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Diamond ring and necklace

Jewelry dreams are one of the hundred commonest ones. Women have them more often them men. Jewelry symbolizes material gain or losses, depending on the context, as well as your desire for a loved one to express love to you that way. Our dream book brings you a series of meanings related to jewelry in dreams.

Dreaming about gold jewelry

When you see gold jewelry in a dream, it means that you have hardly achievable wishes. You spend a lot more than your finances let you, but you are still not satisfied.

Your friends believe that you are spending recklessly on unnecessary things.

Dream meaning of silver jewelry

When you see silver jewelry in a dream, it means that you will effortlessly fulfill one of your wishes. You will get everything you imagine.

You are a hard-working person who stands firmly with both feet on the ground and doesn’t get off the tracks without a hitch. Your friends see you as a stable and responsible person.

Dream symbolism of pearl jewelry

If you dream of jewelry covered in pearls, it means that you have a secret admirer.

If single people figure out who they are, they will have a chance to experience a lot of happiness and joy, while those already in a relationship could have a passionate affair.

To dream of diamond jewelry

If you dream of diamond jewelry, the interpretation is the same as for pearl jewelry unless diamonds represent some religious symbols.

In that case, look for the explanation at the bottom of this page.

To dream about jewelry made out of precious stones

Dreams about jewelry covered in precious stones have different interpretations and depend on the type of precious stone. If you didn’t manage to recognize it, then the meaning of a dream is not specific, and you should look for other motifs in it.

Jewelry covered in white stones gets interpreted the same as pearl jewelry.

Emerald jewelry represents happiness, harmony, and satisfaction in dreams, while sapphires and aquamarines are symbols of wisdom.

Ruby and topaz suggest love and passion.

Amethyst jewelry symbolizes prosperity and wealth, while beryl jewelry symbolizes jealousy in dreams.

To dream of imitation jewelry

Dreaming of imitation jewelry means that you have to set bigger goals because you deserve them and can achieve them.

An alternative interpretation is that you will soon experience a frivolous pastime in the form of a cheap party.

Dreaming of buying jewelry

Dreaming of buying jewelry means that you will fall into debt. There is a chance that you will spend a lot of time and money on someone who will give you empty promises.

They will be tough on words, but their deeds will not back them up, which you will see only after numerous disappointments.

To dream of selling jewelry

Selling jewelry in a dream means that you will be in a bad financial situation because of impulsive spending and a lack of planning. You have to be careful with money.

Dreaming about losing jewelry

If you dream about losing jewelry, it means that you will suffer damage. There is a chance that the house or apartment you live in will get robbed, and you will lose a lot of valuable things you collected.

Also, you have to watch out for pickpockets and crowded spaces where you could end up without a wallet.

To dream of finding jewelry

When you dream of finding jewelry, it means that you will succeed if you start saving. You are generous with money and don’t regret spending even the last penny on your friends and loved ones.

You have a hard time cutting down on expenses, and you always find something you will spend on. If you put at least an insignificant amount on the side, you would have a high savings fund by now.

To dream of getting jewelry as a gift

If you dream of getting jewelry as a gift, it is a warning that someone will drag you into something illegal. Your associates will probably be too generous, even though there is no reason for it.

You will ask yourself what you have done to deserve such treatment, and the answer will hide in the favor they will expect from you, which will be against the law.

To dream about bestowing jewelry

If you dream about bestowing jewelry, it means that you will have luck at work.

There is a chance that you will manage to achieve many things in your business plan, not forgetting the people who helped you when you needed it the most.

You will be available to them whenever they need you, ready to return the favor.

Dream interpretation of putting jewelry on

When you dream of decorating your body with jewelry, it symbolizes empty wishes. You probably have unrealistic expectations from a loved one and hope to change them.

Even though that person hasn’t promised anything to you, you believe that you are unique and will have better treatment than your ex-partners.

To dream of throwing jewelry away

If you dream of throwing jewelry away, it means that you are prideful. You are someone who cares about your honor, and if someone ruined it, you believe that you wouldn’t have the right to look anyone in the eye anymore.

You often seem like a reckless person, but as soon as you feel threatened, you instinctively retreat inward and change your behavior toward the people around you at that moment.

To dream of Christmas tree décor

You will soon celebrate something and have a great time.

To dream about stealing jewelry

Stealing jewelry in a dream means that you have to be braver in certain situations, especially when talking about love. You are not open about things that bother you, even though that would improve your situation and fix some problems that stress you out.

An alternative interpretation of this dream is that you ought to be more careful with your word choices in an upcoming situation, meaning you have to keep your mouth shut.

To dream of other people stealing jewelry

When you see someone else stealing jewelry, it means that you will be in trouble because of bad company.

Someone will gossip about you because you hang out with someone of questionable morals. Your principles will get taken into question.

To dream of a man covered in jewelry

Dreaming of a man wearing jewelry suggests that someone is giving you false promises.

It is often easy to interpret what kind of vows they are, based on the rest of the dream. It is necessary to look at the meaning of other motifs in a dream, as well.

To dream of a woman covered in jewelry

If you dream of a woman wearing a lot of jewelry, it means that you are a hypocrite regarding one situation. You will say one thing but do something completely different.

However, your friends and other people don’t notice it because of your sweet talk.

Dreaming about fake jewelry

If you dream about fake gold or silver jewelry, the dream suggests that you will successfully face and avoid one scam.

You won’t believe how someone had the nerve even to try to trick you that way.

To dream of broken jewelry

If you dream about broken and damaged jewelry, it means that you have neglected a valuable friendship.

There is a chance that you will forever lose a friend if you don’t do something to stop that from happening.

To dream of old jewelry

Old jewelry in a dream symbolizes financial gain and business success. Someone will finally notice you, and your effort will pay off.

To dream about religious jewelry (cross, David’s star, crescent)

This dream symbolizes immense spiritual wealth. It represents happiness and prosperity.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, worn, lost, found, received, or bestowed jewelry, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of jewelry

Jewelry is a decorative item that people put on their bodies, clothes, and footwear.