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Icons represent paintings on wood, canvas or some other material on which an image of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, angels or other saints can be portraited. They are present in orthodox churches and monasteries while they are quite rare in other religions. The word icon exists as a technological term as well. They represent a graphical symbol of some program. In both cases icons are rare motifs in dreams. They are always interpreted as positive dreams in Dream books.

To see an icon
If you see an icon in a dream that symbolizes hard work. It is possible that you will sometimes envy people who have decided to earn money the easier way. You will often say that you would act differently in the past if you had your current wisdom. However, you are aware that you would not be able to act like that because you would feel guilt while having restless consciousness.

Hanging an icon on a wall
This dream symbolizes a happy marriage. You were not in a hurry when you were choosing your spouse because you had in mind that you would want to spend the rest of your life with that person. You wanted to get to know them as much as possible, while you tried to present yourself in the best light, so you wouldn’t have problems in the future. Thanks to honesty from both sides you were able to create a unity that can usually be seen only in romantic movies.

To take an icon off the wall
This dream suggests that you will be disappointed. Someone will probably hurt you and because of that you will lose faith in people and think that everyone is the same. You will start mimicking people’s behavior that you’ve recently judged while doing unthinkable things. However, you will be able to get over a disappointment successfully.

Buying an icon
If you are buying an icon in a dream it means that you will turn a new page in your life. After you think everything through, you will realize that you are not satisfied with your life and that you can change and improve a lot. You will try to break free from old beliefs that have been stopping you from showing everyone your full potential.

To receive an icon as a gift
If you receive an icon as a gift in a dream that symbolizes an eternal friendship with someone. That friendship doesn’t have to be related to a person that has given you the icon.

To hold an icon
You will hear good news. Long life and good health.

To burn candles in front of an icon
You care for people close to you. Your friends and family will be happy. This dream symbolizes good health as well.

To pray in front of an icon
Your prayers will be heard. It is possible that your friend or someone from your family will change their mind about helping you with something you asked them for, but it is also possible that you will notice that you need help with something.

Dreaming of painting an icon
Honor and respect. People around you will notice your hard work and effort.

Dreaming of an icon crying
This dream has three meanings:

  • ancient dream books interpret this dream and a dream of an icon in flames as the only two negative dreams about icons, since a crying icon symbolizes sickness and death of someone you know
  • an alternative interpretation of ancient dream books is that you will experience poverty
  • modern dream books suggest that this dream means that you will be sorry because of someone’s sufferings and that you will have a chance to tremendously help someone

An icon in flames
This dream has two meanings:

  • ancient dream books suggest a death of someone you know
  • modern dream books disagree with it and suggest that this dream symbolizes a loss of faith without physical consequences for you or people you know

Dreaming of person from an icon resurrecting
This dream symbolizes your personality. It is possible that you believe in miracles and conspiracy theories. False texts and videos from the Internet have seduced you.

Atheists dreaming of an icon
A loss of faith, questioning of believes and your personality

Broken icons
A dream in which you see a broken icon means that you will overcome hatred and jealousy that you feel for other people. You will improve as a person.

Dreaming of computer icons
An upcoming easy job. An alternative meaning is that you will be able to solve some problems regarding digital services successfully.

Dreaming of Virgin Mary on an icon
Happiness and good health for your parents. It is possible that your parents are secretly proud of you. They are happy with the way you live.

Dreaming of Jesus Christ on an icon
Someone you know needs your help. You will not know that you have helped them, but for them it will mean a difference between life and death.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen an icon recently that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of an icon

An icon is a painting of people or events connected to history of the church and Holy Book.