Kaaba – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see the Kaaba in a dream
When you see the Kaaba in a dream, it means that you will be really tempted to break a promise or do something that is not appropriate according to your beliefs. It is possible that you will be in a dilemma if you should accept the job that will make you go against your own principles, or not. On one hand, you need the money, but on the other, you are afraid of losing the reputation that you have in society. You will have to decide if you care about financial support for yourself and your family more than staying true to your beliefs.

To build the Kaaba
If you are dreaming of building the Kaaba, it means that you will finally do something good for yourself. You have dedicated most of your life to please your loved ones’ needs by completely neglecting your plans and wishes. The moment to finally dedicate your attention to things that you enjoy will soon come and you will be able to put yourself first without having a restless consciousness.

To see others building the Kaaba
If you see other people building the Kaaba in your dream, that symbolizes jealousy. Your partner will show especially strange affection for another person, which will first surprise you and them make you jealous. You will not show it since you are too proud, but dark thoughts will torment you. You will start to believe that they are not attracted to you anymore and that they like someone else. You can’t let emotions preoccupy you and make you say things that you don’t mean. Act like an adult and don’t do something impulsively.

To demolish the Kaaba
Dreaming of demolishing the Kaaba means that you will do someone wrong. It is possible that you will accuse your friend of gossiping about you or your partner of cheating of you, even though you don’t have a proof for it. You will feel betrayed and disappointed, so you will not take into consideration what they have to say in their defense. After you cool down, you will realize that you have made a mistake. Make sure that it is not too late to ask for forgiveness.

To see others demolishing the Kaaba
A dream in which other people are demolishing the Kaaba means that vices will damage your health. The thing which is giving you comfort and satisfaction at the moment can affect your physical and mental health negatively in the long run. You need to be more determined when fighting with yourself. Try to find motivation in people that you love. If not for yourself, decide to quit those bad habits for them.

To sightsee the Kaaba
If you are dreaming of sightseeing the Kaaba, it means that you feel confused and lost. Some event has disturbed you so much that you can’t go back to your normal life. You have had big plans that you put on hold, so it is time to go back to achieving them. Don’t let small things or bad people to affect your life. You have a goal, so work on achieving it and don’t let unpleasant events ruin it.

To see others sightseeing the Kaaba
Dreaming of other people sightseeing the Kaaba symbolizes your desire to prove yourself. You are a very ambitious and self-confident person. You are aware of your qualities and the fact that you do your job well. You are not afraid of taking over important chores when needed or sacrificing your free time in order to do a job well. Your motif is not profit, but praises that you are getting from your superiors on a daily basis.

To pray in the Kaaba
If you are dreaming of praying in the Kaaba, it means that you are in search of inner peace. You have gone through a turbulent period. You have experienced many ups and downs, related to both business and private life. Some people have hurt you a lot, which left scars on your soul. You will probably turn to faith after you realize that people can’t help you, in order to finally find that peace.

To see others praying in the Kaaba
If you see other people praying in the Kaaba, in your dream, it means that you will not listen to a piece of advice from an experienced person, so you will face serious consequences. In spite of being warned about your mistakes, multiple times, you will decide to ignore them and continue doing what you please. Only after you start paying for your actions, you will realize that you should have behaved differently. However, you will learn an important lesson.

To kiss the Kaaba
This dream represents a warning that you are confiding in the wrong person. Someone from your surroundings is presenting themselves as your friend, which is not true because they are actually using you the whole time. While you are talking about your ideas and plans, they are trying to find a way to ruin them. It is even possible that you have noticed some signs, but you chose to ignore them. There will come a time when you will finally open your eyes and kick that person out of your life once and for all.

To see others kissing the Kaaba
When you are dreaming of other people kissing the Kaaba, it means that some projects or a job that you have been working on will not be supported by your superior or sponsor. You have invested a lot of effort, work and time into it, so this information will really disappoint you. Don’t let yourself lose motivation to continue working on achieving your dream. See that failure as a test that you failed, which shows that you need to work more and that results will follow.

To touch the Kaaba
If you are dreaming of touching the Kaaba, beautiful moments with your family and friends are expecting you. After a long time, you will finally be able to gather everyone in the same place. It is possible that the reason for such a hangout will be a wedding, birthday celebration or some other celebratory event. You will hang out, have fun and recharge your batteries for new challenges that are expecting you in the future.

To see others touching the Kaaba
Dreaming of other people touching the Kaaba means that your subconsciousness is warning you that you are neglecting your loved ones because of the many obligations that you have. They have even started to resent you for it, but you are justifying your behavior with words that you are sacrificing yourself for everyone’s wellbeing, instead of changing your actions. It is time to straighten out your priorities and finally organize your time a little bit better.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen the Kaaba in person or on TV, or you read about it in books, that has made an impression on you, which you transferred into your dreams.

Definition of the Kaaba

The Kaaba is the central site in Islam. This building is shaped like a cube which is about 11 meters long and 17 meters high. It is located in the center of a large mosque in Mecca.

9 thoughts on “Kaaba – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  1. I saw dream, basically I was with some people and going for the tawaf and i forgot to shave my head and I was saying to the other people I and going to shave my head otherwise my umara will be incomplete and same thing saying other guy to me, but I don’t know who was he and starting walking to shave my head and I have long hair in my dream and normaly I have long hair as well.

    I saw Kaaba two before in my dream, 1 time I was praying and second time I don’t remember.

  2. I saw in a dream that my brother funeral is taking place outside the Kaaba, huge crowd is offering namaz over there ,in reality I have been there and I know the places of Kaaba, but in my dream that’s a different place which I have not seen before. ..
    Please kindly explain this dream .

  3. I dreamt about the kings and the owners of Mecca deciding to decorate the kaba in White instead of black for Eid

  4. I was paddling in one spot in the middle of the bay. the water was cold, but I felt content to be just by myself, Chilling in the eerie vibe. I’m just calmly looking east at the distant hills and mountains. Wondering what is everyone doing way over there on land. A feeling entirely liminal. The only thing around for miles of saltwater were these 4-8 big smooth jet black cubes sitting firmly in place beside me, water sloshing around them, as if they were Anchored docks. they weren’t docks though. They were something way more, they were the right size of the Kaaba, though these didn’t have the filigrees, and ours in this world is only just the one.. They honestly felt alive somehow. Or present/awake? enough to comfort me in the middle of a cold bay I would not be able to swim out of very safely. But I wasn’t meant to swim back, because the point was that they were each options/doorways of which I was meant to choose one. Instead I chose to stay in that liminal place, cozied in, chilling with the sea cubes. and then it ended. once it just popped straight into another dream quite randomly. This dream has stayed with me like a tattoo In my mind. I see it every day. I’ve had this dream more than twice.

  5. I saw in dream that I am sitting very near Kabba with my some relatives.( I have never visited kabba in real life). Suddenly I saw that a 10-12 year old girl is climbing kabba. I complaint about this act by shouting but a woman in Hijab who was probably care-taker of that place told me to ignore her and said that she will fall from height and get her punishment.
    Then I listened some music and all people were amazed but that music was like something very sacred and Holy and without any worldly feelings though it was coming from speakers and not from some invisible source.
    When I woke up it was time of azaan.
    I am very confused whether I should celebrate and feel lucky that I witnessed kabba in my dream or I should fear that its a warning?

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