To dream about a lamp
If you see a lamp turned on in your dream, it means that your love wish will come true. There is a chance that you are not sure if a loved one feels the same for you, which is why you are often sad and distant. However, you will soon realize that you don’t have a reason to worry and that they care about you more than you could have imagined.

There are many variations of dreams in which you can see a lamp, so the interpretations depend on the context in which a dream occurs and details that follow it.

To dream of an old kerosene lamp
If you see an old kerosene lamp in a dream, it means that you will have to work really hard to achieve your goals. You probably didn’t stick to a plan but improvised, so the deadlines will stress you out. However, don’t doubt your abilities, knowledge, and skills because they will bring you success sooner or later.

If an old kerosene lamp in your dream is empty, that symbolizes despair and depression. You probably don’t have a lot of energy lately, and you have a hard time doing anything or finding motivation.

A table lamp
A dream in which you see a turned off table lamp is a warning that you forgot to do an important task or finish a chore in real life. Your subconsciousness is warning you about it by sending you these images through dreams.

If a table lamp gets turned on in your dream, it means that you will get an extremely good and profitable idea. Don’t let the time and effort that you will have to invest to achieve it scare you. If you decide to be persistent and brave, you will soon enjoy the benefits of such a good idea.

A floor or room lamp
When you see a turned off room lamp in a dream, that symbolizes an unexpected visit from people that you haven’t seen for a while. The fact that they didn’t let you know that they are coming will not bother you because you will be happy to see them again. You will make sure to make them feel at home in your place.

A turned-on room lamp represents a happy event in the future. There is a chance that you will get invited to a wedding, christening, or some other celebration that you will have a great time on. Besides that, you will make sure to find a beautiful gift to gladden the hosts.

To dream about a flashlight
If you see or carry a turned-on flashlight in a dream, it means that you are a curious person. You like to read, research, and learn new things. You often get occupied with topics that people from your surroundings are not interested in, which makes you feel lonely. Because of it, you hide in your own world when you look for an interlocutor for the topics that you enjoy.

A dream in which you see or carry a turned off flashlight is a message not to let laziness stop you from achieving your wishes. You need to snap out of it and work on yourself to achieve what you have been fantasizing about.

To dream of a turned-off lamp
Dreaming of a turned-off lamp means that you are worried. There is a chance that you will feel lost in the following period and not know what to do next. You will question all the made decisions, looking for negative sides, and wishing to be this wise but younger. It will seem to you that you have done everything wrong and that you would be better off listening to pieces of advice from other people sometimes instead of doing everything the way you wanted.

To throw a lamp at someone
When you are dreaming of throwing a lamp at someone, that is a warning that you will have a heated argument with someone. You probably often have minor conflicts with family members, but the situation will be a lot more serious this time. You will say nasty words and throw below the belt blows to one another, so everyone will need a lot of time to recover from that situation.

To dream of someone throwing a lamp at you
If you are dreaming of other people throwing a lamp at you, it means that you will reconcile with someone that you haven’t been in a good relationship with for a long time. You will realize that the reasons for that situation are trivial and ridiculous, so you will bury the hatchet and start hanging out again. Your friendship will be even stronger after that than before.

To buy a lamp
Dreaming of buying a lamp means that you will soon get information that will help you solve a big problem. That especially applies to the business aspect of your life. There is a chance that you will have associates from abroad that do a similar job to yours. Another possibility is that you will apply for a new job.

To sell a lamp
Selling a lamp in a dream means that you regret missing good opportunities in the past. You probably believed that it was a bad idea to get involved in new ventures, but now you regret thinking like that. Let that teach you something for the future.

To bestow a lamp
Dreaming of bestowing a lamp to someone is a sign that you lack the inspiration to solve a problem. If you asked for a piece of advice from someone that you trust, you would probably get a new and fresh perspective on things, which would help you come to certain conclusions a lot easier and faster.

To receive a lamp as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting a lamp from someone, it means that it is time to listen to your heart instead of reason. Your intuition could be important this time. Don’t be in a dilemma because of it but act the way your gut tells you.

To steal a lamp
Dreaming of stealing a lamp is a warning not to build your happiness on other people’s misery because it will not last long. You probably believe that the things you are doing are right, but you could regret your decisions soon because the wheel of fortune never stops spinning.

To dream about someone stealing a lamp from you
When you are dreaming of someone else stealing a lamp from you, it means that a situation that you are currently in is confusing for you. You have numerous possibilities but don’t know which path to take. Maybe you should listen to a piece of advice from parents or friends because they want only the best for you.

To fix a lamp
Dreaming of fixing a lamp means that you are not satisfied with your business or love life, but you can’t find a way to change that. You probably lack the courage to make big cuts, or you are not sure what you want. Once you finally manage to answer that question, everything will be a lot clearer.

To dream about others fixing a lamp
If you see someone else fixing a lamp, it means that you have let other people meddle in your life and impose their decisions, ideas, and solutions on you. That is not something that started happening yesterday, but it has been present in your life for a long time. Now, you have a hard time changing anything, but you know that it is necessary to do something. Stand up for yourself and start living your life the way you believe is best.

To break a lamp on purpose
Dreaming of breaking a lamp on purpose symbolizes resentment or disappointment because of something or someone. Someone’s behavior has hurt you deeply, probably because you trusted that person unconditionally. They will have a hard time gaining your trust back, so you will most likely end that relationship.

To dream of someone else breaking a lamp
A dream in which you see someone else breaking a lamp means that you have let other people destroy your dreams. You have started to believe that the things you want are not possible, and now you don’t even know what you should do. You have to deal with a dilemma that you have alone, without other people getting involved in that.

To dream about accidentally dropping a lamp
This dream symbolizes traps that people that present themselves as your friends are setting up for you. You didn’t realize their intentions on time, which could put you in a lot of danger.

To dream of someone else dropping a lamp
When you see someone else accidentally dropping a lamp in your dream, it means that you will witness an uncomfortable conversation between two people that you don’t know very well. However, that will not stop them from airing their dirty laundry in your presence, so you will want to run away from them and forget what you have heard as soon as possible.

To throw a lamp away
Throwing a lamp away in a dream means that you will give up on something to help a loved one. There is a chance that you will reject a business offer to be able to spend more time with your loved ones, or you will sacrifice your comfort to help the people that you love.

To dream about someone else throwing a lamp away
If you see someone else throwing a lamp away in your dream, that is a sign that you shouldn’t judge other people’s actions if you have never been in a similar situation to theirs. Remember the saying – never say never, and don’t comment on other people’s lives if you don’t know much about that person.

To dream of a lightbulb exploding
If you are dreaming of a lamp lightbulb exploding, it means that someone wants to ruin your business plans by slandering you. That can be a rival or colleague who is trying to achieve their business goals that way. If you figure out what they are doing on time, you will manage to stop them in their intent.

To dream of a bulb suddenly turning off
This dream is a sign of possible trouble or misfortune. Be careful in the following period. Make sure not to make impulsive decisions or risky moves. That is the only way to protect yourself as much as you can.

Meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen a lamp turned on or off, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a lamp

A lamp is an object that enlightens the room. There are various types like a flashlight and kerosene, table, or electric lamp.