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Dream about a laboratory

Dreaming about a laboratory means that you shouldn’t meddle in other people’s business.

You are someone who often exaggerates with their noble attempts to help someone, so other people sometimes believe that you want to control them and expect a favor in return.

After every disagreement, you promise to yourself that you will mind your own business, but you can’t stay still, so you never keep your word.

Working in a laboratory in a dream

If you are dreaming of working in a lab, it means that you will discover something significant.

That probably has something to do with a person that you are close to, but you will not be able to tell them that anyway because it could ruin their dreams.

You will have many sleepless nights because you will try to figure out which one of your actions will cause less damage.

To dream of other people working in a lab

If you see someone else working in a lab in your dream, it means that one of your friends will find out something serious that you have been hiding from them for a long time.

Leaving the lab in a dream

When you are dreaming of leaving the lab, it means that you will quit your job.

There is a chance that you will find out that your superior wasn’t honest with you when it comes to your job description, or they will propose an idea that is not ethical and by your beliefs.

Even though you need money, you will not want to be ashamed of your actions in the future and jeopardize your reputation.

To drop lab instruments

Dreaming of dropping or throwing laboratory instruments means that you are stubborn when it comes to accepting facts.

You have to accept a piece of advice from a friend that wishes you well, your parents, or even someone that you don’t like taking advice.

Talking about a lab or hearing someone talking about it

If you are dreaming of talking about a lab, it means that you will get financial gain, thanks to a good past investment.

An alternative meaning of this dream is that you will have luck in games of chance.

Dreaming of making love in a lab

Dreaming of making love in a lab symbolizes a happy ending to a project that has been stressing you out for a long time.

An alternative meaning is that you should approach an upcoming seduction studiously.

To be afraid of going into a lab

If you are dreaming of being afraid to go into a lab, that symbolizes worry for no reason regarding some problems that you have in real life.

You can relax and sometimes even say no to the things and events that you are not comfortable with.

Hiding in a lab 

If you are dreaming of hiding in a lab from someone or something, it means that you are extremely intelligent but don’t want to brag about it.

You believe that it is rude to shove your intelligence and wisdom in other people’s faces, so many people that know you only superficially don’t even know what potential you have.

People say that modesty is a virtue, and you strongly believe in that saying.

Dreaming of someone else hiding in a lab means that you rather prefer living in an illusion to facing reality.

You are someone who fantasized a lot, which is not always a bad thing.

However, there are some moments in life when you need to be honest with yourself and other people.

You are currently at a crossroads, and it is time to make a big decision.

Don’t stick your head in the sand because of it but make sure to make the right and mature one.

Dreaming of buying a laboratory

Dreaming of buying a lab means that it is time to stop playing with other people’s feelings.

There is someone that loves and respects you a lot, even though they never know where they stand when it comes to your relationship.

It is time to admit to that person how you feel. If you can’t reciprocate the feelings, don’t cause them more pain.

Being trapped in a lab

Dreaming of not being able to get out of a lab means that you need a fresh perspective on a problem that is bothering you. If you do something creative, there is a chance that you lack inspiration.

The same applies to the project you have been working on for so long that you are tired of it.

Take a break, dedicate your time to something else, or simply ask for help from someone close to you.

Dreaming about locking someone else in a lab is a sign that you are wrong about someone.

You might have wrongly judged someone that you have recently met, or you have said or done something that hurt someone.

Your subconsciousness is restless because of it, but you might get forgiveness sooner than you think if you show that you are sorry.

If you are dreaming of trying to help someone get out of a locked laboratory, it means that you don’t need much to get what you desire at this moment.

That is a business success for some people, while others long for love, peace, or prosperity. Anyhow, the future will bring you great things, so just be patient.

Robbing a lab in a dream

A dream in which you are robbing a lab is a sign that you shouldn’t get involved in illegal businesses because that will backfire on you sooner or later.

You are not someone who can deal with such a burden, and your consciousness will be restless, for sure. It is better to take another way to success because of it.

If you see someone else robbing a lab, it means that you will be uncomfortable because of the actions of the people that you love.

There is a chance that one of your family members will do something embarrassing, from your point of view.

You will walk with your head low because of it and not be able to look people in the eyes for a long time after that.

However, you need to know that you are not responsible for other people’s actions, but only yours, so start acting by that.

Dream about selling a lab

Dreaming of selling a lab means that you will soon make cuts in your life.

You will decide to get rid of people that are not your true friends, and then you will deal with everything else that is standing in your way to success and happiness.

Burning a lab in a dream

If you are dreaming of setting a lab on fire, it means that you don’t believe in the success of a project that you have been working on or an idea that you currently dedicate time.

Everything starts with the self-confidence that you lack these days.

If you looked at your potential, knowledge, and other qualities that you possess objectively, you would find it easier to have more faith in some life ventures.

Stop sabotaging yourself!

A dream in which you see someone else setting a lab on fire means that you will not be able to count on other people, so you will have to solve a problem that is currently stressing you out alone instead.

This is not the first time that something like that is happening, but you are still disappointed in those that have promised to help you.

You will have to gather enough courage and strength to get things done once more.

To dream about a burnt lab

When you see a lab destroyed in a fire, it means that you can’t give up on your dreams because they will come true sooner or later.

If you continue to be persistent, brave, and tenacious, the things you have been fantasizing about will come your way.

You have to remember that many successful people don’t attribute their success to luck or talent only because they know how much effort and hard work is necessary to achieve the things you want.

Dreaming of demolishing a lab

Dreaming of demolishing a lab means that you need advice regarding important life questions.

You have firmly counted on your gut so far, but the problem is quite delicate this time, and you have to talk to someone you trust about it.

You don’t necessarily have to do what that person tells you, but someone else’s perspective could help you with making the right decision, for sure.

If you see someone else demolishing a lab, it means that you will have a chance to help someone, but you will be in a dilemma about whether you should do it or not since that person refused to help you when you needed it the most.

Don’t go back to the past or take revenge on them but do what is right.

Life will reward you for a good deed one day, for sure.

To dream of a destroyed lab

Dreaming of a destroyed lab is a sign that you are in a dilemma about whether you should tell a loved one the truth or stay quiet not to hurt them.

We are probably talking about something that could hurt their feelings, but you already know that it is not OK to hide what you have found out.

At the end of the day, you would want your loved one to always tell you the truth, so why would you decide to stay silent?

The symbolism of an abandoned lab

An abandoned lab is not a good sign in dreams, unfortunately. It usually means that you will give up on something or someone.

That can be a dream job, a search for a soulmate, or something more trivial like a new diet that you have recently started.

You have to realize that difficult situations boost your willpower, so don’t give up on everything so easily.

Seeing an empty lab in a dream

An empty lab symbolizes a new beginning in dreams.

You finally have enough courage, strength, and time to achieve everything that you want.

The following period will be turbulent, but you will overcome every obstacle that stands in your way, thanks to your strong motivation.

To dream of a lab explosion

This dream is a warning about the negative consequences of reckless or impulsive decisions.

You are in a phase when you have to think about yourself and the future of those you love.

Because of it, it is important to weigh out the options offered to you before you make important decisions.

If you are planning on moving, changing your profession, enrolling in a different college, or you are simply at a crossroads, don’t react impulsively and listen to your heart only.

Turn on your reason and intuition, and you will not be wrong.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen or worked in a lab, that has probably made an impression on you.

Definition of a laboratory

A laboratory is a room with special machines and devices with which scientists do scientific research.

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