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Dreaming of keeping something represents a warning that your business associates may trick you. Invest money in secure projects.

Someone may try to misuse your trust, so they will get you involved in a risky or illegal job.

Pay attention when signing any kind of contract, so that you don’t have to face serious consequences later.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details that follow them.

Dreaming of babysitting

If you are dreaming of babysitting, it means that the following period will be beautiful. You will finally be able to relax and rest because worries are behind you.

This dream symbolizes happiness and prosperity regarding both your private and business life. Use it to dedicate your time to your family.

If you are dreaming of watching out someone else’s kids, that symbolizes fear of responsibility. You may take over an important business task, or your friend will confide in you with a big secret.

You will act weird out of fear that you will make a mistake or accidentally say something that would betray your friend.

Everyone around you will notice it, so you will have a hard time carrying that burden around.

Watching a dog in a dream

When you are dreaming of watching a dog, that can have multiple meanings. You may get a protector at work.

One of your superiors will recognize the potential you have, so they will make sure that you are making progress.

On the other hand, dogs in a dream can have negative meanings, if you are afraid of them in real life.

If you have ever been bitten or attacked by a dog, this dream is only proof that you still can’t get over that trauma.

Dream about keeping a secret

A dream in which you are keeping someone’s secret suggests that you will avoid danger by acting on time.

Someone may try to frame you out of jealousy or vanity. You will see their true intentions on time and stop them in an attempt to hurt you.

This will be an important lesson that will teach you who you should confide in.

Keeping money in a dream

If you are dreaming of keeping money, it means that you will realize that your plans require more investments.

You will try to find a way to organize your budget the best you can and separate money for your daily needs and for the things you want to invest in.

You will have to save if you want to achieve everything you have imagined.

If you are dreaming of keeping someone else’s money, you probably have more expenses than profit. You often can’t cover all your expenses, so you are thinking of borrowing money from someone or taking a loan.

That will make your situation easier only temporary, so the best would be to find an extra job until you start earning money with the existing one.

Dream about being the guard at the bank

When you are dreaming of being a security guard at the bank, that is a warning that you shouldn’t get yourself involved in illegal or risky businesses.

You will probably be tempted to do something wrong because of easy money.

However, you could cause a lot of trouble with your actions. Besides, the reputation and trust that you have been building for years are on the line if your job gets discovered.

Pay attention to the associates you choose since someone could try to use you.

To be the guard at the hospital

If you are dreaming of being a security guard at the hospital, it means that stress and exhaustion could ruin your health.

Chronic exhaustion will reach its peak, so you will decide to deal with it. You will go on a short trip to relax, or you will start doing a hobby that will affect your body and mind positively.

Continue doing things that relax you considering that you are dealing with a lot of stress daily.

Dreaming of being the guard at a nursing home

This dream suggests that you need to be more patient and tolerant. The fact that you can do a job easily or learn everything you need to quickly doesn’t mean that everyone functions like that.

If you want and can help someone, do it, but if you don’t want to, don’t be rude when someone asks you for help or advice.

You will end up in a similar situation, and you will have no one to turn to for help because you have burned all the bridges.

To be a prison guard

If you are dreaming of being a prison guard, it means that a past event is still tormenting you greatly.

You may have hurt someone with words or actions, but you can’t find a way to apologize.

You are afraid of their reaction neglecting the fact that you haven’t been in a good relationship for a long time and that your apology can only improve your relationship, not ruin it.

Being the guard at the zoo in a dream

A dream in which you are the guard at the zoo means that you will soon meet someone that you won’t like at all.

Unfortunately, you will have to work with them daily, so you won’t be able to avoid seeing them.

You will feel bigotry on their end as well, but if you give each other the chance to get to know one another better, you will realize that your first impression was wrong.


Dream meaning of being a guardian angel

When you are dreaming of being a guardian angel, it means that you are trying to impress someone you like in vain.

You have been wanting to contact them and hang out with them for a while, but your attempts have failed every time.

You may be simply trying too hard. Get back, and they might change their mind when they see that you are not crazy about them anymore.

If you have recently babysat, watched a dog, taken care of money, or visited a bank, hospital, or prison, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. The same applies if you are a security guard at one of those institutions.

Definition of a keeper

A guard is a person who keeps order at hospitals, banks, prisons, and other public institutions.

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