Kiwi – Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Dreams that include kiwis can bring unexpected financial gain, and they are usually heralds of an upcoming positive period. You will solve the problems you come across during that time quickly since they are easy to get rid of like a thin kiwi skin.

To dream of a kiwi
If you are dreaming of observing a kiwi in a dream, that symbolizes unavoidable changes at work. In most cases, the change will bring improvement to the overall situation, as well as progress in your career, higher earnings, or the expansion of your business. This dream can be a sign of the problematic business period on rare occasions, but you should still pay attention to dreams like this. Considering that you know in what situation your current business life is at the moment, you will easily determine whether you will be in an even more difficult situation, or you will experience a period of prosperity.

To eat kiwis
Dreaming of eating a kiwi and enjoying its taste symbolizes positive business results. You shouldn’t be afraid of your job suffering in any way, so you can dedicate your attention to other things in your life, counting on the luck that follows you in your business life. If you have a private business, you will make a lot of profit in the following period, but if you work in a team, you can expect deserved respect and praise from your colleagues.

To eat kiwis with the skin still on
If you are dreaming of eating a kiwi with the skin still on, that symbolizes business failures shortly. However, everything depends on the type of business you have, so if you are in a responsible and important position, you will have bigger chances of losing a hard-earned reputation. Watch out for the relationship with colleagues at work, as well, since one of the offended or jealous business associates could be responsible for the downfall that you will experience.

To cut a kiwi
When you are dreaming of cutting a kiwi, it means that you will have a chance for a new business career, so you will do something completely different from the job you have at the moment. It is also possible that you will do something similar to your current job but under new conditions, more favorable for you. If your job is already stable, and you are completely satisfied with it, you might be a mediator in finding a job for someone else or even give them a chance to work with you.

To peel a kiwi
Dreams in which you are peeling a kiwi suggest that you want to achieve business success by doing shady things. There is a chance that you will succeed in that, but the success will be short-lived, and you will end up in a worse position than you started in after that.

To make a kiwi cake
When you are dreaming of making a kiwi cake, it means that you will get new associates at work. Whether they will be your new work colleagues or business partners, depends on the kind ofjob you do. However, the arrival of the new people that you will work with is almost certain, and the collaboration will probably bring positive results to you and your associates.

To see different colored kiwis
If you are dreaming of kiwis of unnatural color, that symbolizes the period of financial stability and prosperity. So, if you dream of a black or extremely dark-colored kiwi, it symbolizes the end of financial problems for you.

To see an unusually large kiwi
If you dream of an unusually large kiwi, it means that your health is almost in perfect condition, so you don’t have a reason to worry when it comes to that.

To see an unusually small kiwi
A dream in which you see a small kiwi symbolizes a possible injury. One organ in your body is in question, so you should know that you can accidentally get injured or that the organ hasn’t been working properly for a while.

To buy kiwis
Dreaming of buying kiwis is related to money usually. If you are dreaming of buying expensive kiwi, that symbolizes big financial problems. You might invest money in something that is completely unprofitable. Buying cheap kiwi symbolizes gain. Your superior may decide to increase your salary, or you will get a big reward in games of chance.

To sell kiwis
When you are dreaming of selling kiwis, it means that you are not satisfied with the progress at work. You often can’t finish assigned tasks because of the lack of energy or motivation for days. It seems like you are slacking because of it. Try to concentrate on the things you are doing, eliminate external factors that bother you, and your efficiency will be better, for sure.

To receive kiwis as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting kiwis as a gift, it means that you have judged someone wrongly. We are talking about someone that you didn’t like at first, so you have perceived them as a bad person. However, if you give them a chance, they will show you that you are wrong. Don’t let prejudices stop you from expanding your circle of acquaintances or enrich your life with new and interesting people.

To bestow kiwis to someone
Bestowing a kiwi to someone in a dream means that you are too harsh with someone that you like. That is some kind of defense mechanism in your case that protects you from getting hurt. However, you don’t understand that you are hurting that person with your behavior and affecting their opinion of you. Showing your softer side is not a sign of weakness. That doesn’t mean that you have shown all of yourself and that someone will take advantage of that.

To steal kiwis
Stealing kiwis in a dream means that you are hiding some problems from your loved ones because you don’t want them to worry. You have decided to protect them by being silent and trying to solve the problem the best you can alone. It is good that you care about the people you love, but you should share your problems with someone. That could lead you to a good piece of advice, and talking about it will probably help you deal with it more easily.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently eaten or seen a kiwi in person or on TV, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of kiwis

Kiwi is a fruit that originates from China, but you can find it in a large number of tropical countries today. It is characterized by the fruit of a thin rind and exotic taste, increasingly respected in the cosmetic industry, as well.

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