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Dreaming of a lime

If you see lime in a dream, it means that you will travel.

There is a chance that you will go on a long vacation that will help you recover and gather strength for new challenges.

You will give the key to your house to someone that you trust, and they will take care of it like their own.

If you have pets, separating from them will be hard on you, but there is nothing that you will be able to do about that.

To make lime out of limestone

Dreaming of making lime by adding water to limestone means that you will hear good news.

You have probably faced problems because of someone else’s fault in the previous period, but everyone expected you to solve them.

You will have to dedicate extra time to that, pausing other obligations, but good results will help you forget all the difficulties that you have experienced.

Painting walls in a dream

When you are dreaming of painting your walls, it means that you will change your way of thinking.

You are a pessimist by nature, but you will do everything to look at the world through pink-colored glasses.

You will realize that there is no point in stressing yourself out with things that you can’t change, so you will direct your energy to positive things that will become even better.

Mixing lime in a dream

Dreaming of mixing lime with other materials means that you want to change something in your life.

You are well situated but not happy.

You dream about something that will change your life from its core, but you are afraid of initiating the change.

You long for attention, love, adventure, and passion, but most of all, you want good relationships with people that you love, including your partner.

There are not many moments that can make you happy lately.

Make sure to change something if you don’t want to be dissatisfied for the rest of your life.

To dream of others mixing lime

If you see someone else mixing lime in a dream, it means that you will stand up to someone that is trying to meddle in your life.

They probably push their wishes, needs, and values onto you without shame.

You don’t want to lose that person since they are an important part of your life, but you can’t stand someone manipulating you anymore.

Dream about falling into lime

Dreaming of falling into the lime symbolizes boredom.

You have probably fallen into a rut, and you can almost predict what will happen to you during the day.

All of it is smothering you, and it seems that no matter what you do, that can’t change.

You are living the best years of your life now, but you feel like you are not using the huge potential that you possess.

That can be related to your private or business life.

You have to initiate the change for it to happen. Don’t let fear of possible failure stop you from being happy.

To dream about others falling into lime

If you see someone else falling in lime, it means that you fantasize about taking revenge on someone that hurt you.

That person has destroyed your relationship with a partner, family, or friends, or they affected your job in some way.

Instead of nurturing those negative feelings, you should turn to yourself and the things that you can control.

Revenge will not satisfy you that you long for.

Dreaming of covering yourself in lime

This dream is a sign that you should stop sacrificing yourself for other people.

No one is more valuable than you. When you learn to love yourself, other people will accept you more easily too.

You can’t spend your life adjusting to someone and trying to make them love you the way you deserve.

Everything depends on you, both happiness and sadness, so keep that in mind next time when you decide to pity yourself.

If others cover themselves in lime

When you see someone else covering their body in lime, it means that a person that you are not on good terms with will give you a peace offer.

They will admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

You have hurt one another, and the wounds have just started to heal, so this event will throw you off balance and play with your mind, even though you have only recently straightened things up.

If you care about that person, give them a chance.

However, if you feel that their words and intentions are not honest, don’t go back to that relationship.

Covering someone in lime

Dreaming of covering someone in lime means that you must not insist on someone loving you.

You probably stay in a relationship with someone who tells you that they love you, but you don’t feel it.

You are not even sure why you torture yourself like that. If you know that you will not get what you want from that person, it would be best to end the agony.

Your love will not make them start having feelings for you.

To dream of someone covering you in lime

This dream means that someone will let you know how they feel.

Someone from your surroundings will finally gather enough courage to admit what they feel for you.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to reciprocate such feelings, even though you will decide to give them a chance.

However, don’t stall them or give them false hope for too long. You will figure out if you are for one another pretty early on.

Buying lime in a dream

Dreaming of buying lime means that you want to hide sin from the past that still haunts you.

We are talking about something that you are not proud of, and that could jeopardize your relationship with a partner or other loved ones.

If you want to calm your consciousness, you should talk to someone you trust about it.

A good piece of advice could help you get rid of the anxiety that you currently feel.

Dreaming about selling lime

If you are dreaming of selling lime, it means that you must not meddle in other people’s lives but dedicate your attention to what is happening in yours or what you can and should change.

Gossip probably amuses you, but it is not fun when you become the main topic.

Make sure to talk less about others because of it and find entertainment in something else.

Getting lime in a dream

If you are dreaming of someone giving you lime as a gift, it means that you will fit in a new circle of friends, work environment, school, or college.

You are an introverted person by nature and have a hard time making new friends or acquaintances.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a problem for you because of it.

However, you don’t have to be afraid of the upcoming changes because you will do great.

To bestow lime to someone

When you are dreaming of bestowing lime to someone, it means that the person that you care about will not listen to your advice.

You will probably advise them on something out of the best intentions, but they will do the complete opposite.

You don’t have the right to resent them for it.

At the end of the day, everyone makes their own decisions the way they believe is best.

Dreaming of stealing the lime

A dream in which you are stealing lime from a store is a sign that you will do something stupid because of a hunch.

You will probably judge a situation wrongly and realize that you have made a mistake only later.

People learn something new every day, so make sure to take that as a valuable lesson for the future.

Dreaming of stealing lime from someone means that you will argue with the person that you love because of a trivial thing.

You will make a big problem out of a small one, even though they will not even see it as a reason enough for an argument.

Admit to yourself that you are different people and make sure that you don’t let small things jeopardize your relationship with a person that you care about.

If someone steals lime from you

If you see someone stealing lime from you in your dream, it means that you will find a way to channel your negative energy into something useful.

You have problems at home now, but you will be productive at work. That will be a way to forget about the things that bother you.

You will dedicate your attention to work, which will bring gain you in the future.

Throwing lime away in a dream

Throwing lime away in a dream means that you will give up on something.

You will probably realize that an idea or project that you have dedicated a lot of time and effort to will not bring wanted results.

You will have a hard time coming to terms with that, but you will simply not want to waste more of your precious time on something that doesn’t bring you either moral or financial satisfaction.

To dream of others throwing lime away

If you see someone else throwing lime away, it means that you are not satisfied with the job that you currently do.

You might believe that you work too much, but your superior doesn’t want to reward you for the effort you are putting into that job.

If you believe that you can find better working conditions, don’t be afraid to try.

Complaining over your destiny will not take you anywhere.

Dream about spilling lime

Dreaming of spilling lime means that the fact that people can be so ungrateful will disappoint you.

You will probably do a favor to someone or be there for them, but they will not show even a bit of respect for you.

To dream about others spilling lime

This dream is a sign that you should pay attention to the way you act with people that love you.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen or mixed lime, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of lime

Lime is a natural material made out of limestone and used as a binder when making mortar.

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