Dreaming of losing your virginity symbolizes the consequences you will have to deal with because of reckless actions.

To dream about losing your virginity
If you lose your virginity in a dream, it symbolizes embarrassment. There is a chance that you will do something that people around you will find inappropriate and for condemnation. You will notice that everyone is looking at you strangely and comments on every move you make, which will make you feel uncomfortable. You will want to remind them that they are not perfect either, but you will realize that you will not achieve anything by doing it.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will have a guilty consciousness. There is a chance that you will be with a person your parents don’t like, which is why you will have to hide your relationship. Even though you will resent yourself for acting like that, you will notice that you enjoy hiding and the uncertainty that all of that brings.

To dream of someone else losing their virginity
When someone else loses their virginity in a dream, it means that you will keep a secret. Your friend will probably confide in you and ask you to keep it for yourself. Even though you will not be able to give them helpful advice, you will at least make sure to listen to that person and say what you would do if you were in their situation.

To dream of talking to someone about losing your virginity
If you dream of telling someone how you lost your virginity, it means that you are a very open person. You don’t have a problem having a conversation with anyone or fitting into new circles of people. You have many acquaintances and people who love spending time with you because of it. However, you don’t share your secrets with many people but only a selected circle of friends you truly trust.

To dream of someone talking about losing their virginity
A dream in which someone tells the story of how they lost their virginity means that you will accidentally hear shocking information about someone. There is a chance that you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, you will decide not to tell anyone about what you know because you are not someone who likes spreading rumors and gossiping. By the end of the day, you have been the target of gossipers once as well, and you know how stressful that can be.

To dream of everyone talking about how you lost your virginity
If you dream of everyone talking about how you lost your virginity, it means that you have a secret that you want to hide from other people. We are talking about the past sin that could hurt you now. If all of it came out, you would lose the people you care about or a job you have invested in a lot. You have to make sure to keep that secret away from everyone because of that.

To dream of lying that you lost your virginity
When you dream of lying that you lost your virginity, it means that you want to fit in one circle of people, no matter what. You will make sure to be likable to them because of it and might start thinking or dressing differently. You have to ask yourself first if you care about being a part of a group more than staying true to yourself.

To dream about lying that you are still a virgin
A dream in which you are lying that you still haven’t lost your virginity implies that you want someone to like you. You probably act differently in the presence of one person than when they are not around. There is a chance that they like you too but don’t want you to know that for some reason.

To dream of someone lying that they are a virgin
This dream means that you have strong intuition but often don’t listen to what your gut is telling you. You often try to rationalize things that are happening to you and complicate your life more than necessary. If you listen to what your inner voice is telling you from time to time, you will deal with some situations more easily and faster.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them. Both sexes have dreams with this motif equally often, but teenagers have them more often than adults.

To dream of losing your virginity with a stranger
When you dream of losing your virginity with a stranger, it means that you long for an adventure and challenges. Every day has been the same to you lately because you have fallen into a boring rut. You don’t have the will and strength to move and change something in your daily life. No one can get you out of that condition but you, so do something about it.

To dream about losing your virginity with an older person
To lose your virginity with someone much older than you in a dream means that you lack the life experience to solve one problem. You have been struggling with it for a while, while the solution is right in front of you. You have to ask for advice from someone you trust. A different perspective on things could help you reach a solution.

To dream of losing virginity with someone younger
If you dream of losing your virginity with a much younger person, it means that you will be successful in your love life. You are entering a favorable phase of your life when it comes to relationships with other people. You will attract the attention of the opposite sex with your appearance and charisma, which is an excellent opportunity for the single ones at the moment. You have to make sure to take advantage of that period the best you can.

To dream of losing virginity with the same sex
Losing your virginity with someone of the same sex in a dream implies that you will experiment with your sexuality. There is a chance that you and your partner will decide to spice things up a bit, which will refresh your relationship. Besides that, your communication will improve, and you will not argue about trivial things anymore. If you are single at the moment, this dream means that you could have sex with a stranger soon.

To dream of losing your virginity with a friend
When you dream of losing your virginity with a friend, it means that you trust that person. You believe that they are your soulmate, someone who knows you well and who would never hurt you. It scares you sometimes that you unconditionally trust them because some people disappointed you in the past. However, your friend always does something in those moments of doubt that makes you realize that history will not repeat itself when it comes to your relationship.

To dream of losing your virginity with a colleague
Losing your virginity with a colleague from work or college means that you can always count on that person and that you respect them a lot. You admire them because they do their job responsibly and determinably, and you know that they will always keep the promise they gave to you.

To dream of losing your virginity with a boss
If you dream of losing your virginity with a boss, it implies that you are not satisfied with the way that person treats you. You believe that you deserve a better position in the company and salary considering the effort you put into doing your tasks on time and professionally. There is a chance that you will soon start looking for a new job.

To dream about losing your virginity with a professor
Teenage boys have this dream more often than grownups. It symbolizes personal fantasies, needs, and desires. You might secretly want to have a relationship with that person. Another possibility is that you respect people with an experience more than young people who believe they are really smart.

To dream of losing your virginity with an acquaintance
If you dream of losing your virginity with an acquaintance, it means that you fantasize about a big change in your life. You might want to find another job, move to another city or state, or finally find the love of your life. You can’t expect that you will get what you want when you are not doing anything to achieve it.

For interpretation of these dreams, it is also important to remember how you felt after waking up. If you felt fear and pain, it means that you are afraid of being in unpleasant situations. You are scared that some of your actions could bring unwanted consequences to your life. You are pretty indecisive and insecure, which is why you should work on your insecurities.

When you feel shame or frustration after waking up, it means that you shouldn’t make spontaneous decisions for a while. Try to avoid risk as much as possible.

If this dream makes you euphoric and brings you satisfaction, it means that your plans will come true on time. You will succeed in achieving what you have planned. You might have to invest more effort into something to finish it before a deadline, but the results will be good.

If you are happy after having such a dream, it implies that you will get rid of a big problem. Something that has bothered you for a long time will finally end.

However, if the dream in which you lose your virginity didn’t leave any impression on you, it is clear that you need rest. The amount of stress you feel could seriously damage your health.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently lost your virginity, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of virginity

Virginity is the status of a person that hasn’t had intercourse yet.