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Dreams about houses are among the most common. Their interpretation is conditioned by the environment in which they took place and the details that followed them.

Dreaming of your own house

If you dream of your own house, it means that you feel carefree.

You are a family person that is enterally dedicated to your partner and does everything to spend more time in the company of people that you love.

You find needed security in your home, and if it was up to you, you wouldn’t ever leave it.

Selling your house in a dream

Dreaming of selling your house is a warning of expenses.

You might end up in a difficult financial situation that you will not see another way out of but to take some money out of the pile that you have been saving for years.

Despite your intent to use just a piece of it, you will lose control, and no matter how much you spend, it will not be enough.

Dreaming of moving out of your house

When you are dreaming of moving out of your house, it means that you will become mature.

You are probably a long-wanted child, so your parents are doing everything to please you.

You got everything you wanted without investing any effort, believing that you will have the same treatment in the future as well.

However, you will face the harsh reality that will teach you that life is everything but easy and that you need to fight for everything alone.

To dream of someone moving into your house

This dream means that you are nostalgic.

You were probably happier and more carefree in the past, so you often go back to that period of your life in your head.

You are facing bigger problems and worries now, while your troubles were a lot less serious before. It is completely normal to feel that way sometimes.

People that had to leave their hometown or family home because of work or college have these dreams more often.

Clean your house in a dream

Cleaning your house in a dream means that you should get rid of some habits that affect the quality of your life negatively.

Your subconsciousness is warning you of it since you probably know that you exaggerate in everything.

Maybe you should change your diet or give up vices that are destroying your health.

Seeing others cleaning your house

If you see someone else cleaning your house, it means that you should be honest with your loved one.

You are probably not telling something to your partner because you are afraid of hurting them.

However, you need to know that the fact that they know that something is wrong hurts them even more because you don’t want to tell them what is going on.

The same applies to the business side of your life.

You have probably decided not to tell your boss or supervisor about the mistake you have made, and now your consciousness is restless because of it.

Dream about painting your house

Painting your house means that you will forgive someone that you would never expect anything bad from for the insults directed at you.

You will realize that they hurt you after a while, so you will try to forgive them for their recklessness. Considering that you don’t like to hold a grudge, you will let all of it go.

Another meaning of these dreams is big changes.

You will realize that you have wasted your time and nerves on something that didn’t make you happy, so you will direct your energy on the things and people whose company you enjoy being in.

That will affect your mood positively.

To see others painting your house

If you see someone else painting your house in a dream, that is a sign that you will refuse to help a friend.

They will probably ask you to lie for them, but you will not want to meddle in that situation this time.

You are not planning on reliving their problems the way you used to.

Unlocking your house door

A dream in which you are trying to unlock your main house door without success means that you don’t feel welcome in someone’s company.

Your colleagues might get silent when you enter the room, so you believe that they are talking about you.

On the other hand, there is a chance that your friend doesn’t talk to you about their secrets lately since they are afraid that you will reveal them to someone.

You are the one to blame for such reactions, and now you need to gain back the trust of the people that doubt you.

Dreaming of locking your house door

Locking your main house door in a dream means that you are someone who has a hard time letting new people into their life.

You have an extremely small circle of people, and you are completely satisfied with that.

You talk to your partner or family members about important things, and you don’t have the need to talk about your life with someone who you have recently met.

You will keep them at a distance as long as they don’t prove to you that you can trust them.

Robbing your house in a dream

When you are dreaming of robbing your house, it means that you could end up in trouble because of recklessness.

You are quite unhinged recently. You often wander off in your mind, so you are not careful with what you are doing.

Be extra cautious in traffic, and make sure to stay focused while driving. You know that a moment of recklessness can jeopardize your or someone else’s life.

Dream meaning of getting robbed

This dream doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately.

It means that you will lose a loved one, usually.

We are probably talking about a long-term friend that will leave your town because of work, college, or a search for a better life.

You will be sorry because of it since you know that physical distance will distance you from one another with time.

Phone calls will be less frequent, and you will realize that you have become strangers after a while.

However, if you let other people get close to you, you will find someone who will be able to fill the void made after your friend left.

Demolishing your house in a dream

Dreaming of demolishing your house symbolizes bad family relationships.

Your family members probably argued, and you are sad because they can’t or don’t want to reconcile.

You don’t want to meddle, but you often think about the way your life has changed after that event.

Don’t torture yourself with questions, but let time do its things. They will soon realize that life is too short to spend it arguing.

To see others demolishing your house

If you see someone else demolishing your house, it means that you can’t let some people affect your communication with a partner.

It is important to know that insults that their family members direct at you didn’t come out of their mouths since they are the result of someone’s thinking.

Don’t be mad at your loved one because others can’t control their hatred for you.

On the other hand, don’t turn them against them either since those people raised them and made them the person you have fallen in love with.

Dreaming of burning your house

A dream in which you are burning your house means that you have the need to change your dwelling place.

The environment you live in is starting to smother you, and you are not happy.

Some bad memories connect you to that place as well, so you have a hard time staying there.

You should probably start thinking about moving to another city or state.

If someone else burns your house

If you are dreaming of someone else burning your house, it means that painful memories from the past torment you.

We are probably talking about something that hurt you a lot, and you couldn’t continue your life normally for a long time after that.

Things are starting to settle down now, but you still feel the bitter taste of the things you have gone through in your mouth.

Throwing eggs or rocks at your house in a dream

A dream in which you are throwing eggs or rocks at your house means that you are insecure or afraid of what the future holds.

You are at a crossroads now and need to choose the right path.

The options are numerous, but you are not sure what you want, so it seems to you that no path is a good one.

If you listen to your heart, you will not be sorry.

To see others throwing eggs and rocks at your house

When you see someone else throwing rocks or eggs at your house, it means that you are afraid of judgment because of some actions that you have made.

You have probably had to make a bad decision, and now you are afraid that people from your surroundings will react badly.

Remember, no matter what you or anyone else does, there will always be those who criticize.

So, don’t pay attention to that, and you will be fine.

Dreaming of your house disappearing in the flood

If you are dreaming of your house disappearing in flood, that is a sign that you should think about your future more seriously.

You have the chance to save some money for emergencies now, but you are not doing it.

You rather buy the things you need and don’t need, just to please your ego.

If you don’t change your tactics, you will be sorry for it one day.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently moved out of the house, seen, or sold it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a house

A house is a building that consists of walls and a roof, made for people to live in it.

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