing a madman in a dream symbolizes a restless consciousness. There is a chance that you have hurt or offended someone in the past but didn’t ask for forgiveness. You believe that there is no point in going back to it and hope that that person will forget about what happened. Both of you are pretending that everything is fine, but one ‘I am sorry’ could improve your communication so much, so don’t be afraid to say those words.

To dream of other people chasing a madman
When you see someone else chasing a madman in a dream, it means that you will have a chance to help a stranger. Someone will probably turn to you for help or advice, and you will make sure to do everything you can to help. That person will be grateful to you for the rest of their life and even make sure to return the favor when you need it.

To dream of hiding from a madman
Hiding from a madman in a dream symbolizes paranoia. You are someone who often panics because of trivial things. You exaggerate your problems and don’t see that people around you are going through far worse things in life. You often bother people with stories about things that stress you out but don’t want to hear what they have to say. Your problem might be the fact that you are an egomaniac that can’t function in the community. If you change your approach to life, everything will be a lot easier and nicer.

To dream of other people hiding from a madman
If you see someone else hiding from a madman in a dream, it means that you will solve someone else’s problem. Your friend or colleague from work will ask you to help them with something. However, you will be the only person who will work on it with time while they will praise you. You will not say anything because, in the end, you have agreed to do them a favor.

To dream of kissing a madman
Kissing a madman in a dream symbolizes dissatisfaction with your love life. Your relationship with a partner is probably not the way you want it to be. The problem is that neither of you is trying enough to fix that. If you continue to act like that, the end is near.

When someone who is single at the moment dreams of kissing a madman, that symbolizes loneliness. You would probably agree to be in a relationship with the devil himself just so that you are not alone. However, you have to remember that it is better to not have anyone than to be in a bad company because that is entirely true.

To dream about marrying a madman
If a woman dreams of marrying a madman, it means that she is ambitious and will do anything to achieve their goals. You often neglect the people you jeopardize with your actions or behavior on your way to success. Once you reach your goal, you will have no one to celebrate your achievement with.

If a man dreams of marrying a madwoman, it means that he will fall for someone’s appearance and fail to see that that person doesn’t have the qualities he is looking for. Someone who looks perfect in your opinion will probably seduce you, but they will not have anything else to offer.

To dream of killing a madman
Killing a madman in a dream means that you have chosen the wrong way to solve one problem. You have decided to make radical moves but didn’t end it once and for all. You will still have to deal with the same or similar trouble from time to time. It is time to opt for even bigger cuts.

The meanings of dreams can be even more trivial. If you have recently seen a person that looks like a madman, that has made a strong impression on you.