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Hornet is a rare motif in dreams. Studies show that people who live in rural areas or suburbs, or work with fruits, dream of hornets more often. Dreams of hornets shouldn’t be interpreted if we saw them recently or if we were stung by them.

To see a hornet in a dream
This dream symbolizes possible problems or some kind of danger. You might experience an unpleasant situation in traffic. It is also possible that you will have some minor health issues.

Dreaming of a swarm of hornets
This dream has the same meaning as the previous one. The only difference is that this dream suggests bigger problems or danger.

Dreaming of being stung by hornets
If you are stung by hornets in a dream it means that someone will anger you. You will want to get revenge because that person was unfair toward you. However, this dream suggests that such behavior will cost you, so try to control your anger. An alternative interpretation of this dream suggests that you will have an erotic encounter in real life. For younger women this dream means that they will get pregnant soon.

Dreaming of being attacked by hornets
This dream symbolizes excessive worries. Some problems seem bigger than they actually are.

Seeing someone stung by a hornet
If you are dreaming that a hornet has stung someone else, it means that some of your close friends or acquaintances is a little jealous of you and your achievements.

Catching hornets
This dream suggests that you are trying to solve problems that are bothering you for a long time without success.

To kill a hornet in a dream
This dream means that you will solve a big problem that is bothering you for a long time. It depends on the rest of the dream if the problem is related to health, finances or social events.

Dreaming of hornets eating fruit
Someone else is enjoying the benefits of your hard work which bothers you but you can’t do anything about it.

Dreaming of hornets’ nest
You are avoiding conflicts at any cost. This dream suggests that you are doing the right thing. It is better sometimes to retreat than to die honorably.

Dreaming of destroying hornets’ nest
You should retreat or ask for help from a wise person regarding a problem you have. You can’t do everything on your own. You need to trust others sometimes as well.

Dreaming of bees fighting with hornets
You are conflicted over an important decision. You won’t be able to make the right decision on your own, so you should ask for an advice from your parents, someone you trust, your spouse or a very close friend.

To hear hornets buzzing in a dream
You have an invincible enemy. That enemy doesn’t have to be a person. It can be a hidden opponent in the form of gambling, drugs, cigarettes or some other addiction.

Dreaming of hornets listening to your commands
This dream symbolizes a happy and harmonious marriage.

To dream of hornets attacking you
When you dream of a hornet attacking you, it symbolizes dissatisfaction. You probably didn’t fulfill some of your wishes and dreams but blame everyone but yourself for it. The whole world is not against you, but you can’t take responsibility for your own mistakes. When you do it and start learning from them, everything will change for the better.

To dream of hornets attacking someone else
If you dream of a swarm of hornets attacking someone else, it means that you are worried about a loved one. A family member or partner has been stressed out lately but doesn’t want to talk about it with you. You need not insist on finding out what is going on but let that person decide when is the right moment to confide in you.

To dream about running away from hornets
Running away from hornets in a dream means that you will make the right decision. There is a chance that you are at a crossroads, and you are afraid of making the next move. If you make a decision based on thorough analysis and think things through, everything will end well. However, you can’t hope for a positive outcome if you start acting impulsively.

To dream of other people running away from hornets
A dream wherein you see someone else running away from hornets means that a loved one will ask you for advice soon. A family member, friend, or colleague will confide in you about their problem and ask for help. You have to think everything through before making a conclusion.

To dream of your home full of hornets
If you dream of a swarm of hornets invading your home, it means that a turbulent period is ahead of you. You will face numerous challenges and problems and need a lot of strength and patience to overcome them. It is of utmost importance not to lose hope in the positive outcome and stay motivated as long as possible.

To dream of a hornet’s nest in your home
If you see that hornets have made a nest in your home, it means that you have let your enemies come close to you. One person from your surroundings wants to achieve their goals and interests through you. You will soon realize who we are talking about if you start paying attention, and then you can find a way to stop them from actualizing their plans.

To dream of a hornet on your body
When you see a hornet crawling all over your body without the intention to sting you, it means that you have chosen the right tactic to eliminate some problems. You have probably let time do its thing and allowed yourself to think things through. You know that sudden decisions can’t bring you anything good, which is why you have decided to follow the saying – still water runs deep.

To dream of a hornet getting into your mouth
This dream is a clear sign that you have to dedicate more attention to your health. You can start with changing your diet or trying to get rid of vices. Also, it is necessary to introduce more physical activity into your daily life. You need not postpone a visit to a doctor to learn what condition your health is in.

To dream of swallowing a hornet
If you dream of accidentally swallowing a hornet, it symbolizes sickness. You have probably been neglecting the symptoms that bother you for a while, and you didn’t ask for help from a doctor on time. There is no time for waiting anymore because you have to start working on it. We are not talking about an emergency, but things could escalate if you don’t do something about them.

