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Dream about a lucky charm

Dreaming of seeing a lucky charm means that you don’t want other people to protect you. You are too proud to let anyone take care of you.

Your partner will probably not like that, but they will have to make peace with it if they decide to stay in the relationship with you.

It is possible that you even see them as competition, so you often compare each other’s earnings and try to provide more for your household than them.

Having a lucky charm in a dream

Dreaming of having a lucky charm means that someone will protect you. It is possible that your partner will be even overprotective.

That will bother you at first, but as time keeps passing by, you’ll start to enjoy that attitude, so they might even spoil you.

Your relationship with your siblings will also become better than ever. You were jealous of each other during childhood, so you fought for your parent’s love in the past.

The situation will be different now. You will have a conversation that will help you realize that you are more similar than you thought and that you can help each other. It is possible that someone from work will take care of you and won’t let anyone harm you.

If you have an argument with other colleagues, they will defend you and fully support you. They probably have feelings for you and they want you to be more than friends.

To take a lucky charm off

Dreaming of taking off a lucky charm symbolizes great sacrifice. You take care of your family too much, while you put your needs last.

Other people’s wishes are more important to you, so you try to fulfill them first. You usually don’t have enough time and money for your own needs.

It is possible that they don’t appreciate it enough, so you’ll be sorry, but you’ll never admit it to anyone, let alone your partner.

Dreaming of a lucky charm around your neck

This dream suggests that your subconsciousness is telling you that you feel fettered. It is possible that people from your surroundings don’t understand your needs, so they often tell you to not say or do something which they find to be risky.

You disagree with it, so you feel like you have to do or say something because you think that is the only right thing to do.

A lucky charm around someone else’s neck

Dreaming of a lucky charm around someone else’s neck means that someone will help you. You probably have money or business issues, so it is possible that a close friend or even someone you just met will help you get better.

That person is greatly respected in society and has a lot of influence on other people, you they will be able to help you like that.

To bestow a lucky charm

Dreaming of bestowing a lucky charm symbolizes strong feelings for someone. You don’t have to be sexually attracted to them, but you just have a strong need to protect someone.

If they are not a stranger, it means that you have a lot of love and respect for that person. If you are bestowing a lucky charm on a stranger, it means that you think highly of yourself.

Getting a lucky charm as a gift in a dream

This dream means that you’ll reveal some secret, but not willfully. You will be in the company of people who will say something about your friend or an acquaintance without knowing that you are friends with them as well.

All of it will shock you. Keep in mind that the information could be false and try not to make conclusions impulsively.

Dreaming about making a lucky charm

Dreaming of making a lucky charm suggests that you’ll meet someone who will not interest you at first, but later it will turn out that they will leave a strong impression on you.

They are probably someone who will help you achieve most of your life goals.

If someone else is making a lucky charm in your dream, it symbolizes a good period for your private and business life.

To find a lucky charm

Dreaming of finding a lucky charm means that you’ll achieve most of your life goals.

It might not seem to you that you are on the right path at the moment, but you will soon realize that success doesn’t come overnight, so you’ll patiently go toward your goals, step by step.

Losing a lucky charm in a dream

Dreaming of losing a lucky charm means that you care for small things in life. They are making you happy, so you don’t dream of big success and great milestones in your career.

All of it can be applied to your family and friends as well, which is why people love to hang out with you.

Everyone knows that they can make you happy if they show you appreciation through small things because they know that you don’t expect too much from anyone.

Dream about destroying a lucky charm

Dreaming of destroying a lucky charm means that your wish to please others has completely put aside your needs and desires.

You have been putting your loved ones and job first for a long time, while ignoring signs that you need a vacation.

You will have to take care of your health more and find some hobby or physical activity.

Dreaming of other people destroying a lucky charm

This dream means that you’ll witness a harsh fight or an argument. People might even ask you to choose sides which will be true torture for you.

You will try to get out of it every way you can without hurting or offending anybody. You will realize that the best thing to do is to stay aside and not meddle in other people’s businesses.

The symbolism of a destroyed lucky charm

Dreaming of a destroyed lucky charm symbolizes loss. It is possible that your loved one will leave on a long trip, so you’ll secretly fear that you’ll lose contact.

Besides that, a financial loss is also possible. Risky investments or reckless money spending will put you in a position to ask for help from a friend or even take a loan.

With time you’ll realize that your needs surpass your abilities which will be frustrating. You will have to balance both parts so you don’t end up in risky situations.

If you have a lucky charm or have recently talked about it, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted because your brain is processing the information it received from the real world.

Definition of a lucky charm

A lucky charm is an item used for the protection of a person who wears it.

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