To dream of a hornet getting into your hair
If you dream of a hornet getting entangled in your hair, it means that you improvise too much in the moments when you have to use your logic. You have probably let some situations get out of control because you have believed that they can get solved easily. However, you have to give an advantage to reason instead of emotions and intuition this time.

To dream about a hornet in the water
A dream wherein you see a hornet drowning in the water symbolizes your need to take revenge on someone who hurt or offended you. You might have let someone minimize your knowledge, effort, or success. You didn’t react, but the rage caused by the situation has stayed with you. Vengeance will not bring you wanted relief, which is why it would be best to dedicate your attention to more constructive things in life.

To dream of a hornet in honey
When you see a hornet in honey, it means that you self-sabotage. You can set all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them. You probably suffer from a lack of confidence, which stops you from achieving your goals. You have to work on it to have a better and more successful future.

To dream of a hornet on a flower
When you see a hornet on a flower in a dream, it means that you are at peace. You or your loved one has solved a problem, and now you can relax. Considering that you will manage to recharge your batteries, it is necessary to start making plans for the future now.

To dream of catching a hornet
If you dream of catching a hornet in a jar, it means that you will beat your enemies using their weapons. You will figure out their tactic, which is why their evil plans will backfire at them.

To dream about freeing a hornet
Freeing a hornet from a jar, bottle, or another object in a dream means that you will give someone a second chance. One person might have hurt or disappointed you, but you will decide to offer an olive branch and try to move on. That doesn’t mean that you will ever forget what they have done, but you believe that your moral duty is to try to forgive them.

To dream of dead hornets
When you see a bunch of dead hornets in a dream, it means that a favorable period expects you when it comes to business. You will be successful at everything you do. You have to take advantage of that phase the best you can.

To dream of becoming a hornet
Transforming into a hornet in a dream means that you are a very imaginative person, but you don’t take advantage of your potential enough. The job you currently do probably doesn’t ask for creativity, but you can direct such a gift into a hobby.

To dream about a loved one turning into a hornet
This dream means that you are worried about a loved one because they don’t seem interested or concerned about their future. You are trying to motivate your loved one to snap out of it and do something for themselves, but all your efforts are in vain. It seems like you will have to make peace with the fact that your hands are tied.

As we already mentioned, if you have had a recent encounter with one or more hornets then these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted.

7 thoughts on “Hornet – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  1. I don’t know if anyone will read this, but over the last two weeks, I’ve had a dream about being attacked by wasps and then just now one where I’m trying to escape from hornets. Both were in my sister’s house.

    1. YEAH same! For the past year or so whenever I have a nightmare, which is not common at all, it always ends with me getting chased by a swarm of wasps or bees, and tonight I had a dream about hornets chasing me instead, which confused me as it’s normally
      Always wasps, so I searched it up and yeah I’m here now 🙂

  2. I was having a pretty regular dream that usually doesn’t make sense when you wake up 😂. But it ended with me getting caught under some trees after walking down this long spiral staircase and a wasp trying to sting my arm. I woke up swinging 😆 and I almost hit my girlfriend. I’ve been avoiding confrontations with a certain co-worker in the work place so maybe that’s what it is. This kind of dream doesn’t happen to me often so that’s how I ended up here.

  3. Just had a dream of a single hornet in my dream. Two people in those dreams I’m no longer speaking to were there for most of it. I’m running around trying to kill this bloody thing but it’s fast. My sister was there as well but she’s actually my saviour at the moment. Found it odd is all that I was dreaming of one hence why I’m now writing this at 2:50am..

  4. I dreamed of my sister driving me in her car, and we start walking through the nature, and she passed through but l got stuck on tree canopy surrounded by bunch hornets on branches.

  5. I am bit confused rn also i do not dream much barley at all… but on a rare occasion when i do it is very vivid i dreamed of a swarm Hornets or wasps in a Red Cloudy an smokey that surrounded them an they were following me around but I knew they were not there to harm me they were protecting me is what i feelt I’m not sure why or what they were protecting me from because I couldn’t see but its like they where backing me away from something or i was backing away but they where thier above me an for some reason idk i feelt safe like they where helping me ..idk an i am so confused by what this dream means if any one can help plz comment or message

  6. I had a dream that hornets came in while I was sleeping. The ones in my hair woke me up (in the dream). They were everywhere in the room so I ran to another room with my blanket and they were in the halls and the different rooms. They were covering the doors and windows. So I sat down on the blanket and covered myself with it and made it like a tent around me and I could hear the hornets hitting the blanket as they were flying into it and I could hear the buzzing of their wings. They were crawling in through cracks in the blanket and Stinging me but I couldn’t kill them because if I released the blanket, they would overtake me. It was like I could hear them and feel the stings in real life. I remember trying to call my husbands name and nothing coming out

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